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God is releasing his power – the bride is nearly ready – Prophecy

Jan 30th, 2013 by Heavenly Father | 0

transcribed by Beverly Clousstock-photo-yellow-lightning-flash-on-black-sky-6077548


Hallelujah. What I’m seeing is a real beautiful pale blue sky. Out of that pale blue sky comes a  huge, huge lightning bolt. The lightning bolt is very, very yellow. It is very jagged like you would see in a picture.  It starts out at the top really big and then it zig zags down to hit the earth.

I say unto you My precious children that this is the season where I’m going to break out. I’m going to break out. I’m going to break out. And this is the season where I will send forth power and might. I will send forth that Mighty lightning bolt.  That lightning bolt will break and shutter many things. Many things that have been dormant for a long time will suddenly be energized. Those things that have been hard clay ground will suddenly be turned up like it’s been prepared for it to be planted with great crops. And I say unto you that this is the time where those ones who know My Word, those ones who walk with Me, those ones that have been in My Presence, those ones are in great expectation of  WHAT I AM DOING. They are about to see the lightning bolt of God come down and the Power of God to be released upon the earth.  Those ones that have been watching and they have been praying. Much like the shepherds did.  I say, I show them a GREAT LIGHT; that’s what’s happening again upon the earth. The great Light of My Holy Presence is coming upon the earth.

People that have been waiting will have great excitement, they will say, “THIS IS OUR GOD!!! WHAT A MIGHTY GOD WE SERVE!!!” Those ones will be anxious to see what an awesome thing that I will do upon the earth. Because as My Presence comes, people will begin to wonder what is happening? What is going on? Those who I have brought into maturity, those that have been in My leadership positions, those ones that have been knowing Me personally and have a relationship with Me is one that is absolutely awesome. I say those ones I will use to train up some of these other ones that won’t know what’s going on. But, oh the ones that have been watching….those ones that have been waiting, those ones will know this is the Manifestation of the Presence of the Almighty God.  They will say “Get ready and be prepared because King Jesus is going to come through those clouds one day very soon.  Those ones that have accepted Him and what He did by Him coming upon the earth, upon Him paying the price that you could not pay that My Son who has the Resurrection power to be raised up.  Those ones that I have called to leadership, those ones that are walking in maturity – they will know how to explain it to even the youngest saints that this is the Revelation of the Almighty God. That they need to get ready!!! They need to get ready!!! This is the season to get ready for the return of My Son Jesus.

This next year you will find many things will be revealed so that you will recognize that Yes, this is the Lord God Almighty that has chosen to defend His Power upon the earth.  Those that I have been training up, they will recognize that this is the season of Almighty God.  It’s not going to be the season of the Church or the Kingdom, this is the season of Almighty God.  I say unto you My precious children that have been walking with Me, that have been learning with Me, that have been waiting and waiting  as the time has drawn closer and closer, you could hardly wait any longer. Not because you grew weary, not because you got discouraged, but because you know that I have said in My Word that I will do great and Mighty exploits.  You know that this is the season that I said I would come and the Harvest has been so very ripe. Those of you who are My mature leaders, you know the season is ready for the Harvest sickle to go in and bring forth that great and mighty Harvest that must come in because of My Son Jesus and what He did. He didn’t die on the cross for just a little tiny group of people. Oh, no. I sent My Son so that all could be saved. Yes, some people I know will choose not to turn their heart to Him, will not choose to turn toward My Son, but there are great multitudes that will.

I say these different nations that know Me not, where My lightning bolt struck some of those nations will begin to recognize that some of the powers that they have attributed to some of their false gods they will recognize that the Almighty God has broken forth from HIS Heavenly Realm with this great Lightning Bolt and it will touch many of those people.  I say unto you, My precious saints that this is the season to rejoice and be glad. Yes! I know some of the things that have been happening are not pretty to look at, but I say let’s just begin to pray about that. And it’s almost like the Father’s not given that much attention at all, but look at what I AM doing.  Look at the awesome things that I AM transpiring upon the earth. Look at those people that will become hungry and thirsty.  Look at those people that will want more than what they’ve had because this is a season where I’m pouring out My Manifest Presence.  This is a season where some people have a little dib dab of My Presence, but oh no, that is not good enough for this season.

This is a present season. This is a present season. This is a season where I am going to do great and mighty exploits. Sometimes that awesome Power that I am sending forth, some people will be very frightened of it because it is very different to what they are accustomed to. But I say, I have My mature leaders that will know this is the Almighty God.  This is what God has chosen to do. Humble yourself before Him and rejoice and cry with the angels and the saints, “Holy, Holy, Holy.” And I say unto you My precious saints. This is the season that you should be rejoicing and be glad. Don’t sit there and wonder what God wants you to do.  Oh, no!!  This is the season to say, “I have read Your Word, Father, I know that this is the season where You are sending forth Your Manifest Presence that will touch many, many people. They won’t have to walk up to you and say, “Are you a Christian?” Oh, no no no. They will KNOW that you’re a Christian by My Power and My Might that will emanate from My people.  My people that have allowed Me to train them up, to build them up, to be temples of the Living God. I will fill them with My Holy Presence and people will know that this one is serving the Almighty God, Jehovah Jirah –  The One that provides everything. The Jehovah Shalom –   that One that gives them peace, that passes understanding.  Jehovah, the One that is the Healer. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the All Powerful God. I Am that great I AM . The One that the great Son Moses spoke about. I Am the One that told Moses to strike the river and it was parted. I Am the One who took the woman at the well and told her that she had many husbands.  She knew that this Jesus that she saw at the well was different then everyone else.  She went about telling everybody about the good news of the Savior. This One called Jesus.

I say, THAT is what I am doing in this day and in this Age. And I say rejoice!! Humble yourself before Me, because I have ordained that you be upon the earth for this particular Season. This is a great season because the Kingdom of God is at hand. The Kingdom of God is at Hand. The fullness of the Day of the Lord is in your midst. And I say unto you, My precious, precious children that this is the time where I draw you unto My bosom and allow you to feel My heartbeat of Love. Yes for you – but for you to take to others. Because love is what people have so desperately longed for.  And sometimes they sought love in all the wrong places, and got very hurt by it. But no, My Agape love will never hurt anyone. My Agape love is Pure and Holy.  I say unto you My precious, saints rejoice often. Rejoice often. Thank Me for what I am doing. In that, you will keep the enemy at bay because the enemy hates it when you thank Me. The enemy hates it when you praise Me. Most of all  the enemy hates it when you worship Me because he wants you to worship him. That false god, the antichrist, he wants you to give your time to him, but I say no.

Stay in My Kingdom, stay in My Kingdom. Walk where I have you to walk. Walk with My Son Jesus. Walk in the Fullness and the Power of the Holy Spirit, walk with the angels that I have sent upon the earth to help with the Harvest. Oh, I say this is the season to rejoice because this is the season that some have longed for even before you were upon the earth. But this is the season that I have chosen. This is My destiny. This is My time frame. This is My divine plan. And I say unto you, My precious, precious children. How awesome it is for Me to see the fulfillment of time coming upon the earth, to do what I have known would happen at a certain season. This is that season, My precious ones. This IS that season, My precious ones.!!!

[I see many many people suddenly clothed in a Bridal outfit. The men all have on pure white suits that are emanating with the Light of the Almighty God. The women all have on beautiful bridal gowns on that are emanating that same white Light.]  I say unto you “Rejoice and be glad because it is very soon that I will say to My Son, “Your bride has made herself ready.  Go and get your Bride.” I say that makes My Fathers heart of really palpitate in a strong, powerful way. I say unto you, My children, this is an awesome season for My Kingdom has come upon the earth as it is in Heaven. Rejoice often. Continue to gather together as the days get darker and darker you will need to gather around the Light so that you will have the Spiritual energy to do what is your destiny upon the earth at this particular season. Rejoice and be glad. Encourage one another. Encourage one another. And as you see these ones that are put in your path, bless them!! Bless them!!! This is not a season to be critical. This is not a season to find fault. This is not a season to do anything but bless. So bless. That’s what I do. And I say unto you My precious ones, I rejoice with you. I rejoice with you. For this is a wonderful time and a wonderful season. I say have eyes to see and ears to hear. Be obedient!! Some of you have paid the price of obedience and I bless that. And I say rejoice often for the Father loves you. The Father loves you. The Father loves you. Hallelujah.

Your Heavenly Father

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