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Important Monthly Prophecy

Nov 14th, 2010 by Heavenly Father | 2

Important Monthly Prophecy

transcribed by: Beverly Clous

I see lot’s and lot’s of angels.  I see a large orchestration of angels and they are singing Glory to God in the Highest, Glory to God in the Highest.  I have been singing this for a good 5 minutes or more.

And the Lord says that there is still great activity in the Spirit Realm.  For there is a knowing by the angels that there is something wonderful going on.  They are doing their part in worshiping because they have a knowing sense that something awesome is about to transpire among the Spirit realm of the earth and they are greatly excited about it.  Because they know that this is a time for a great awesome happening much as when Jesus was born upon the earth.  They sense that same Spirit excitement on the earth and the angels are singing Glory to God in the Highest, Glory to God in the Highest.  That’s all they are saying just over and over and over again.

And I say unto you My children it is a season upon the earth like has never been seen before and never will be again. Because this is the season of My Son Jesus and they will be the Ecclesia of His Body.  They will flow together and they will be one in unity and in harmony.  And it will be a group of people that will do his bidding and His bidding only.  And this is a season where a people will be moving by the Spirit I have allowed to move them and to shape them.  So they can be containers to bring forth My Holy Presence.

And this is a time just like the time that I sent my Spirit to overshadow Mary and she became pregnant with My Son Jesus.  And this is a time where My Spirit is overshadowing not just one person but every person that has allowed Me to mold them and to shape them into the image of My Son Jesus.

This is a time of Great Holy Spirit activity in the earth and you will begin sensing as the days go ahead that awesome power of the Almighty God.  Because it is a power and it moves like the wind.  You don’t see it moving but you can sense it is moving.  You know it is moving and can feel it come from the north, the south, the east and the west.  And that’s the way my Spirit is.  It’s blowing and hovering over the earth once again.  Because it is moving in those people who are wide open vessels for the Spirit to invade their space.  And they will go forth and do great and mighty exploits as I have ordained to be done upon the earth.

This is a wonderful time for you to be upon the earth because it is another marker in My Perfect Will.  And I will move in some of these people in an awesome and mighty way.

Some have not allowed me to change their heart.  They have had hardened hearts.  But they too will find that the Spirit will be so dynamic that He can even begin moving in these hardened hearts.  Some of My children have gotten discouraged and some decided that it is just too difficult of a race and they have dropped out of the race.  And I say that I will bring them back in so that they can finish the race also.  There are many people that have stayed in the race and can see the finish line and are willing to pay the price to be one of the people out front to win the race as I have ordained it to be so.

And this is a time that people will find that being not only born again but filled with My Holy Spirit and with Fire will find great excitement.  They will not be just sitting there wondering when My Son Jesus is going to return because they will find that wonderful move of the Spirit very exciting.  They will find that wonderful Word of God that is hidden in their hearts just pouring forth with such unction that it will go where I send it and it will do a great and awesome work.  As I have said when My Word, when I send it out, will not return to Me void.

You will find great excitement and also in this time in which you are upon the earth a great unity of people Spirit to Spirit.  You will see some of those which you have known in different groups where you have had fellowship you will come together again with some of them and find that it is so exciting to be together again because Spirit to Spirit it is wonderful to have a connection that is much better than just a natural connection.

And I say this is the time that you will see some of those people and some of those people I will bring together as a gathering of My Ecclesia on a regular basis.  Other times I will put people in your path and you will be greatly exited, but I don’t have you putting your Spirit Man in park anytime because I want to move.  My Spirit is always moving and never stagnant, never just stopping but always moving.  And I say I will have My Spirit moving in an awesome mighty way.

And the people that have allowed Me to clean their vessels and get their Spirits cleaned to be a suppository for My Holy Presence, they will have awesome times that lie ahead.  And those people will not care if they are speaking to one person or a great many people because all they will be doing is moving in this wonderful flow of the Holy Spirit.  And I say this move of the Holy Spirit, is gentle and yet so powerful because I desire to move in power and in might.

I have displayed My Holy Spirit many times upon this earth.  Many times you have seen the fruit of the Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit just flow out of people.  I have used great the five – fold ministry in a great and mighty way.  But in this season My children, in this season you will find that I will move in power and in might, and even more power than you have ever experienced before.  Some of you have experienced that awesome power but this is a season that it shall be extremely accelerated.  And I say to you My children that this is a season that the True Resurrection Power will come upon people and you will pass that on to others and see many awesome things transpiring.

It is a time where great and mighty things will be happening upon the earth but also will be happening in My Spirit Realm.  And you will see many of the people that have been able to move in the Spirit and have been able to come up hither.  They have been able to Come Away My Beloved and they have been able to be high and lifted up.

Some of the people will come in and see awesome anointing and some will see colored lightning that are like pastel lightning bolts.  They will see these colored lightning bolts and then have different anointing for different things that I have for you to do.

And I say the power, the power is now upon the earth and some of My people have been moving in it already.  But many more people will be moving because My Spirit is like a wind that blows.  It will continue to blow, it will continue to move and cause many great things to transpire upon the earth.  And that is why My children, the Angelic Hosts is singing Glory to God in the Highest because they know that something great is about to transpire.  They don’t know exactly what, but they know that the same atmosphere is there now as when I sent the angel down to earth to hover over My precious daughter Mary as My Son was conceived.  So to My Spirit is hovering over the earth once again and My Son shall come forth in power and might and to these vessels on earth it will be purity and holiness because that is what My Son walked in.  You will walk in that same thing and you will walk in that same thing as My Son did when He was upon the earth.  And you will find awesome things happening.

And I say that I desire you to find some people that you can be close to.  Some of My people are very hesitant about being close to any other Christians, but I say I will put you together Spirit to Spirit.  And when that happens, you will begin moving in harmony and in unity.  And sometimes it will be a small group but sometimes it will be a little larger group.  But the time of the Spirit is now moving in power and in might in these Mega – Churches.  The Mega – Churches have a form of religion but they deny the power thereof.

So I will have these Ecclesia groups coming together where the power and the might will move.  Sometimes it will move horizontally and other times it will move vertically, but you will find that it will all be unity and harmony.  Unity and harmony, because that is what My Ecclesia will be.  It will be one body, My Sons body moving in unity and in harmony.  Not one feeling that they are better than the other, because in a body you need all the parts functioning well.

And I say that this will be a dynamic time to be upon the earth.  Especially some of you have eaten My Word, you have devoured My Word.  You have put My Word in you and you have studied My Word.  You have memorized My Word and that Word will come forth with a new fresh unction.  And when it does come forth with a new fresh unction upon it, because it is not going to come out of your head, it is going to come out of your Spirit Man and out of your heart.  And as you pour forth that Word with this strong unction upon it, you will find that it will cut asunder between soul and Spirit.  And some of My children, they operate so much more out of the soulish realm than out of the Spirit realm.

So you will find a shift in that many people have done good things but not under the unction of the Holy Spirit.  You will find more and more people doing awesome things in the unction of the Holy Spirit.  That is what the power and the might is in My Holy Spirit.  Did I not tell you that the power of the Holy Spirit breaks the yoke of bondage?

As you speak forth My Word with this great anointing upon it, you will find that it will do great and awesome things.  And I say that prophetic gifts will be abounding, prophetic gifts will be abounding.  Because they are like My Mega – Phones in this day in which you are upon the earth.  And I say that awesome things will transpire.  Stay in the position that I have given you.

Some of you are going to be put in new positioning, because it is important that you are positioned where I want you to be for the purposes that I have already designed for you to walk in.  And I say unto you My children that these are awesome days, these are awesome days and I am God and I cannot lie.  So you can believe that these are awesome, mighty and powerful days which I have chosen you to be upon the earth.  I could have taken any one of you and put you on earth at anytime from Adam walking on the earth right up until today, but I chose this season for you to be upon the earth so that you could be a part of My Ecclesia that will prepare the way as My son John did in the wilderness.

So too you will prepare the way in the wilderness system for My Son’s return.  Yes it is a season of the Bride.  Yes it is a season of the Turtledove.  Yes it is a season of the Come Away My Beloved.  But I will use these people in a mighty awesome way.  Come often into My Garden, Come often into My Garden,  because that is where you will be refreshed.  I will cause people to come together so that they can flow in harmony and in unity and be a great blessing to one another and to Me your Heavenly Father.

Know that I love you, My precious children.  Know that I have already made the plans.  Know that I already know the beginning and the end and everything in between.  Know that I will hide you under the shadow of My Wings.  Know that I have great anointing that I have been pouring forth.  And you will walk in unctions that you read about in the Scriptures.  But most of all My precious children, walk as my Son Jesus did.  Because He set the way for you, He set the pathway for you.  He was the example for you.  Know that you can walk in it because of the Spirit of the Living God that is resident within your vessels.

Those ones that have accepted My Son Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  Those ones that have allowed Me to release the Presence of the Holy Spirit within them so that you can operate in that Holy Spirit so wonderfully well.  Know that I love you, My precious children.  Know that I love you, My precious children.  Hallelujah!!  Hallelujah!!

All while I was doing that I could see the pastel blue of all those angels that kept on saying Glory to God in the Highest, Glory to God in the Highest, all through that entire prophetic word.  Hallelujah!!  Hallelujah!!

Heavenly Father

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