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End times – Insight from God

Jun 22nd, 2009 by Heavenly Father | 4
June 9, 2009

End times – Insight from God

Trleanscribed by Beverly Clous

This is an amazing time in My Kingdom. Yes, a great clash is happening and there is becoming a chasm between My Kingdom and the kingdom of the world. You will see many things transpiring that will startle you and I tell you ahead so you will not be unprepared.

I do not like in any way, shape or form blasphemy. I have set your nation of the United States of America as a Godly nation for My Divine purposes. It has been that way ever since I established this nation through the people I sent here many years ago and set forth this country with its early leaders. I gave them My Divine Plan. Yes, sometimes they got a few of man’s ideas in their establishment, but mostly it is My Plan.

Now your leaders are saying this is no longer a Christian nation. Your leaders are saying many things that are not true. You can easily see the a front of Christian principles being eroded into whatever pleases man’s selfish desires. They have forgotten the true Ruler of this nation. I choose to use your leaders, but they have forgotten or chosen to ignore Me. They no longer seek My direction. They operate from their carnal perspective persuaded by the kingdom of darkness. You are seeing unfolding the prophecies contained in My Word of the one world system.

I call you to stay strong in My Kingdom. I call you to hold on to My Truth. I call you to seek My Presence. John 8:31, 32 declares “Then Jesus said to those Jews who believed “If you abide in My Word, you are My disciples indeed. And you shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free.” Be good disciples and know – to understand, agreement with fact or reality, actuality – the whole truth of My Word. If you don’t know My Word you will have nothing to come into agreement with My Spirit.

I have told you satan is the father of lies. I have, also, told you I AM GOD AND I CANNOT LIE.

I am telling you truth so you can be prepared to move in My Power and in My Might. I have been preparing you to be a strong tower for My people. I will pour out upon you who have heeded My voice a Presence that you have not walked in before. This is a season in which I will open up the Heavens and pour out My Spirit in great measure. You will be revelers of My Divine Presence. You will be temples of My residing holy Presence.

I will have a people who will not be deceived nor be led astray. My people not only hear My voice, but they heed My voice. You will know one another by the Spirit of My Son, Jesus. There will be great strength and unity in this Ecclesia that I am Shepherding. Even though the days of this world and your nation are growing darker, My Light will get brighter and brighter. I call you to look up.

You will walk in the manifest Presence of God. You will minister in My glory cloud. You will be filled with the Holy Ghost and Fire. You will rejoice and be glad. You will stand in awe of Me. These are those days I spoke of as great and mighty days. These are the days of Elijah, Moses, David, Isaiah and all the prophets. These are the days as Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. These are the days as of My Disciples of the New Testament.

I call My Ecclesia to rejoice and praise Me. Be in prayer. Be obedient. Be faith filled. Be My people, whom I love unconditionally. Love one another as I have loved you. Christ in you the hope of Glory. It is a season of My anointing, My glory and My Bride. Watch it unfold. Have your eyes focused on My Kingdom. It is indeed at hand. Heaven upon earth as it is in Heaven. Those who have been walking a surrendered life will find this time very exciting. Yes, you will be in the world, but not of it. Therefore, when you see these times of trouble grow stronger, you will be strong in Me. You will see harvest time as people have nothing else to trust in and will see My people moving in power and might. They will notice My Kingdom has what they will not find in the world’s kingdom.

I have called you to be upon the earth for such a time as this. Many will find the Ministry I have ordained for them break out. The preparation time for many of My saints has been fulfilled and the time for coming forth is upon you.

(I hear REJOICE, REJOICE, REJOICE in a loud booming Voice) Yes, My people rejoice and again I say rejoice.

I want you to know I love you more than you can comprehend. I want you to know the Victory is won. I want you to know the angels and the great cloud of witnesses are helping you. I commission you to go forth with fresh anointing this day. I ordain you as My minister to work in My Ecclesia. I bless each of you. Again, I want you to know I love you.

Your Heavenly Father.

4 Comments on “End times – Insight from God”

  1. Dawn said:

    This was powerful and I felt as if it was for me!!! I’m excited about what God is doing! Praise God!!! Age 26 Orlando, Fl

  2. Jim Clous said:

    Hello, We are glad you liked the message !! Many times God’s real words are such that they will have different but special meanings to many different people. Keep coming back – we will be having many more posts over the coming months. All the best, Jim

  3. Ingar said:

    Thank you for bringing this to the internet. I felt the last three paragraphs was directly for me, even though I live in Norway. 🙂

  4. hosting joomla said:

    My brother suggested I may like this web site. He was entirely right. This post truly made my day. You can not believe just how so much time I had spent for this information! Thanks!