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I am …..

Oct 16th, 2008 by Heavenly Father | 0

September 2, 2008

This message came forth to Beverly from Jesus after a time of Soaking Prayer.

I am ……

I AM that I Am. I AM the Alpha and the Omega. I am THE Beginning and the End. I AM the Morning Star. I AM you Shalom, your Peace. I AM your soon coming Bride Groom. I AM The Son of the Most High God. I AM Son of man and Son of God. I AM that Second Adam. I AM all things to you – that you need are enveloped in Me because I AM the Son of the Living God. I AM the Son of the Most High God. I AM that great One that you have read about so many times. I AM the One Who will do battle for you. I AM the One Who will join hands with you and walk thru any kind of turmoil that may come in your life. I AM the One Who will pick you up and carry you if things get too tough. I AM the One Who already has won the victory. I AM the One that seals, that you no longer need to be a victim, but you are victorious in Me because of what I have done for you. I AM the One Who shed the Blood of the Son of the Most High God. I AM that perfect Lamb of God. I AM the Door. I AM the Way. I AM the Son. I AM the Bright Morning Star. I AM those things that I say in My Word.

My Father is well pleased. My Father is going to stir in a mighty way in each of your lives – and as you take Me- Take Me into the midst of some very difficult places at times, but still I AM that Light that shines forth from your temple. I AM that One Who says do not put your light under a bushel. I AM that Word of God that you have studied. I AM all those things encompassed in My Being that lives inside of your temple, that Bright and Morning Star.

I say, yes, some things in the world are getting very dark, but I say, I AM that Light. I AM about to do a great breakthrough, breakthrough, breakthrough. I AM going to open the Heavens and you shall see the Power of God manifest in your very presence. Yes, My people, be prepared indeed. Be prepared as you have been knowing, studying the Word of God. Be prepared to move in season and out of season. Be preparing your hearts to move with power and might because AM about to break forth, to break forth with a Power at this particular time, in which you are upon the earth, has never seen before. I AM about to shake your temples like I did in the beginning of the Book of Acts. Who are they? They were in the Upper Room and I shook the room and I say, your temples will be shaking as My Anointing pour into you because I desire to take My People – those ones who are called by My Name – those ones that have been feasting at My Table – those ones that have been eating My Word – those ones that have been meditating on My Word -those ones that know My Word – those ones that know Me – those ones I will send with a powerful Anointing and they will see all those things that I did upon the earth will manifest through them in this earth in the season in which you are living. This is a time and a season of great and awesome outpouring of My Spirit, says the Lord to you and I have called you to be containers to take that awesome Holy Presence that I Am.

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