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Heavens gate is opening for us – Monthly Prophecy

May 11th, 2012 by Heavenly Father | 0

transcribed by Beverly Clous

I’m seeing a huge gate. It’s maybe 20ft tall and brilliantly white –  very, very brilliant white. I feel the Lord said that I’m looking at marble. It is fancy – like a wrought iron gate might be. But it’s just reflecting so brilliantly, that I can hardly look at it. Then I see this gate begin to slowly opening away from me. For, indeed, my people, I say that I am opening up a special Gate for My people. Yes, I say this Gate is not one quite like you would see upon the earth because this is a Heavenly Gate. This is a Gate that is specifically made by the finest craftsman. This is a Gate that has been made from the finest materials. This is a Gate that has been made to open on this particular season that you are upon the earth.

I say this is, indeed, a time when My people will press in.  They will, indeed, come up hither. They will come into My Presence, because in My Presence, you will find things will look very, very differently than they do upon the earth.  For I say that the DOOR AND THE GATE is opening for My people to have access to My Realm, to My Heavenly Realm. I say many people will take advantage of this invitation that I am giving to My people to come up and see what a Glorious Place that I have prepared for them.  This is a season where many people will have dreams and visions about My Heavenly Realm.  This is a season where many people will be willing to come into My Gates so they can see and experience the beauty that is Here.  I say this is a season where people will come and go much more frequently than they have in times past. I did have people that came up into My Realm.  Some of them came at what you call when they’ve been on the verge of dying and they have come up and seen what the REAL, REAL Heaven looks like. Sometimes that same people have had a special calling on their life and they have laid down their own life to follow My Life. They have come into My Realm and I say this is a season where more of My saints will be doing that, because there are so many of them that have been laying aside the things of the world and are becoming detached from all things of the world and its system.  And I say oh, yes, they still have jobs to go to, they still have meetings to go to, but they have chosen to lay all that aside and the real thing that has their heartbeat is My Kingdom; My Holy Heavenly Realm. They have come into this Realm and I have used them to go back into these Realms because the anointing that they find up Here is so intense.  When they go back it will emanate to the people that they are around. This is a great season for My people, who have really sought out My Son Jesus. These ones that have really put aside the things of the world have certainly been fulfilling the Scripture where it says that you are to be in the world, but not of the world.  Some of the people that have been serving Me have been coming into that wonderful Realm of knowing that they are of My Kingdom, and yet I use them in the Kingdom upon the earth.

I say this is a dynamic time!!!  I say, this is a time where people have a lot of questions. [I see a lot of question marks.]  This is a time where people have been wondering where is this great and awesome God?  I say unto you, My precious children, that I am about to pour a release upon the earth of THE MIGHTY, AWESOME POWER of the Almighty God. Do you not remember on that awful day when My Son hung on the cross, bowed His wonderful head and said, “It is finished.”?   There was thunder, lighting and a darkness upon the earth.  I say I will bring forth manifestations very similar to that upon the earth that people will recognize that I AM THE ALMIGHTY GOD!!!  No longer will I have people that will make a mockery of My Word!!!   No longer will I have people who will say where is your God?!!!   This is not a season where people will wonder how come that Great and Mighty God is allowing these awful things to happen. I say those awful things that are happening on earth are a result of people not following Me; of people not being obedient to My Word; of people following the wrong kingdom.  I say unto you, My children, that in the season that is already beginning, that you will find awesome things transpiring upon the earth and I say some of the things I will be doing such as lightning, thunder and earthquakes in diverse places.  But I say it isn’t because I desire for the earth to be in such turmoil, but it is because My people have chosen to follow not after Me the way they should be. It’s because they have so many false god’s.  It’s because they are bending their knees to all these other systems.  I say I have a people, and those ones you will see.  Many people will be so frightened that they will want to find a place of refuge.  I say they will want to find a place where the people are not all distraught.  They will want to have a place where people will have a peace, a Shalom about them.  It will be a people that will not be afraid of the things of the earth, but they will say “Our God reigns. Our God reigns”.  This is a season where you will find many people that have been standing with one foot in the world system and one foot in My system.  They’re going to have to make a choice.  I say “Choose this day whom will you serve?” I say to you, My precious saints, those ones that are called by My Name – that this is a season where you will find great peace walking in My Kingdom. You will find great joy walking in My Kingdom.  You will find an abundance in My Kingdom, because I have promised to take care of My people.

I say unto you that these are awesome days to be upon the earth because it’s like a mighty collision between the Kingdom of Heaven and the kingdom of this earth.  I say unto you, My precious children, as you stay in My Kingdom you shall see awesome things transpire because as people come into My Heavenly Realm, they will notice that I will do great and awesome things in them.   People will have not only the safety, the peace and the joy but they also will find that I will do miracles. I will do miracles. I am that Awesome Mighty God Who did miracles upon this earth when My Son walked this earth and I say those same miracles will be transpiring in this particular season. This is a season where I will have many of My people stand up and they will preach the Word directly from Heaven.  It won’t be one of these that they will have to spend hours preparing. Oh, no.  All they have to do is come into My Presence and I will pour through their mouths with a Mighty Awesome Power – with a Mighty Awesome Power.   Those ones will speak forth My Word.  Even the most wicked in the world system will recognize that they have, indeed, heard from the Almighty God.  They will not dispute that. Many of them will choose not to follow Me because they are so rooted in the earthly system.  I shall rise up and people will know those ones that I am calling forth in this particular day.  They will speak forth a mighty Word from the Anointing of the Almighty God. The Anointing will be extremely strong on that Ruoch coming out of their mouth, says the Lord.

I say unto you that these are days of great rejoicing in Heaven.  There are days of great rejoicing in Heaven because they know things are transpiring upon the earth to make a preparation time the same as John went forth to prepare for My Son, Jesus.  So this group of people that I am calling together, they are preparing the way for My Son, Jesus to return. And did I not tell you that He is returning for a Bride without spot or wrinkle. We say Oh, yes!!   This is the Bride that I have chosen for My Son. She shall, indeed, have Her lamp full of the Holy Ghost oil. She shall be prepared and waiting for His return. But while She is waiting, She will be very busy spreading the Good News of My Son, Jesus. She will want all to come to this Wedding Feast.  She will want none to be left out along the highways and the byways. Oh, She will invite them all to come in. Because the more that come to this Wedding Feast the better.  And she knows there’s ample room in this Heavenly Realm. So that all people upon the earth if they would accept My Son, Jesus and if they will be filled with the Power and Anointing of the Holy Ghost and if they would continue to seek His face then I would do a transformation in any life. I would do that. I say unto you this is a day of great rejoicing in Heaven because they know things are transpired to prepare the soon return of My Son Jesus when He shall catch His Bride away and they shall come and have the Marriage Feast – The Wedding Feast of the Lamb.

That pure and spotless Lamb that knew no sin until the sin of the whole world was upon Him.  I say that Resurrection morning, that Resurrection morning He no longer had those grave cloths upon Him. He left those behind as He came back into My Realm of Glory. I say unto you the Realm of Glory is opening.  Slowly those Heavenly Gates are opening that you too can come into the Realm of Glory.  Yes, there will be many coming into My Realm of Glory and then going back.  To prepare!! To prepare the Way for My Son Jesus. I say unto you, My precious children, I put My right hand of blessing upon you. I put My right hand of blessing upon you. I say come unto Me.  Come unto me.  I am your Heavenly Father.  I am the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. I am that great I Am. The same One that Moses talked to. Come up and talk to Me says the Father. Come up and talk to Me, says the Father.  For I love you. I love you.  I love you, My precious, precious children. Hallelujah.

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