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July Monthly Prophecy – Get in the River

Aug 2nd, 2010 by Heavenly Father | 0

July 30, 2010

We just rejoice and be glad in what the Lord is doing. Certainly, His mercy endures forever. Hallelujah.

Transcribed by Beverly Clous:

What I see is a very wide river, but it seems to be falling from way up high and whoosh, it comes down and it spreads out when it hits the earthly plain. Hallelujah.
Father says, “Oh indeed, I’m sending a River, My children, indeed I’m sending a River. Remember, I tell you in my Word, that a river that flows right from My throne is the River that I’m sending forth upon the earth now, in this day & age when you are upon the earth. And I say unto you, My precious children, My precious, precious children, taste and see, taste and see. Enjoy this wonderful River that is flowing from My throne upon the earth. That River is one that people who partake in it will find all the wonderful ministry things that I have for my people to be flooded with My Holy Presence. I desire My people to be filled. Jump in the River. Jump in the River. And don’t just put your little tippy toes in.

Jump in the River! Yes, I showed Ezekiel, that some wanted to go ankle deep and some knee deep and some thigh deep, but My children, I’m looking for people that jump in all the way, that they won’t even be able to keep their head above the water, except My Holy Spirit will slide underneath you and hold you up and you shall move on the Power and the Might of the Holy Spirit.
I say unto you, these times that you are living in are dynamic times. Oh yes, there is much going on in the world system, but My children, I tell you there’s a lot going on in My system, and it’s going to increase because that River now is coming with a portion, but soon it will become a flood, because I’ve opened the gates. Yes, indeed, My children, but I will open the flood gates and when they open up, there’ll be like a deluge coming from My throne to the earth. Partake of it. Partake of it, because in that you’ll find the anointing to do the powerful things that I desire to have My people doing upon the earth this day.
I say unto you, My precious ones, that Water, that River of the Almighty God will do great and awesome things. It will be a great cleansing tide, indeed, and people will find that they will be cleansed in such a mighty short amount of time. Where it was a process that those of you that have been upon the earth when I poured out with the charismatic renewal; for those of you that were blessed to be part of the Azusa revival. For you that have been part of these mighty healing moves of God that I manifested My Presence through, but I say in this day, it shall be a greater move than what any of those prior moves of My Spirit were because this is a time when I desire to show forth My power and My might. Yes indeed, I have rolled up My sleeves (as you would use a vernacular upon the earth) to reveal My Holy arm, to reveal My strong right hand and I say onto you, My children, this is a season where I’m pouring out My power and My might. It’s a season where My people will be so full of the mighty Presence of the Almighty God, that they will show forth a Presence that others will know that they have something that they have not seen before. They have something that’s going on with the children of the Almighty God. They don’t have words to understand it with. All they know is that Manifest Presence does mighty things.
For I say, the Gifts of the Spirit will be stirred up much stronger than what has been used in those times before, and I say, the Fruit of the Spirit will be abounding on my people because that is the character of the Almighty Holy One. And I say, unto My children, this season, if you will get into My River, and move into what I have pouring out, by the Holy Spirit, you will find that mighty things transpire in your life. It will be an easy time. It’s not going to be that you’ll have to take a long period of time to prepare. Many of you have already been preparing. You have surrendered to Me, the Almighty God. You have laid on the alter, all the things that maybe before, were keeping you happy. The things that showed forth My presence. But this My children, is a mighty move of God, that has not been upon the earth since I sent forth My son. When I sent forth My son, very few people even noticed that something Almighty had happened. But in this move of God, people will notice that something amazing has been happening because it is by My Holy Spirit that will invade the temples of my people and My Manifest Presence will shine forth from them and it will be an awesome mighty people of God and it doesn’t take much to do.
The Almighty work of God – as you look back in the Scriptures look at Gideon. My man, Gideon, had all these people and some of them just turned and went the other way. Some of them didn’t know how to appreciate the Presence of God and they drank from a river, A RIVER ! Those few men Gideon had were mighty men. Those are the kind of men, women and young folks I’m training up in this day. I say, it will be a day of power. It will be a day of might. It will be a day when My son, Jesus Christ is lifted up. It will be a day where these people that I’m filling with My Presence, they will never, never yield to the world’s system that says “don’t say that Name”. Don’t say that Name that I cherish so much, Jesus Christ, My only begotten Son. But I say, they shall go forth, doing great exploits, because they will always stay in the Truth, they won’t stay in this watered down religiosity that you have upon the earth. They won’t be a part of this church that’s trying to entertain people or have the leadership control them. No, no, no!!
This group of people will move by the Power of the Almighty Spirit that is resident within. Those people that have accepted My Son Jesus Christ as their Lord & Savior and I have broken forth with the Power of My Holy Spirit!! I say, this is the day, that people that are on My side, I will take up with Me to the Heavenly Realm. They have longed for this day that they knew was coming because Scripture says that it’s so. When I will pour out like I never have before in this intensity, My children, and I say unto you, that those one’s that keep their eyes upon My Son Jesus , they will not falter, they will not be beguiled to go to the right or to the left, but they’ll stay constant with their eyes upon My Son Jesus and that Manifest Presence will come forth to these people. The Spirit of the living God is within you and it will pour forth with the Fruit of the Spirit and the Gifts of the Spirit in a mighty powerful way. You will find, people will sometimes look at you and just wonder “ what’s about these people?” Some of you that are listening to this message have been anointed strongly, that people would look & wonder, what’s so different about these particular people. It’s the Anointing. My Anointing. My Jesus’ Anointing. Christ means the Anointed One and I say, that same Spirit lives within these temples that I have been raising up. And yes, the world system hates and will not want any part of this and they will do their best to defeat this group of people.
But I tell you, the gates of hell will not prevail against My people, My Ecclesia. Those ones that follow hard after me, they will not water down the message. They won’t walk partly in the truth and partly in the false hood. They will have their eyes fixed and they will not move to the right or to the left, they will march together. I am bringing people together, so that My remnant people will be linking together. Some of My people have had people placed in their path, that they know something about that because they relate, spirit to spirit. It doesn’t have to be a head knowledge in this day. You don’t have to have all these credentials after your name. You don’t have to be elevated by some group of people but these people that I’m raising up will do the same as the people that were in the Book of Acts, in the Upper Room. And I say, I am about shaking, I am about cleansing and purifying. I am about filling My Temple with My Manifest Presence.
I say unto you, My children, this is an awesome time that I’ve chosen for you to be upon the earth and I say, there’s great power going to be coming and you will find people that will be drawn, one to another, like a really big, huge jig-saw puzzle. And different people of this Ecclesia are these different puzzle pieces and the Lord is putting them together, He’s fittingly, joining them together, and it’s not going to be difficult. It’s not going to be a lengthy time, because the season is short before I send My Son Jesus for his beautiful Bride. And I say, those pieces of this puzzle are going to fitly join together and they shall move in harmony and unity. People who have never met before in the natural, will have a Spiritual connection that comes from the Holy Spirit. And these people will be a yes, yes, and Amen kind of people. They will go forth and shout the truth of the Gospel. They will not allow some other gospel. They know that Jesus is the only Way. He’s the only Truth. He is the Life.
I say, there is only one way and that’s through My Son Jesus. I say in My Scripture, that there will be people knocking at My door and they’ll give Me this great list of wonderful things that they have done, but I will say “I knew you not”, and I say, everyone that has ears to hear this message, be sure that you hear the Voice of the Holy Spirit, be sure you hear the Voice of God, because there’s many voices. There’s even many people that are claiming to be My Son Jesus. There’s many false prophets upon the earth in this day. There’s always been false prophets but it is multiplying. I say, do not dilute the Gospel because the Gospel is truth. The good news of My son Jesus and what He did. There is no other of these false Gods that died and rose again. When they died, they’re dead. My Son Jesus, on the third day, that awesome third day, He rose from the grave and there was no longer Jesus in the grave, because with the Resurrection Power, I took Him out of the grave. He said that in three days, they would tear that temple down. But in three days, it would be rebuilt and My temple was rebuilt on that day and that is the beginning of the great movement of the Lord Jesus Christ that manifests itself by the power of the Holy Spirit that He poured forth on Pentecost. Remember Pentecost. The Fire came upon these people. The Holy Ghost came upon these people. These people that I’m raising up, is this awesome army of the Almighty God, they will go forth and do great and mighty things. It won’t matter to them like My son Paul, when they put him in prison, he sang praises until the doors opened. These people won’t even care if you put them in prison because they will sing praises to Me and the places where they put one or two Christians in, there’ll be such Power & Might coming from them that the prisoners will all fall to their knees and accept My Son Jesus because of My Holy Presence. A Manifest Presence of thee Almighty God, and that’s something that the people upon the earth in this day & age are beginning to understand a bit about.
But I’m going to pour forth a much stronger way that you will know this is what my Heavenly Father has been talking about. This power came into that upper room, where the walls shook. This is that Power that went out and when they began to preach, even people from many languages were there and three thousand were drawn in one day. Ooh, My people, you will see that happening. And yes, in some of these cultures where they have huge amounts of people that come and sometimes they come because they really believe the Spirit is showing up. They already have hundreds of spirits in some of those cultures and they come to see this other One. But there’s many, many of those people that leave that place, knowing that the Spirit of the Living God is much different than these other spirits that have come down their ancestral lines.
And I say, I’m going to move in such a powerful, mighty way, you will see awesome healing. I will heal the people under the misty Golden Glory Cloud. They are completely delivered. Some of them had addictions to drugs and alcohol, and instantly, they have no desire for that, because I will do great healing from that, and great deliverances from that. I say, It’s an awesome time for My people because this is the culmination for this particular church age. Many people have had teachings about the third day. When did My Son get out of the grave? The third day! Three is important for Me. The Father, the Son, & the Holy Spirit. The third day church is that church of power. Buy they will not bow their knees to some group of people that will tell them how they have to follow Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ, My Son is Head of that Church and He will guide and direct that Church. He will have those people move in harmony & unity that He is manifesting Himself through as that Ecclesia, that army of God. Joel talks about that. There are many Scriptures that you can look up that will confirm that this is that particular Mighty Day of the Lord. This is that particular season, where I will pour out from that mighty River, way up high, coming down, hitting the earth. I’m pouring out, My people, and it’s not a Presence you’re going to get from some great speaker. You’re not going to get it from some mighty man or woman of God, but you’re going to learn to walk in My River and that comes right from My Throne. I will guide and direct My people by My Spirit. There will be great harmony & unity because these people will be operating out of the Spirit. The soulless realm has tripped up many of My Holy people because they began to operate in the Holy Spirit but then that wasn’t getting them enough acclaim, that wasn’t selling enough items. It wasn’t causing enough people to come to their church building.
In the days that you are living, the people will follow the Holy Spirit with great harmony & unity because all will be following and being led by the Holy Spirit. I will still have leadership as in My Word, but that leadership will be flowing in unity & harmony with all people, because I don’t raise up one gifting above the other gifting. I say they are all the body of Christ, they all flow together. You don’t lift up your hand and say it’s more useful and more power to you than a heart or a kidney, because you need all those parts to flow. So true in My Son’s Body, it’s going to flow in harmony & unity and the most important thing that this group of people will have is that wonderful thing called LOVE. They will have the Manifest Presence of God and it’s going to be so permeated with Agape Love, that they will go forth and they will do these awesome things. They will love people into the kingdom. They will see the most wretched person with tattered clothes, dirty skin and hair, who hasn’t showered in a long time. And Father said, this group of people that I’m raising up will have such Holy Agape Love, they will love those people into the Kingdom.
Many people upon the earth have been told by other people that they loved them but then they did despicable things to them. That is not My Love. That is a lie, right out of the pit of hell. But I am raising up a group of people that will truly Love and that will be when they go forth in the Power & Might. [Oh, wound together with LOVE. I see a golden strand wrapping many people together and it keeps getting bigger and bigger. And that strand will be LOVE. It will be what holds these people together, but it will be AGAPE LOVE.]
And I say unto My children, I rejoice, because this is a season that I, as your Heavenly Father, have longed for. I have longed for this season and this is the season where I will pour forth Power and Might. This is the season where My Son Jesus Christ will be lifted up. This is the season where people will move in the Power and Might of the Holy Spirit. Oh yes! This is the culmination of what you call the church age. But as that culmination of the church age is running out, there’s another time and a season that I will snatch away My Son’s Bride. As I say in My Word, there will be great turmoil and many awful things happening upon the earth, but I will restore. I will return and as you know, if you’ve read My Word, there is a one thousand year rule and reign, and that’s from the culmination of this particular church age into the one thousand year rule and reign of the Millennium.
Yes, there’s that time and that season that things will transpire upon the earth that are very, very awful, and tremendously difficult. But I say, keep your eyes upon Me and in that season, many, many, people will come to know My Son because they will have absolutely nothing else that they can trust in. They will soon learn, after the antichrist is on the scene, that he looks like he’s this great world leader, but in a short amount of time, he will turn on those people and there will be despicable things happening upon the earth, but even out of that, I will have some people that will come to realize, My Son Jesus is the only Way. If they run under the wings of the Almighty God, as I tell you in My Word, I will keep them protected and I say unto you, My precious children, you are in a season of time which is absolutely awesome. It’s absolutely fantastic. Jump into My River. Get everything you need, so that I can manifest the Presence of My Son Jesus through your vessel, by the power of the Holy Spirit. I say, you are the temples of the Holy Spirit and I will fill My Temple with My Glory and I will fill My Temple with My Presence.
I say, some of you have walked in a portion but many will walk in a much higher portion. Even the ones that are walking in a great amount of anointing but that will still increase in all people. I say unto My people, how happy I am that this is that season that I have longed for. This is that season, where I will bring many of you home to My House. I am the Father and Jesus the Groom, will bring His Bride to His Father’s House. What a day of rejoicing that will be. And I say unto you, My precious ones, look up, look up, jump in the River, for indeed, My Manifest Presence will fill you and that will touch many other people’s lives. I say, I will provide everything that you need. I will continue to move in Power and Might, way beyond what you thought could happen. I am your Heavenly Father and I have been preparing the mighty people that will do great and mighty exploits. I have been drawing people into My Holy presence. I have been teaching people how to sit and soak in My Presence. I have been teaching people how to come up that ladder into My Heavenly realm. I have been teaching people that those things will speed up and be even more prominent in My people. My people, My children, I say, I bless you. I love you. I love you. I wrap My big arms around you and I give you a big hug and I say, your Father loves you. I embrace you, so you can go out and embrace other people with My Holy Agape Love. I bless you My children. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!!!

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