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April 2010 – God is pouring out anointing now

May 22nd, 2010 by Heavenly Father | 0
April 2010 Monthly Prophecy
transcribed by Bev Clous

I see just a huge crown.  It is very brilliant gold with all kinds of glorious, beautiful, beautiful gemstones.  I, also, see a scepter.  It is, also, golden and it just shines very brightly.  The whole thing is like emanating this wonderful brilliance.  Hallelujah!!

I say unto you, My children, My precious, precious children.  You are right, you are the ones that I have placed upon this earth for this time frame in the whole of eternity.  Eternity is you know – it has no beginning and it has no end.  I say I have put you upon this earth at this particular time frame of My History.
I say unto you, My children, that I will make you strong.  I say in My Word to be strong in the Lord and lean not to your own understanding.  This is a season where I call My people – those ones who are followers of My Son, Jesus Christ; those ones that He has been conforming to His image; those ones who will do the great exploits that I WILL have transpiring upon the earth.  These are the ones that I can reach out that scepter and say “Yes, ask what you will, ask what you will” and the King will answer your request.
You are coming into a season of great Power and great Might.  Yes, the dark side has gotten more powerful and has been thinking that they are more mighty; but I say I have already defeated that kingdom. I say My Son paid the price.  My Son is the victorious conqueror and I say as you walk in My Holy Kingdom you will see great and awesome things transpiring.
You have felt an excitement this weekend as I did bring you together to work on the newsletter, to work on this monthly prophecy.  You have felt an excitement; can you imagine how much MY excitement is that you have chosen to set aside all the other things that you could be doing to come together and serve Me.
I am the King, I am the Ruler.  I AM the One Who rules and reigns.  I AM the One Who will provide for you.  I AM the One Who will pick you up in My hands and carry you when things get too difficult for you.  I AM the One Who will pour out richly upon those ones that have allowed Me to mold them and shape them.   Yes, I told you that I have put you on that Potter’s Wheel, but I say unto you THIS week, THIS month that I, I am pouring forth into, not only you, but those ones that have ears to hear; those ones who have eyes to see; those ones who have set aside the things of the world to follow after Me.  Those ones that are in the world but not of the world.  Those ones that have called Me Abba Father.  The ones who have said yes, this is the way the Lord has and I will walk in it.
Sometimes I have been allowing things in your life that have been for some of you extremely difficult, but I have been using those things as I have told you in My Word time and again that I will turn those things around for good. [I see that He is taking each of us as a vessel into His hand and we are sitting on a huge, huge hand. The Father’s hand is way, way bigger than a normal man’s hand.  He is sitting each of us, one at a time on that Holy hand and then He is shining us.  He is shining us.] As that scepter that you saw that is emanating that brilliance, so too those ones that have paid the price to follow hard after Me I have taken My hand and I am putting a glow upon them.  They will be shining forth with My Power and with My Might.
I say I have many things for My people to do.  Do not look whether it is difficult or whether it is easy – that is not the important thing.  The important thing IS to do according to the Holy Spirit’s leading; to be obedient to what the Holy Spirit is speaking even in that still small voice.  Know that I AM the One that is orchestrating the things that are happening.  My prophets of old spoke forth many things that were mysteries for many years.  Now you can see that I have been unlocking those mysteries as I told Daniel, as I told My son John.  Those things that have been hidden, that have been kept in secret; I have been opening up those things so that at this time, this dispensation while you are upon the earth will be revealed to you.
Those ones who have the mind of Christ, they will begin to understand even more fully than they do right now.  The words that I spoke must be fulfilled.  Some of them that I have spoken forth in the New Testament times, they must be fulfilled before My Son’s return.  Remember all those things must be fulfilled.  I say you are living in a time where the fulfillment of this church age is upon you.  It is upon you.  It is not going to come to pass way down the road, but it is upon you so rejoice and be glad because that generation of people that are upon the earth now, they will be used in a mighty, awesome, powerful way.  Those are the ones you sense – some of the people are hungering and thirsting after more.  More things of Me, more understanding, more revelation.  That is My stirring within My people.
I told them “if they would seek they would find; if they would knock it would be open unto them”.  You are living in a great, great awesome time when those things that have been spoken of will be accomplished in this age.  In this particular time, in this hour, you will see great excitement begin to stir in those people of Mine.  They are not satisfied with the statuesque any more.  They are not satisfied with that same level of relationship and moving of the Holy Spirit as they have been.
There is a great stirring within My people that they are hungering and thirsting after more.  They don’t know what it is, but they are very restless.  They are looking for something more than that they have now and that’s the Holy Spirit stirring within My people because I have a desire to move in an awesome, powerful way.  Many of the people wonder “how do I get to the place where you are”.  “How do you get to these higher levels of walking in the Spirit”.  “How do you get to the place where you can hear these Messages from God”. I will continue to stir that in people.
I say I will send forth those ones that are forerunners.  They are already walking in that and there are people who are walking in the Power Gifts that I have opened [oh, my! I am seeing a huge, huge treasure chest.  It doesn’t open with the lid up the way we would usually think of; but Father just split if right down the middle and all these wonderful – it looks like a pure, pure white Light pouring off.] I am pouring out My Power.  I am opening My Power.  I am willing to give My Power unto those who have allowed Me to change them and mold them and shape them.  This is a season where those people will walk in the Power Anointing that I have for this time. That Power Anointing is what is going to manifest itself amongst people.  It will manifest itself in some of these meetings when My people get together and that Power will show up and manifest itself.  Nobody is going to wonder if God is here, they will KNOW God is here.
It will be a wonderful witness to the lost because they will be drawn to that Power that has been poured out in MY Kingdom. One of the things that has been happening upon the earth is people are looking for power in all different kinds of ways.  Some of the abuses that you have seen are just power grabs.  Some of the things that you have seen – people trying to get up the corporate ladder as you upon the earth call it.  They don’t seem to mind if they have to push somebody out of the way and climb over them.  They don’t care in this age, and it is all about the kingdom of darkness as a power struggle is going on.  Even some of the demon hordes are struggling.  You will see some of these people that are already walking in darkness that they will even begin to attack the ones that are also in darkness.
But I say that MY POWER, MY POWER, MY POWER that pours out would never have calamities begin happening.  MY POWER when it pours out you will see people be set free miraculously; nobody even praying over them because when MY POWER comes upon people the enemy just has to leave.  There is no room for him.  You will find miraculous healings begin to happen just because MY HOLY PRESENCE will show up.  I say some of you will walk in that Power even as you just walk down the streets of your cities.  You will find that that POWER will manifest itself just as you are going about your normal daily routine; as you are in your marketplace – where your businesses are.  You will find the Anointing, My HOLY ANOINTING, the absolutely Awesome Power will manifest.
Some of the people will wonder why this particular person seems to be so glowing.  It will be like you are walking in some Spotlight.  Those are My people that are pouring forth My Manifest Presence in them and it WILL radiate out of them that others will see it.  Unfortunately, some of the people that have already made a commitment to My Son they are not comfortable with that.  They think that it is for only a few people because they know deep down that there is a price to pay to get your vessel to the point where I can manifest My Holy Presence in you.  I will pour it IN you but it will manifest OUT of you.
I say that many of the people that are followers of My Son – they don’t want to go that far knowing they would have to give up some of their bad habits.  They would have to give up some of their love of the world.  I say I WILL have a people and many are already manifesting that Presence, My Holy Divine Power.  They are already manifesting that and there will be more as the days and months lie ahead.  There will be more.  Too many of My people are comfortable just going here or going there; finding all these other interruptions in their schedules because they don’t make a commitment that they are going to do what the Holy Spirit calls them to do.  They still desire to do what their selfish, soulish desires are.
But I say I have a people, and that group of people will begin to get larger and larger because more and more people are recognizing there is nothing in the world for them anymore.  They don’t want to be a part of that world.  Oh, yes, I need to be IN the world so the Manifest Presence of God; the Kingdom shall come upon the earth as it is in Heaven.  What did you think I meant by that Word that My Son spoke?  Did you think that I was just going to save everything up for when you come to Heaven?  That isn’t what that prayer says.  It says ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN.   I WILL BE Manifesting My Heavenly Presence through those people who have allowed Me to mold them and shape their vessels so that they can be containers.
You will hear many people in the near future who will be talking about new wine skins.  Everyone has heard teachings about the old wineskin – don’t put new wine in the old wineskin, you have to put it in a new wineskin.  I say unto you, My people that I will pour out as I did in that Marriage Feast at Canaan.  The wine that they poured forth at the end was better than at the beginning.  So, too, the wine, the wine – that Manifest Presence, that Holy Power that I will pour out will be better than the Wine that has been happening even in the early part of your walk with Me.  But THIS will be a season of great manifestations of My Holy Presence.
I call in My Word the Manifest Presence of the Sons of God.  You are blessed to be living in that Season where I Am calling out these people who will be used in a dynamic way.  They will be used as almost like a “power blast” because I have chosen for it to be so.  It will be a much greater manifest Presence of My Power and My Might.  Prior to now I have used a few people here, or one person there; but this will be much enlarged because I have many vessels that I will use. You will see awesome, awesome things happen especially when some of those people come together that already carry the Manifest Presence of God.  When they come together – do you not remember in the Book of Acts when the Holy Spirit came in and the whole room shook?  That is what will happen – that will happen again on the earth in the time frame in which I have chosen for you to be upon the earth.
That almighty Presence of God will come in and things will feel like they are shaking. But I say it is because I will show up.  My Power and My Might is not containable.  You can’t put it within four church walls.  You can’t put it in a box somewhere.  You can’t put it in a certain City or a certain section, or a great conference meeting.  I choose who I will fill with My Almighty Power – My Might, My Might.  I want you to know, My people, that some of the things that some of My very special people have been going through, you will look back upon those days, those days when you paid the price to walk in the Manifest Presence of God, to allow that wonderful Holy, Holy Presence manifest.  It will come into your vessel, but it will also manifest itself through your vessel – much like the Scepter that I showed you at the beginning of this Word where it was emanating that brilliant white Light.  Yet, it was golden and was so wonderfully beautiful.  That’s the way My people will be because many of them I have already extended that Scepter and when I touch them with My Scepter – you see that Scepter didn’t only reach out to show approval, but it would actually touch the person.
I say I am touching many of My people with the Scepter of My Holy Presence that as they walk the Power Gifts shall manifest through them.  You will see that happening.  It is not for way down the road because I will use that in a powerful, mighty way to draw people to My Kingdom.  Yes, these are awesome days when you look at it from My perspective.  These are awesome days when you look at it from the perspective of the great cloud of witnesses who realize they would have loved to have been upon the earth for this particular time frame.  But they are cheering you on because they also know that these days are difficult. They, also, know that My Power and My Might will prevail.  My Son has already defeated the enemy.  He is the Victorious King.
I say unto you, My precious children, come unto Me.  Come unto Me.  Run to Me because I will keep you.  I will keep you.  I will keep you.  I say I will show forth My Holy Presence in a mighty, powerful way!  It isn’t going to be that people will just see My Presence, but it will do great and awesome signs and wonders.  It will do great and awesome signs and wonders.   I want you to rejoice.  I want you to be glad.  I want you to be a joyous people.  You know My Word, you know Me.  You know I AM your provider.  I AM your Heavenly Father.  I AM that great I AM.  I say rejoice often because that will keep your Spirit man stirred up.  It will keep you alive in the Lord.  Oh no, you don’t lose the Holy Spirit, but I want it stirred up so that others will see that the Kingdom of God is in their midst.
I will use My people in an awesome, powerful way!!!  I want you to know I love you.  I want you to know I wrap My arms around you.  I want you to know that I hug you.  That I reach out and I hug you.  You can read My Word and there is lots of hugs in My Word for you.  But, I say, in the Spirit I reach out and hug you because I love you.  I created you in My likeness and in My image.  These are exciting days because I know the plans that I have for you.  I say I bless each one of you.  I bless each one of you.  I bless each one of you and I say I am raising up a mighty people.  People will say “who is this people of God; who are these ones that follow Jesus Christ; who are these ones that talk about the Holy Spirit”.  I will show them because I want My people to be drawing those ones that don’t know Me yet.  This is the season of Harvest.  This is the season of Harvest.  I love you My people.  I love you My precious people.  I love You!!
Your Heavenly Father

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