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Beverly’s Journal – May 6, 2011

May 8th, 2011 by Bev Clous | 0

Beverly’s Journal                                                            May 6, 2011

Yesterday was The National Day of Prayer.  I usually make the lunchtime prayer meeting.  This year, I am back in Traverse City, I went to the Courthouse and  parked at the new courthouse parking lot. The local radio station was broadcasting it live – so I could hear the activities.  After some prayers and singing suddenly above the old courthouse I saw the Angel to the church of Traverse City appear.  This Angel was joined by a semi-circle of brilliant white angels.  As I watched them there appeared a white wedding dress.  I felt the Holy Spirit say “The Father is looking for people who have prepared their walk to be able to wear this wedding dress (for the Bride of Christ).”  Then this dress turned into a brilliant white pulsating light.  I knew that to be the Holy Presence of the Lord.

The Angel to the Church of Boyne City appeared in my vehicle.  That Angel is a ministering angel and doesn’t speak as the messenger Angels do.  I believe that was a transfer recognizing my move back to Traverse City.  The appearance of these Angels seemed to be activated by a very anointed worship music segment.  I believe anointed prayers during the meeting from the Spirit activated this activity but as the meeting became less anointed the angels left.

I bless all who organized this prayer meeting and the many people that gathered together to pray.  God bless you!!

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