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An Open Letter To My Bride

Apr 12th, 2009 by Jesus | 2

 Transcribed by Beverly Clous
An Open Letter To My Bride, My wonderful Bride,

I give you My Peace that passes all understanding. Please receive it – it is here for you.

This is My Father’s time for you to prepare for My return. Some on the earth may call My Bride the  true Church, the Ecclesia, the Remnant. I call you holy and wholly devoted to Me. I am betrothed to you.My Bride, walk in holiness and obedience. Love, love, love. Love Me with all your heart, all you soul and all, all, all. 

Beverly’s note: I got to this point and put down my pencil and sat alone. I was overwhelmed with His Love and, yet, I wanted His love only for me. Not for everyone else, too. I told Him that I knew He is my Husband. But when my earthly husband was here, he would come in the door and give me a big hug. I could look at and touch his face. He would talk to me. I told Jesus as my Husband I wanted Him to do something about that. When He takes me to Heaven, I feel His arms and can touch His beautiful face and He is so tender. So as my Husband I wanted Him to do something about this situation. He could just take me to Heaven and I could live there or He could allow me to go up the stairway of Heaven more often. Here on earth I know He is always near me and I hear the Spirit, but I was so desirous of more. He came in the Spirit form and sat by me and took my hand in His and said “I understand. I have been waiting for My Bride a very long time.” Suddenly the wait I had seemed short compared to His 2000 years. I felt very comforted and knew I must carry on so many more could be in His Bridal company, too.   


I chose to come to earth and put on flesh. I came as the last Adam to restore everything the first Adam lost in the Garden. I came and did all to restore because I love you, My Bride. I call you, now to put on righteousness and be holy.

I will come for you soon – it is almost time. Please be READY.




Your Bridegroom Jesus Christ


















2 Comments on “An Open Letter To My Bride”

  1. Derica said:

    Good post.

  2. Jim Clous said:

    Thank you – We are glad you appreciated it !!