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Beverly’s Journal – August

Aug 22nd, 2009 by Bev Clous | 0
Beverly’s Journal  August 26, 2009
Today is one of those wonderful days in Jesus.  This morning as I was sitting in a chair, the Presence of the Lord came in as Love.  This Holy Presence just kept coming upon me until I felt I was wrapped in a cloud of His indescribable LOVE.  I just began to say His Names.  Bridegroom, Beloved, Bright Morning Star, Holy One, the One above all others,  the Beginning and the End.  These just continued to flow out until I was lost in His Love.
His cloud just hovered for a long time.  He is indeed altogether lovely!!  A friend of mine gave me this note.  I thought about 1 Corinthians 13,   and Galatians 5.  It is all about LOVE.  The great commandment Jesus gave us in Mark 12:29,30.  “Jesus answered, “The foremost is, Hear, O Israel! The Lord our God is one Lord; And you shall love the Lord you God with all your heart, and with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength.”  Verse 31: The second is this, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself,” There is no other commandment greater that these.” 
The Ingredients of LOVE – Galatians 5:22-23 “The Fruit of the Spirit is Love.”
JOY           – which is love smiling
PEACE       – is love resting
PATIENCE – is love waiting
KINDNESS – is love showing itself sensitive to others’ feelings
GOODNESS – love making allowances and sacrifices for others
FAITHFULNESS – Love proving constant
GENTLENESS – Love yielding
SELF-CONTROL – Love triumphing over selfish Inclinations
This clarified for me why Paul could speak of “Fruit” in the singular.  Since God is Love, His Spirit ripening within us will always produce love in all its wondrous varieties.
Beverly’s Journal – August 24, 2009

Beverly’s Journal August 10, 2009
Last evening I attended a prayer teaching at Straight Gate House of Prayer in Indian River, MI.
The teaching was on the different levels we, as Christians operate. The first level was the event driven life. The events, good or bad, cause us to pray and respond each day. The second level is a principal driven life. We know God’s principles, pray and live our life each day according to these. Good, you may have a prayer list and take all your prayer requests each day faithfully. This is good, but lets go to the third level which is revelatory living. That is taking time to pray and live as the Father wants us to do. I have found as I pray that way – God will read my heart to take care of the prayer needs. This type of prayer needs to be intimate with the Lord to see and hear. Jesus operated this way as He said He did nothing except He heard the Father say it or saw Him do it.

At this meeting, as the speaker was starting to pray over a lady and began to break off her rejection and other things – I saw an angel which was about 8 feet tall standing in the corner opposite of where the people were praying. The angel had a medium blue garment on, tied at the waist with a silver rope-like belt. The angel had a huge sword that was gentle swaying back and forth. After this prayer the lady began to laugh. At that time I saw three angels standing near the people and just watching the activity. They were smaller and had flowing light blue garments.

I know God is teaching us to minister in co-operation with the angelic host. So really great to see them and I just thank and praise the Savior!!

The next day a friend had a word from the Holy Spirit that time was running out. Jesus was sad because there was so much yet to be accomplished. He was calling us to realize the seriousness of these days and to get busy doing His agenda and not our own. That evening I heard over and over “The Urgency of the Hour”. One lady had a Word that the train was in the station and we had better get on board or we would be left behind. There were several more visions of rivers and horses and golden rain – all saying it is time to put away our agendas and conform our will to His will.

What a wonderful season to be used of God. I believe with this urgency will come great power for all who are intimate with the Lord. I want to say I love you and the Father loves you many times more. My grandson and I have this “I love you more” we do back and forth. Let’s tell the Father I love you more knowing He loves so perfectly, but wants us to tell Him that very often.




What a wonderful weekend!! I want to share some of the visions, etc.

On Saturday night my son and I were traveling north toward my home. The sky was really dark, partly darkness, but it was also a cloudy day. My son began to notice a pink area just at the horizon. It was easterly in direction. I joked maybe the sun was rising at 10:30 at night. Then we said Nope. As we continued to drive the whole horizon became a thin space of pink all that we could see. I believe this was a sign from the Lord that is all the space of this grace age left. The darkness was encroaching on the world. Then above us there was a very faint white, almost like a sheer curtain material. I believe that was a sign that the Lord’s Presence is there however thinly, but would cover those who are walking with Him no matter how dark the world becomes.

We have been hearing so much about TIME. There is not much time left for this particular age. We know there are seasons and times in the Scripture. This Church age is called the age of Grace. The next age will be the Catching Away of His Beautiful Bride and the wedding feast of the Lamb. Then will come the Millenium Rule and Reign for a thousand years. Oh how wonderful to be alive in this timeframe. Sure it may be difficult, but the Holy Spirit will pour out so abundantly. I believe this will be the season of the Resurrection POWER. We must be emptied to our fleshly desires and carnal nature. The Cross is where that belongs.

At our prayer meeting we were blessed with a n open Heaven. We saw Angels moving large and small cement barricades. We prayed for the True Church to awaken. I believe the barricades were false teachings, man’ doctrines, walls of the churches, complacency and people just sitting in pews. The Heavenly Father’s Bride for His Son is awakening and preparing for the Bridegroom. Her anointing will be His anointing and His anointing will be her anointing.

We then ministered to each other in Revelation as we saw in the Holy Spirit realm. I am SOOOOOO refreshed today. There is nothing greater that being in His Presence. I am, indeed. Blessed by my Heavenly Father.

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