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October prophecy – releasing God’s Power and Might

Oct 18th, 2012 by Heavenly Father | 0

October Prophecy

Hallelujah. We bless you Lord.   I’m seeing a very pure white high mountain. Suddenly out of the midst of that mountain – it erupted like a volcano.  The coals were red hot fire and spread throughout the whole earth. The coals were here, the coals were there.  Then Father said, “This is the season where I’m releasing, I’m releasing, I’m releasing My power and My might and it SHALL come down in the form of hot coals, those coals will soon catch on. Those people who have allowed Me to prepare their vessels will find that they will be on Fire for the Lord.  The Holy Spirit will come up big within them and they will do great and mighty exploits.  This is the season where I desire those people that have had a desire to allow Me to prepare their vessels to be those containers of My Holy Fire.  They shall go forth in Power and Might. Those ones that have held back, they have not allowed Me to really mold them or shape them like I would – they will also be caught on Fire because the Fire of the Holy Ghost is going to do great and mighty works. The Presence and the Power in them shall be what will do great and mighty exploits.  People will be touched by that Holy Fire and they will never be the same.  Their lives will be dramatically changed.  I am moving in such a powerful and mighty way.  The people that I will touch are some that are not necessarily trying to find anything spiritual.  They’re very happy with their life upon the earth the way it is. There’s an equal amount that are unhappy with the way things are, but they don’t know how to change it.

I say I am the life changing God; I am the God who will pour forth with Power and Might.  I am the One that will show these people My Realm.  It is a better realm than upon this earth.  This is a season where I will touch people in a mighty powerful way.  I say unto you, My children, that these are the days that the Prophets of old have longed for.  These are the days that even the saints that have gone before you and are securely up here in My Heavenly Realm, those ones are longing for that day that they knew one day I would pour forth My Glory and Might.  They knew that one day there would be a generation of people that would literally walk upon the earth as Temples of the Holy Ghost in a fullness that My people have not known. These are the days where I will have a stirring within people that they will begin to speak forth My Word.  Some of them have not been trained up, but they will yield to the Power of the Holy Spirit.  When they yield to the Power of the Holy Spirit, I will bring up out of their belly – as I say in My Word “like rivers of running Water and it shall come out of their bellies and it shall come forth”.  It shall come forth with Power and Might and they will literally begin to feel that hotness coming out of their breath.  It will go forth in the earth and do a great and mighty awesome work.

I say oh, yes, the enemy has risen up.  Oh yes, he’s been the father of all lies and he’s been lying to people that this world is going to come to a cataclysmic end.  “No, I say it will only get greater and better for those ones that are walking in My Holy Spirit Realm.  Those that are walking in My Kingdom,  The Kingdom of the Almighty, The Eternal, The Everlasting, The All powerful, The All present, The great I Am!! Those people will find this time upon the earth exciting because yes, this is a season of where (you call the church which I prefer to call the Ecclesia) is coming back to where it began in the book of Acts.  Where it began at the Resurrection of My Son, Jesus, where it began at the birth of My Son, Jesus; because those are the days that have been transpiring throughout all these generations.  But this is the generation, I say to you My children, where you shall walk in My Power and in My Might.  You shall – it will not be performance based.  It will not be that you have the right words coming out of your mouth.  It will not be that you spent so many years in a seminary.  It will be just those people who have fallen in love with My Son, Jesus.  Those ones that have allowed Me to mold and shape you on that Potter’s wheel.  Those ones that have been over comers.  They didn’t sit back and get discouraged and say, “This is too hard.”  They said, “No, the Father has a way.”  These are the ones that choose the straight and narrow path.  Not that wide path that leads to pernicious (evil).

But I say unto you, My children, that these are awesome times in My Kingdom.  For as I have spoken to you time and again – it is very true that this is the season where the Kingdom of God will come upon earth as it is in Heaven.  This is the season where you will find that the Power and the Might of God will literally show up!!!  This is the season where I have people who will walk in My Glory.  And they will be able to walk right into a Cloud of My Glory that I will put upon the earth.  These people will be able to walk in that very Cloud of My Glory and they shall find that the people that are there shall be dynamically changed in a short time. It’s not going to take a long period of time before My Power and My Presence and My Glory shows up.  My people are able to walk in it and you will find that others will be so dramatically touched that they will know.  You won’t have to say, “I think God is here”.  You won’t have to say, “Did you see the Glory Cloud?”  You won’t have to say, “Everybody, let’s pray.”  You will see people instantly touched by the Power, the Presence and the Glory that I’m sending forth.

My Glory was upon the earth as My people walked in Moses’ time in the wilderness.  I say that this is another season where My Glory will come and fill these different places.  Sometimes I have told you in My Word where two or more are gathered together in My name …  This is the season where it’s going to take two or more gathering in My Name when I will manifest My Presence in the Glory of the Almighty God and you will see that things will dramatically change. Then the Word will spread forth and heal the people that touched My life in such a dramatic way and know that the Power of God was in that place.  I know that the Power of God came upon us.  I say people have at times been in and out of some of these dramatic, dynamic moves that I have had upon the earth and that has been good.  This is a season, My precious saints, this is a season My precious saints, when I am going to pour forth with My Glory and you will see that it will transform places.  It will transform people.  It will even transform things.  People will know that the Presence of the Lord has shown up in this place. As I told My son Moses when he was outside of the burning bush to take his shoes off because he was standing on Holy ground.  This is a season where there will be many places that I will declare this is Holy ground because My Manifest Presence, that Almighty Fire, the Glory of God will come down and people will know when they set foot on that piece of ground that’s His holy ground.  I say unto you, My children, that you have been waiting upon Me, that you have been longing for Me.  I say that these times leading up to the day of the return of My Son, My church will be so dynamic, so powerful that it is not going to be a Bride that’s sitting and waiting and pining for the return of Her Bridegroom.  No!!  She shall be about the Father’s business.  She shall be walking as One with My Son, Jesus, in Spirit and in Truth.  And I say unto you, My children, that these are dynamic days. Get excited about it because these are the days which you have prepared for.  That you have allowed Me to mold you and shape you and I have said that the Spirit of the Living God will come upon you.  I say unto you this is the season within you, the Christ in you, the hope of Glory, the hope of Glory. I say this is the season, this is the season where My Bride will be made so ready for My Son that I will not be able to resist sending Him forth for His Bride because up here in the Heavenly realm, all is ready. All is ready.

I say that it is time for My Power and My Presence to come upon this excitement upon the earth.  These people on the earth that have allowed Me to mold them and shape them.  I say that this is the season when you were going through that wilderness time in your life.  That it was difficult and you wondered did I even hear your prayers?  You wondered, “Where is this God that I serve?”   You wondered maybe all these things aren’t true that I’ve understood from the Scriptures.  But I say “I am about to break forth in such a powerful and mighty way”.  You have been waiting.  You have been longing.  You have been yearning.  Those are the days that draw upon My heart strings.  And I know that My Bride for My son, is ready to receive His dynamic Power.  His awesome Might, the complete fullness of the Holy Ghost.   The Fire of the Living God comes in their vessels. I say you shall rejoice and be glad.  I say you shall give praises unto the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.   You SHALL say ALL glory and honor belong to our Majesty on High.

I say unto you My  people, My precious, precious people, I rejoice with you because I know that there’s a dynamic season.  I know what I have in store for you each and every second of each and every day.  And I say unto you that this is a season where nobody will sit on the sidelines and wonder what happened to the Almighty God?  They will not walk up to people and say, “Where is your Jesus?”  Many people have mocked over the years, My ministry gifts because they have said, “Where is that Jesus that you preach?  Where is that anointing that you talk about?  Where are the gifts and the fruit of the Holy Spirit?”  But I say that those people that mock will no longer be mocking because they will see the transcendence of the Almighty God.  I say unto you My beloved ones, My beloved sons and daughters, I draw you close to My bosom.  I draw you close to My bosom. I will impart to you the Love, that Agape, Holy, Perfect  Love.  You will go forth and you will find you will love people that yesterday you  thought they were unlovable or less lovable.  But no, everybody loves the same and you will find that capacity which has been imparting to you even now that you will love others.  Of course, you will know if somebody’s not doing things right, but Love covers a multitude of sins.

I say unto you that you can have all of these wonderful Gifts of the Spirit, but if you have not LOVE, you are nothing but a clanging symbol. I say this is the season where My people will love people into My kingdom.  Love one another as I have loved you.  And I say that they will know that this is My Ecclesia by the way they love one another.  I say unto you, My beloved children, My sons and My daughters that this is a season of Power and Might.  I rejoice and I rejoice and I rejoice because I know all the things that have been on My agenda.  I say that I knew that this day would come.  It’s with great, great exuberance that I say the day has come where I will release the fullness of the Almighty God.  The Kingdom in Heaven shall come to earth.  It will be like Heaven on earth and earth in Heaven.  And I say to you My precious ones, rejoice and be glad with Me.  Know I love you and I impart to you.  Everyone who is listening to this message I impart to you Supernaturally through the Holy Ghost that Supernatural Love that you will take into all the places where you go.  I say unto you My precious ones fresh anointings are falling upon you even right now. Fresh anointing to bring in the Harvest that is so desperately ripe.  This is what I have chosen to do at this particular season.  I rejoice over My people because there is a certain amount of people who have allowed Me to have My perfect way in their vessels.  Those are the ones that I can fill with My Glory.  Those are the ones who will go across as Fire upon the earth.  And I say unto you, I love you, My precious ones.  I love you, My precious ones.

Your Heavenly Father

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