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February 2014 Prophecy – Prepare Now

Feb 17th, 2014 by Heavenly Father | 1

Transcribed by: Beverly Clous

Hallelujah we praise the Lord, we bless Your holy name, Hallelujah, Hallelujah!

throne_of_GodWhat I was hearing was open up, open up, open up, oh the heavenly gates…   I shall reveal My presence. My holy, holy, presence shall be revealed to you that are upon the earth at this season.  I say onto you put on clean white garments.  I say onto you be prepared as My bride.  Be ready for that wonderful day when I shall open wide the heavens and you shall see Me coming out on that great mighty glory cloud.  I say I shall manifest Myself to you as the soon coming King.    I have to prepare the earth for the coming of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.  I call upon the people that have been walking with Me and have been talking with me.  Look up, look up and see the mighty, mighty open heavens with My holy presence streaming down.  I shall fill each of your temples.  You shall literally be the temple of the Holy Ghost as I said in My word that would happen.  

I say onto you continue to put on clean, white garments.  Continue to put on My holy presence.  Continue to put in My word.  Let that be your sustenance.  That will provide you with the manna you need for this particular season.  I say onto you My precious saints that this is a time when all of the angelic realm is exited.  They are excited because there is a buzz with the news that something is about to take place upon the earth.  Such has not been seen since that day I sent my bright, morning star to have My son Jesus be born upon the earth.  Yes he was of the earth, but he also was of Heaven.  I say unto you that this is another time in My time frame of history.  This is a season where you do not grow faint hearted.  This is the season where I call you do not be discouraged.  This is the season where I call you do not be depressed.  This is the season where I call you to not be curious about how this and that is going to happen.  All I call upon my people to do is lift up holy hands.  I shall anoint those holy hands.  I say unto you that yes you’ve been hearing that I will do great and mighty miracles in this season that is upon the earth.  I say onto you that it is going to happen and happening very soon.  I will pour out upon the earth in a mighty powerful way so that many will come to know me before that great and glorious day when I shall break forth from heaven and come and get My bride (My beloved ones those ones that I have loved and been so waiting for).  I have grown very weary waiting on My people so I call each and every one that has an ear to hear what the spirit is saying this night.  Be ready, be prepared.  Share that message so that others will come to know that I am the soon coming King.  I am the beloved bride groom. 

My people I call to you listen to My voice.  I call you to look up and see what I am doing in my realm.  Many of you shall have experiences of going from earth to heaven and heaven to earth.  That is what I have desired because up in heaven there are anointings that I have not yet poured out upon earth.  I call you to bring them back to the earth so that the manifest presence of the almighty God shall pour forth from your vessels.  The same as it did My son Jesus when he walked upon the earth.   I say remember even the shadows would heal people.  Remember the sick were healed, the blind would see and limbs grew out.  I say remember that they got upset with My son Jesus when he went into the temple because they made My house a den of thieves.  I say this day, this particular day some of the places of worship that have been opening up to other kind of forces.  Other than the purity of the good news of My bible.  They have opened up to other things other than My Jesus.  My son Jesus, being the only way, the only truth and the only life.  I say there have been false spirits that have invading some of the churches.  I say unto you, be aware of that because I do not want you to be deceived.  That’s where I said in My word in the end days even the elect would be deceived.  My precious, precious children I do not want you to be deceived one little bit.  I say unto as you, stay on My word, as you stay in prayer, as you stay in worship, as you stay in praise, as you stay in coming together with those ones that have like spirits.  

I say this shall be a glorious time.  Sometimes the harvester does not see that which was planted.  I say your generation shall see the harvest even though many have labored a lot of years and some are here in heaven with Me.  I say unto you that this is the season for you to rejoice and be glad.  As I have you rejoicing and being glad that goes out into the spiritual atmosphere.  You shall see great and mighty things begin transpiring.  It may not be your hands that will be put upon the sick that shall be healed but as you maintain that spiritual atmosphere that thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.  I tell you My people this is a glorious time.  I tell you My people I am excited because I know that the time of this particular dispensation is growing very near to the end.  I say the sands of time are almost run out because this is the season where I shall send My son for his beloved bride.  Then you shall have the banquet wedding of lamb.  Then you shall return with all the angels and all the saints.  Then I shall set up My kingdom for a thousand years of ruling and reigning.  I say onto you My precious children look at these things, think about these things, meditate on these things, visualize these things because this is what your Heavenly Father is doing.  This is what the angels are rejoicing about.  This is what My son Jesus is so excited about because he has been waiting.  I have had him wait until the bride has made herself ready.  I say this is the season.  So put on your white garments and put on a garment of praise.  

I say onto My precious children this is the season like none other.  Never before nor will there be here after.  So rejoice that I have called upon you to be upon the earth for such a time as this.  I use everyone that has called up My name.  Everyone that has refused to bend their knee to any other kind of a spirit.  I say onto you My precious saints, even though the world has grown dimmer and darker, My kingdom has been growing brighter and brighter.  You are the light of the world.  You are those ones I have sent to be upon the hill.  You are the ones that I have anointed you to be the containers of My precious anointing.  You are the ones that I look at and say you are My precious children.  You are My precious children.  Great and mighty things are transpiring.  Even now sometimes you don’t see it yet, but you shall, because I shall send forth My word and it shall not return to me void.  I shall send forth my anointing.  You shall do great and mighty exploits.  I have said that you are the temples of the Holy Ghost and that is true.  My word cannot be taken away nor can it be diminished.  Look up My children, put on those white garments.  Always praise Me.  Every time you feel a little downcast or puzzled, start to praise and you will see that will lift you up this night.  I lift you up this night and you are ….. it’s like I see us sitting on some sort of a thing with rods going out from it – it’s like a seat.  it’s all gold, almost like the arc of the covenant … the ones that I am raising up in this generation to do the awesome things that will be done upon the earth.  I am about to send forth My son Jesus.  Oh My precious ones, let Me fill you with My holy adopting love – that is what the world is so desperately looking for.  Take forth My holy adopting love.  Peter said “I have nothing to give you, but that which I have I will give onto you”.  What he had was the presence of My son Jesus.  That is what I send you for.  I send you forth, to lay hands on the sick and they shall be healed.  Don’t look at other times when you laid hands on the sick and you didn’t see much happen.  I say in this particular day you will see not only healings but you will see miracles.  You will see all those things that I said that My son did.  The greater things you are a part of.  I bless each and every one of you.  I put My big arms of love around you.  I give you a holy hug and I say you are My beloved ones.  You are My beloved ones, you are My beloved ones. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

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  1. Udo said:

    I have waited very long for an update. Please update again, for my soul wants to hear what the spirit is saying.