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2016 Prophecy – God to increase anointing for End Times

May 17th, 2016 by Heavenly Father | 1

The Lord is showing me a vision with a white substance that looks like blowing snow.  It is piling up higher and higher.  I felt the Lord say:

drifting-snow-884x530Yes My children, this is the year when I will be pouring out My mountain of purity and holiness.  Yes, My children, this is a season where I will call many to come up into the cloud of My presence.  Come up into the cloud of My glory – the cloud of My anointing.  Yes, when you’re up here, you will indeed have a mountain-top experience.  You will begin to see the things that I have in My supernatural, My heavenly realm.
My precious ones – even though you will not want to, you will allow me to take you back down.  You will allow it because of your obedience to me, the love that you have for me.  This is so you can take the anointing, the holiness, the purity and the revelations that I will give My people –  you will take it back to share it with others.

Some of My people are not even aware that there is such a glorious supernatural realm that they can enter into.  I have been teaching you about portals.  I have been teaching you about open Heavens.  That will increase and that will grow.  I say unto you that this is a year, this year that you call 2016, that I will open up revelatory realms to My people.  Many times you will be reading My word and you will recognize that things will begin to be exciting and new to you, even though you would have read that passage many times.  This is because I give the unction to the Holy Spirit to release that revelatory realm.

And I say unto you that this is indeed a season like none other.  This indeed is a season where I have already been taking My ecclesia, My called out ones, My precious bride for My son.  I have already been preparing them for this mighty move of God.  You will see as you go different places, you will have great discernment of what I desire to do.  Those will be the times that you will move on my behalf, not your own understanding.

Whatever you’ve done in the past won’t matter because this is a season of brand newness.  This is a season where I will pour out in great measure.  This is a season where you will have great joy because you will know that every one of you at this table has had revelations from Me.  You’ve been sharing things with people and all of a sudden the Holy Spirit will just put words in your mouth.  You will recognize that you didn’t know that, it didn’t come out of your brain.  It came out of your spirit man.  And I say that will be happening more and more.

You will also find – I’m seeing little pockets of believers – you’ll be out in a restaurant, or some other setting, you will see a gathering of My people.  Those will be the connections that I will be making.  You will know one another in the Spirit and there will be great rejoicing in those little encounters.  I will show up and you will find there will be great pockets of refreshment.  There will be great pockets of joy where I will have those people come together.  I see a group of seven or eight people.  They have their arms around one another.  They’re beginning to worship and they’re beginning to pray.

When that happens, My precious ones, that’s when I will open a portal over this little congregation that is meeting.  You will find great and awesome things transpire.  I say I will give My people boldness this year.  Other years you might have tended to not want to do that.  You look around and say, I’m in a public space.  I want to be in public spaces.  I want to be where people are that they don’t even know My son.  I want to be in the places where there are difficulties.  I want to be in the places where there is destruction.   I want to be in the places where people are sometimes doing unlawful things.  I want to invade those spaces too, because I am the God of all.  I am the God who cares and loves each and every one of these people.  I am the God who wants to draw them to My Holy Spirit so that they can be drawn to, so that they can come to know My Son Jesus.

Yes My precious ones, this is a time of eternal bliss.  For so long I have known this day would come.  This is day of great joy for My Father’s heart.  Because I have some people who will do My bidding, I have some people who are prepared to walk in what I desire to do.  I say unto you, yes in past seasons you have had people who were obedient.  You have had people who were caring, loving and kind.  I did use them in ministry gifts.  This is a season like none other because I will open up and pour out in a way that even the most heathen person among you would recognize that God is in their midst.

I have given My people a heart and a hunger.  They will know that where I have drawn some of My people together that I will be not only be in the midst of it but I will completely cover it with My holy presence.  And I say unto you, ministry is going to be different than it was before because it is a ministry that comes fresh from My throne room.  It will be a ministry that will come down and do My bidding.  I say onto you My precious saints, all of My precious sons and daughters, all of My precious ones that I love so, so completely.  I say unto you, this is a season that I rejoice as your Heavenly Father.  I say My children shall rejoice along with Me because these little flocks (I have many little flocks) will be places where all they want to do is to submit to what I choose to do.

I say that I will pour out mightily in those times – you will see people be healed.  You will see people that have had difficulties within relationships.  You will see people who have had limbs that are gone.  This is a wonderful dynamic season where the power is being poured out.  The anointing is changing from anointing to glory.

I say unto you My precious saints, watch this year.  Watch this year for you shall indeed find things transpiring that you have wondered why aren’t these things happening because you read about them in My word.  I say this is a culmination of this particular church age.  You will find that it’s like a mother when she has labor pains.  She has labor pains and then just before that baby is bursting forth, she has one great push.  This is like that, My children.  This is that one great push that will enter in My kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven.  Meditate on that.  This is a season where I will take that newness of My Son coming back from his bride.  Then it shall go into the tribulation period where you will be enjoying the wedding supper, the lamb.  You will be caught up with My son Jesus.

I say unto you these are tremendous times.  These are tremendous times.  Be one in the spirit with My son.  Be led and powered by the Holy Spirit.  Love one another.  Put aside all your hurtful feelings.
Put aside all of your preconceived ideas.  Put aside all these old things because this is a new year.  I’m doing new things.  I say as I have told you to come up My mountain.  Come up My holy mountain.  Some of you are forerunners and you are like My advanced men and women in this move of God.  As people see what is transpiring and what I am choosing to do through these forerunner people, they will want to follow up too.  I say be bold.  Be bold and strong in what I am calling you to do because there will be naysayers that will come along.  They’ll try to pull you back into what were the old things because they don’t understand what I am doing in this season.  Be strong so that you will not be persuaded to go back into the old ways.  I do understand that is more comfortable for you, but I say rejoice, rejoice.  Put on garments of praise.  Put on a spirit of praise because any of that spirit of Heaviness, it has to roll off.  Put on the words of My Bible in your mouth.  Have it written in your heart.  Have it written in your mind.  Have it written in your body.  Have it written so that it will accomplish what I sent it to do, because I have said that I am a good God.

I have told you I cannot lie.  So I say, rejoice and be glad because this is a culmination of many seasons.  It is a culmination of this end-time, of this particular church age you call it.  My ecclesia, My precious saints will do great and mighty things.  I, the Heavenly Father am beckoning them to come and walk with me.  Let My son Jesus.  He is the word.  Put on the word, walk in it, walk in it.  I say pray often, pray often.  Send your prayers and supplications.  I say that you’re not going to have to labor so long at prayers and supplications because you will see them getting answered so much more quickly.  Yes, this is a quickly time My precious ones.  So rejoice and be glad.  Rejoice and be glad because, indeed, this is an awesome season.  I rejoice and I desire you to rejoice, for this is a season where I shall pour forth My holy, holy glory and it shall do great and awesome things.

I say unto you, My precious saints, I do love you.  I love you with that agape love.  You walk in that agape love.  It doesn’t hold things that happened before.  You put that all on the cross.  That’s what My son Jesus came for.  It’s washed in the blood.  I throw your sins as far as the east is from the west.  I don’t remember them and I don’t want you to remember them either.  Let My spirit just move in a powerful, mighty way.  I say I love you, My precious saints.  I love you, I love you, hallelujah, hallelujah.

One Comment on “2016 Prophecy – God to increase anointing for End Times”

  1. Kim Plummer said:

    Reading through this in awe and wonder, How amazing is our loving Father! I have been so blessed by this and can feel my spirit responding with joy!