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2014 September Monthly Prophecy – Anointing will be poured out – get ready !!

Sep 25th, 2014 by Heavenly Father | 0

Prophecy transcribed by: Beverly Clous 

click here for: 2014 Sept Prophecy – Audio Version

1829-31225Hallelujah, hallelujah. Vision: I’m seeing a tremendous, tremendous down pour of rain. You can hardly see – the rain is coming down so hard yet I can see each individual drop.
The Lord says, yes, My children. This is a season of rain. This is a season where I pour out My power and My might. Yes, My children this is a season and a time where I’m pouring forth that power anointing that you have read about in My Word. In Joel, it talks about the rain coming upon them. That will cause them all to prophecy. It will cause the young men to have visions and the old men to dream dreams. And yes I say, I am about to release the windows of Heaven upon Earth that the anointing will be fresh, new and more powerful than what you have known before.

This is a time of the gathering of My remnant together, so that they shall come into agreement with one another. They shall be that wonderful Bride that I have said I am preparing for My Son. Yes, I say the mansions that I have promised you in My word and My Son’s father’s house are completed. Now, it is time, for Him to embark upon the next phase that I have set in this particular time frame – that is the catching away of His Bride. And I say unto you Bride – be ready. I say unto you Bride make yourself ready. I say unto you, Bride to be, have your eyes for My Son only. I say, My precious, precious remnant, that I call the Bride for My Son, Jesus. You shall see great and mighty things transpire. And yes, the Bride that has been longing for My Son, sometimes that Bride has grown restless and she has grown weary. But I say, look up, look up, for truly your redemption does draw nigh. And I say unto you, My precious, precious remnant, My Bride, My Ecclesia. That you shall see.  I will put together different ones of you who are part of this remnant. I see two jagged edges coming together perfectly. And My Bridal Company will be those ones that will have no eyes except for My Son. Yes, you will be in the world, but you will be separated from the world. The things of the world will not tempt you. The things of the world will not be a desire in your heart to have, but only those things that are in My Holy Spirit realm.

This is a season like none other – this will be a short season of dynamic power. My Son will come the same way He went up in the Resurrection. So too His Bride will go up to meet Him in the air. And I say unto you that the time frame for this is very, very short. Back in the 70s and 80s when I poured out My Spirit, all the folks were looking for My Son Jesus to return. But the Bride was not ready to come out to be with My Son. But this is a time for My Bride. It has come out of the wilderness, into my garden – the garden of her beloved one. She has been sitting there, waiting for Him, and she knew He would one day come. She did not know the day, nor the hour. My precious children, I say unto you: be prepared.  Keep your hearts right. Forgive quickly, very quickly. Often cleanse yourself with the blood of My Son Jesus.  He paid the price so that you could walk in purity and holiness and intimacy. And I say unto you, My precious ones, the hour is very, very late, but it’s a joyous time – it’s a glorious time.

You will see so many miracles. You will see so many people wanting to know My Son Jesus because the Holy Spirit pours out the annointing. Yes, it does have the power and it also has the evangelism in it that will cause people to want to seek who is this Jesus. Who is the One that gives you great peace in the midst of tremendous turmoil ?? They will want to know who is the One that makes you be so glorious looking. They will want to know, their hunger will be there – I say have your testimony prepared of how you met My Son Jesus or how He has been preparing you along the way. I say yes, some of you have been in a wilderness season, and I understand that. I say some of you have been in a season of, longing for Him and yet not seeing Him. I say unto you that these days are the days to take the rollers out of your hair. These are the days to put on your make-up so your face is beautiful. These are the days to keep your heart very pure.

I say unto you this is a season of love – a season where you shall love. Oh the ones that are like you – they like you and you like them. Those are easy to love, but I say even the unlovely you will love. I have been orchestrating circumstances so that you will grow in love. Yes, your love toward Me is as My precious Bride. My Son has been growing in the intimate love of relationships, but it must go out to others too – because I desire to touch them. Remember, I tell you in My Word I love every single person that I have ever created. Some of whom have chosen to go a different way and not follow My way.  But some of them that have been going out – it’s just like they got lost in the world system. My sheep are lost out there.  But did not My Son go to look for that one when the 99 others He left. But I say, I will send you to gather in those ones that are lost right now. Some of them have already accepted My Son as their Savior. Some of them have been even baptized in the Holy Ghost. But they have just grown weary in their search for My Son’s return, and have decided to go out into the world. But I say unto you, I will gather, I will gather. And I say unto you, that I am the One that will pour out healing balm upon all these.
I see a sheep that has wool that is all matted and very dirty, it looks like it slept in some greasy oil.  I will clean them with the power of My blood and I will even check them out so if they have any wounds under that I will pour in My healing. This is a dramatic season for those ones of you that have followed hard after Me. Many of you have gone up and down different mountains. Some of them were more difficult than others. As you’re going up those mountains the baggage that you have carried from your childhood, the baggage that you have carried from circumstances in your life, every time you go up a mountain that baggage begins to fall off of you.

I say to you My precious children, this is a great and wonderous time. Yes, the things of this world, they will continue to get darker. And yes, many of you shall be persecuted. Yes many of you shall find that in order to get through this season you must develop faith, faith, faith. And I say unto you, My precious ones, that I will pour out a fresh anointing. Yes, the rain is beginning to fall. That rain that’s like no other rain, because this is the former rain and the latter rain, all poured into one.  Tremendous pouring out of My Spirit, and I say unto you my precious ones, rejoice, rejoice, rejoice because even though some circumstances in your own life are difficult. Even though circumstances in the world, look like everything’s falling apart. But I’m saying onto you, if you study My Word, you know some of these things must come to pass. I say rejoice and be glad because I do have a Remnant Bride. I do have those ones who have loved My Son Jesus with all of their heart, all of their mind, and all of their strength. They will not be persuaded to follow any way but the pathway of My Son Jesus, that leads up into My Kingdom.

I say yes, more of you shall be coming up into My kingdom to bring down the heavenly anointing. Heaven on earth is what I am doing in this season. I say unto you, My precious, precious saints. I bless you, because some of you have gone through great trials and great tribulations. I say, I will turn around every single thing that the enemy had toward you that he meant it as evil. I will turn that around for good and I will do a quick work. I will lay hands on the sick for you and they shall be healed. I will pour out messages through My prophetic voices. I will let you be delighting yourself in the Holy Ghost. I say again to My children, the work will be quick. It will be powerful. I say, look up, look up this day because truly your redemption does draw nigh. I say, rejoice and be glad. I bless each and every one of you. You know who are the ones that have laid aside everything else to be followers of My Son, Jesus. You are the ones that have kept the oil in your lamp full. You are the ones that have taken up your cross and followed Me daily. You are the ones that know that the other side of the cross is the Glory Realm. And you shall walk in that, on this Earth, because I have chosen for it to be so. And I say, I bless each and every one of you. I put my right hand of blessing upon each and every one of your heads.

I say, I bless you, I bless you. I bless you, and I say unto you, soon, and very soon, I will send My beloved Son to go and capture His Bride. I bless each and every one of you, and I want you to know, I love you perfectly. I love you perfectly. Hallelujah. Hallelujah.

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