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Beverly’s Journal – Angels

Feb 21st, 2011 by Bev Clous | 0

Beverly’s Journal – Angels                               February 17, 2011

Today after I had taken a shower and was all dressed, I lay back on my bed.  I heard myself say “I feel like my life is falling apart at the seams”.  I have been unhappy with the way my life and my Spiritual life has been going.  I know I have been at a different level and in training for what lies ahead for me.

Immediately as I ‘said’ that the angel from the church of Boyne City appeared.  This angel always wears a pink garment, it has light brown hair and carries a small silver pail in its left hand.  The angel reaches in the pail with the right hand and sprinkles silver sparkles on me.  This angel is a ministering spirit.  I believe the sparkles are healing – both physically and spiritually.

Just behind this angel appeared the angel to the church of Traverse City.  This angel is taller that the Boyne City angel and wears a cream colored garment.  It has really blonde hair that is cut blunt, about ear length.  This angel carries a stack of paper and reads from them.  Today the angel said “The Father wants you to be of good courage.  Be of good courage.  Father has appointments and assignments for you.  Be at peace and be of good courage.”   This angel is a messenger angel.

Then I saw on my right side and above a bit the angel to the church of St. Ignace.  This angel is dressed in a burlap type of material, has black shoulder length hair and is darker complexion than the other angels.  This angel had a light in its hand.  I knew I had only started a work there and angel said no one else would complete the ministry I had been assigned to.  Then the angel moved the light in a circular motion and I understood the little light would expand in the time that was ahead.

Next I saw a large number of white glowing angels in a large semi-circle around me.  I then rested in that white light for some time.  Great peace was present and I could be comforted.  Most of all, blessed by the Father for sending these angels.  They ministered and blessed me plus helped me to understand their purpose.

Thank you Father.

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