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2015 – God’s Annual prophecy via LoveFellowship.info

Feb 8th, 2015 by Heavenly Father | 2

Transcribed by: Beverly Clous                                                                                                                   audio version:  2015 annual prophecy

Hallelujah!  I Praise your Holy Name.  This is a message from the Lord:

Jesus teachingMy precious children, I desire to gather you around at My feet like any good Father would do. To help you understand the times and the seasons in which you are living. Last year, in 2014, you saw many turmoils, many things go on in the Earth realms as far as atmosphere. You saw fires, you saw floods, you saw droughts, you saw killings, you saw many, many things going on in the Earth. I say unto you, I want you to understand that you are in the beginning of the birth pains to bring forth the rapture of My children so they can be safely in My loving arms. I want you to know that none of these things have caught Me by surprise. But they are in My design for what is happening upon the Earth for such a time as this. I have chosen each and every one of you to be available to Me at this season, at this time. Yes, things are getting very, very difficult upon the Earth. There’s a great clash between good and evil. You will see that increase My precious children. Because, indeed, this is a year where I’m bringing forth My power and My might. Yes, on the other side, the dark side, Satan and his cohorts have been stirring up also. I say, the brutality that you see even against My precious, precious people is going to increase.

You will see more persecutions. You will see more difficulties. You will see more martyrs, as you have seen this past year, martyrs. Yes, it is awful to think of. Yes, it is horrendous in My sight. But you will remember, if you read in My word, the martyrs are the ones that I have a great place in My heavenly realm. The martyrs worship at My throne. You should be more disconcerted about those people who don’t know My son, Jesus. Who are following a terribly false religion in some sort of a name of their god (small ‘g’). Those people are truly barbaric, but they are the ones that will go to hell.  There will be no reconciliation to Me because of what they have chosen to follow.

I say unto you, this is a season where these things will transpire because I have told you in My word. If you have studied My word, you will know that all these things will come to pass. You are living in the season where this dispensation (that you have called the Church Age) the age of grace, that dispensation of My time is quickly coming to an end. I do not just end one thing and then ‘boom!’, here’s another thing. No, if you study My word, My pattern is you go from one thing into the next thing. I tell you, you go from glory to glory. That’s where My church is right now, upon the Earth. This particular day, you will see many, many miracles begin happening. You will see many, many things transpire, that you have read about in My word and wondered, will that happen in my lifetime. I say this is a year where you will see the beginning of many breakthroughs. In some instances you have prayed for many, many years. I say unto you My precious holy ones, this is a season where I’ve been preparing you so that you could be that army that is completely filled with My power and My might. You are the ones that will overcome. You are the ones, My precious ecclesia, that have been learning. I’ve been molding you. I’ve been shaping you. This is a season where I will begin imparting great and mighty awesome power into those vessels. Those who have allowed Me to mold them and shape them into My image so that I can fill them with My glory, with My strong, strong anointing.

You will see many things transpire. You’ve seen little bits of that in the last year. But that will increase because I will show forth My power. The darker it gets, the brighter My light will shine. I say unto you, this is the culmination of this particular age that you call the church age. I say, this is a time when the final curtain of this age has been slowly, slowly falling. It will come to an end. Then, if you have studied My word, you know the next dispensation will be with the One World Order. You’ll see a One World economy system. You will see a One World order religious system. You’ll see a One World order where all these countries will come together. I say, out of that will come what I have called the anti-Christ. The one who is completely against my Son, Jesus and all that he has done. Some of those religions are even saying that My Son, Jesus, will convert to their Satanic religions and come back to let people know that what I have been teaching My people, what I have told you in My word, those will say that he is that person. A false Christ, complete anti-Christ. I say unto you, that those anti-Christ spirits are very much at work upon the Earth this day. Out of that, will one day completely be endowed with the power of Satan to be raised up as the anti-Christ.

Yes, he will look like the great peacemaker. There will be a season of peace. But then, the wickedness of his heart could not be contained. He will turn on the people. They will have awful things happening. Yes, you’ve seen wars and rumors, but what lies ahead will be the Battle of Armageddon. That will be the great, cataclysmic event upon the Earth that I would want that no man be left upon the Earth. But there will always be that remnant of my people who will be strong. Many of them who have turned their back on my Son, Jesus. At this season, in which you are living, will suddenly realize that those things that I have been speaking to these people by My spirit, by My word, by My anointing, by My power, they will turn their hearts to My Son, Jesus, and realize it’s so what these people are saying. I say, I will give them special grace, special anointing to be able to stay upon the Earth for such a horrible time as what lies ahead.

I say unto you, this is what is written in My word. This is what some people have completely chosen to ignore because it does sound very difficult.  But it is the enemy, Satan, who has raised up an army of people that will follow his orders into the darkness of the darkness. But also, My precious ones, I want you to know that I am raising up a powerful, powerful army of the Almighty God. You shall see many people will come to know My Son, Jesus. I will anoint them heavily. They will get born again. They’ll get filled with the Holy Ghost. I will use them in a powerful, mighty way. Remember, some of you have labored in My vineyard for many years. Sometimes, the rewards don’t look very great. But I say, if you look back, you will see where My grace has been sufficient for you. Where this is a time and a season of the birthing of My kingdom upon the Earth as it is heaven.

You will walk in that for a period of time. Then, oh yes then, then I will send my Son to get His glorious bride, His glorious bride. I will do as I have said in My word, in a twinkling of an eye, you shall hear the sound of the trumpet. My Son shall appear on that great glory cloud. You will be caught up to meet Him in the air. I say then, My precious ones, you will go to that banqueting room that I have already prepared. You will have the wedding supper of the Lamb. Some of you will be in that bridal company. Some you will be as the attendants of the bride and the groom. I say unto you, this is a season where I call you to be strong in My power and in My might. It is the season were I call you to keep your eyes firmly, firmly upon My Son, Jesus, to not be swayed back and forth as many of My people have been over the years.

But I say, no, stay the course, stay the course. You shall see, this will be a triumphant time for you because I have chosen each one of you individually to be upon the Earth for such a time as this. I know you are strong. I know you are mighty because you follow My Son, Jesus. He is in your life. You are in His life. I say, you shall walk in a powerful anointing. This will be a time where people will look and say, “What is that?” Many of you have already experienced My presence emanating from your vessels to cause people to look and wonder what is about that person. I say unto you, that will increase, that will increase. Know that you are safe in My loving arms. Know that you have victory in My loving arms. Know that My love surrounds you like a beautiful, beautiful... I’m seeing almost like a cocoon.
My glory shall keep you hidden from the enemy. Yes, you will see awful things happening. But I will keep My people in perfect peace whose mind and heart are stayed upon me. All My precious children, I rejoice this year. I rejoice this year because I know that this is such a significant divine plan that has been poured forth upon the Earth according to My holy plans. Yes, the enemy thinks he has everything under his control. But oh no, no, no, I have an army of people who will walk in My power, who will walk in My presence. They are the over comers. They are the ones who will not be swayed to the right nor to the left. They will keep their eyes firmly upon My Son, Jesus. They will be moved by the power of My Holy Spirit. My Holy Spirit will guide and direct you into all truth. My Holy Spirit will stir up within you. You will see, like the fire, the almighty God coming upon you. That My precious children are what will keep you in these days that are troublesome indeed. But I say, I know each and every one of you. Each and every one of you have My perfect, Holy love extending towards you, from My heart to your heart. I say unto you, My precious ones, that this is a time where I will rejoice and be glad because this is a significant time. You, My precious ones, I have chosen. I have chosen for you to be upon the Earth. You will see many, many beautiful things happening. Because this is a culmination of that age that you have called the Church Age. This is the age of My ecclesia. Rejoice and be glad. Rejoice and be glad.

Every tick of the clock, every sand of time coming through, you will see great and mighty things as it gets closer and closer to that time of My Son’s return for His Holy people. You will see awesome things transpiring. I say unto you, My precious ones, I love you. I say unto you, My precious ones, receive My love, receive My love. I say, even the most dastardly things that have been done upon the Earth. Each and every one of those people who are doing abominations, I still love them, I still love them. If they just would repent and turn their heart to My Son, Jesus, I would remove them from the kingdom of darkness and into the kingdom of light.

Know, My precious ones, this is a season to rejoice. This is a season to rejoice, for it is according to My holy plan. Rejoice, My precious ones. Rejoice My precious ones. Receive My love. Walk in My love. Let My love pour into you over and over and over again. So that you have an abundance to pour out into the world that’s so desperately needs a Holy Agape love. I bless you, My precious ones. I bless you, My precious ones. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!



2 Comments on “2015 – God’s Annual prophecy via LoveFellowship.info”

  1. kay kalena said:

    God Bless you Beverly—-For the work you DO —Our God’s words of Love and Hope —we need this to stay Strong in the days ahead!

  2. nana osei said:

    Great word Amen excited to see the lord move!