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Beverly’s Journal – Jesus’ visit

Feb 22nd, 2011 by Bev Clous | 0

Beverly’s Journal  Feb. 22, 2011

I was at a fellowship meeting recently.  We were repenting before taking communion.  I saw Jesus enter and stand between the two chairs in our room.  He had a cream colored garment on and held in His hand a shepherd’s crook.  He looked at us and laid down the crook.  He let me know we did not need to be prodded or nudged with the shepherd’s crook since we would be moved by His anointing.  Jesus didn’t have the usual rope belt -His garment was loose.  I remembered reading a shepherd had a loose fitting garment since it was cooler in the field of the flock.

As we began to partake of the communion elements, Jesus sat down on an empty chair and conveyed to me He was supping with us.  He didn’t take the elements.  I knew that was because He IS THE COMMUNION.  Scripture also tells us He will not take communion until we join him in Heaven.  He is so gentle and so peaceful, He IS altogether lovely.  What a great privilege to see the Master!!  His Presence was felt by all in that room!!  Oh, how I love Jesus!!

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