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July Monthly Prophecy – God is releasing his mightly healing Power

Jul 28th, 2014 by Heavenly Father | 0

July Monthly Prophecy – transcribed by: Beverly Clous 

click here for: 2014 July Prophecy – audio version

Vision: I know its God the Father, cause its huge… all around him … light rays coming out, like maybe a quarter of an inch apart – lots of them, all the way around this presence. Hallelujah.
throne_of_GodThe Father says: My children, My precious, precious children. You are indeed living in a time and a season where I will manifest myself in a powerful, mighty way. I say unto you, remember even though some of the things are going to get worse – more struggles in the other kingdom. I want you to know that I, that great I am, is showering you with my presence. I will keep you covered. My presence will motivate you, my presence will move you.

From where you are right now to where I want you to be because there are places that my people will go because I desire my people, those ones that are the ecclesia and the called out ones the remnant of my precious son Jesus Christ. Those are the ones that I am sending forth into all the world, into all the nations. You shall see very dramatic things happen when my people show up, where I have called them to go. I say the manifest presence of the almighty God will reflect from your vessel. I say unto you that I said my word I would send them out two by two. And I will send out little groups of people here, little groups of people there, and they will show forth what a mighty God these people serve. These people have allowed me to come into their life in a powerful, mighty way. They have learned to be obedient to the unction, the guidance and direction, of My Holy Spirit. They have come to acknowledge my son Jesus as their bridegroom. They have come into acknowledge My son Jesus, their very best friend. They have come into a knowledge, that my son Jesus, paid a price, that they could not pay. They will know, that Jesus is the son, the Almighty God. They will know that my son Jesus is indeed the man of God, aswell as man of the earth, because I ordained for that to be so. I say unto you, because of what my son did, that he shed his blood, that was pure and holy. A walk that only my son could choose to walk. But because of his walk, he paid the price that I could bring you back into a relationship with me, your Heavenly Father. And I say unto you that these are awesome days and yet they’re terrible days. I say these are, power-packed days in my Kingdom. And yet, the enemy will also be stirring up. I say, these are the days of the Kingdom of Light, And yet, the kingdom of darkness will advance. I say unto you that My people will begin doing great and mighty miracles. And the counterfeit one always tries to do the same thing. But those ones who know me in the Spirit, those ones who knew my still small voice. Those ones that have love for my Son, Jesus, those ones will not be deceived. They will know and they’ll be able to discern this is of the Almighty God, the Heavenly Father, the great I am. They will discern the enemy even though he will be trying to put on a display of things that he will be doing. My people that are my Ecclesia, those ones that claim very close to my son Jesus. That have the power of the Holy Spirit emanating from their vessels. They will discern correctly that which is of the kingdom of light and that which is of the kingdom of darkness. Many of you have been looking for something. Many of you have been sensing something is happening. Many of you have been wondering how long must we wait. And I say, that time is now. This is a now time, my precious children. This is a time where I’m pouring out in power and might. This is a time and a season that has already begun. You’ve been in the beginning of these great and awesome days that I’ve told you in my word will come forth. These are the great and the awesome days that I will reveal who I am. Who I am – it will come forth in power and might. I have shown my people many times, I have said in my word that you shall lay hands on the sick and they shall be healed. You shall speak to the blind eyes and they will be opened. You shall see ears open, you shall see limbs grow. You shall see most of all that people have a divine hunger for those things that I have put forth through My Son and then he released it by the Holy Spirit, You will see a hunger and a thirst for the truth of My Kingdom. Many of my people have been waiting for me to pour forth and I say this is that season, this is that season. I have already had many that have crossed over from the threshold of what was happening. Last year in prior to that time they crossed over into this newness of the Holy Ghost. I have been pouring. I say you shall see the miraculous happenings. You shall see many of those things that my people have read about. I said too that your sons and your daughters will prophesy. Your old men will dream the dreams and your young men will have visions. This is what is happening now says the Lord. Says the Father, says the Holy One. You will see many revelations come to light. My word is full of revelations. Vision:I’m seeing my bible that’s quite large bible like what you would put in a coffee table, its a large bible but its illuminating light from it, just all this wonderful revelation. Revelation, I say My children, the revelation is that the Almighty God is coming forth. My word will come forward as something that has more wisdom than you’ve ever seen before. It will have a presence coming from it that you’ve never experienced before. When you read My word, that will stir your spirit. In your spirit, the Holy Spirit that dwells inside of you. And I say unto you, my precious, precious children. This is a season that I have longed for. This is a season, a preparation, for my bride, for My son Jesus. For I say, He has been watching. He has been waiting. He has been wooing you. He has been beckoning to you. Come unto me. Come unto me. That My son Jesus has been reaching, My son Jesus has been revealing things in his word to you. And I say unto you My precious children, this is a wonderful time. And a couple months back I told you to put on your white garments and I say unto you again. Put on those robes of righteousness. And I say unto you again. Put on the revelation of my son Jesus. I say unto you again put on the very presence of the Almighty God. I call up My glory. You have seen it in the word. You have seen it in the word. And I say unto you that this is a time and this is a season that you will find those awesome things that you have waited for. Those awesome things that you have read about in My Word – those awesome things that you have prophesied about. Those are the things that are unfolding, even now. And I say, as the seasons go on, as the weeks go on, and the months go on, you will see, awesome things happening. Yes, there is a veil, that has been broken; the transparency of My holy life. Will be revealed, through those vessels, that have allowed Me to prepare them for this particular season. And I say unto you, those are the ones that I will fill with my presence. Those are the ones that I will use in a mighty powerful way. Those are the ones that will show forth the manifest presence of My holy presence. I say unto you My children, this is a season where some of the people that have been struggling with where is this Almighty God that we know about. Where is this Almighty God, and I say in this season I am removing the veil. I am removing the veil so that the transparency of My holy presence will come forth. That the transparency of the wonderful lightnings of God. Vision: I’m seeing lightning bolts all around the throne of God. This is a season like no one has ever walked through before. Because this is a season where I’m about to send forth My son, Jesus. And he will bring forth His bride. His bride, his bride – I tell you in my word that his bride has made herself ready. I have seen a multitude of people that have allowed me to prepare her as My bride. My son’s bride will have a fragrance emanating from her that the people upon the earth will be able to recognize. And that fragrance will draw them like a rose that’s blooming in the desert. And I say this is a season where My son’s bride will walk in the beauty of holiness. My son’s bride will walk in the beauty of purity. My son’s bride will walk in the righteousness. My son’s bride will walk like she has never walked before in that she will not look to the right, she will not look to the left. She will not even look behind her, but she will look up. Because she knows that the day of My son’s return is very close very close. Very close, I say to you. And I say unto you, My precious, precious children, rejoice and be glad. Rejoice and be glad, because these are days that I have said will be happening. And now is the time that those awesome days of my pouring out in power, in might, and I say unto you. Look up, my children. Look up, my children. Do not allow the world or the enemy to pull you down. Because this is a season where I will use My precious, precious bride in a mighty powerful way. In this end time harvest that you will see many will come to want to know my son Jesus. Many will want to know that baptism in the Holy Spirit. Many will want to know Me as their Heavenly Father. And I say unto you My precious, precious saints: delight yourself in My word. Delight yourself in My presence. Delight yourself in this great mighty move of God that has already begun. You shall see it go across all nations. You will see some cities that will be overcome by the power of the Almighty God. And they will have a transformation – they will not be walking the path like they’ve walked before. But they will be walking in the presence of the Holy One. They will be walking as a mighty army, as the saints of Almighty God. And I say unto you, My precious ones. Those ones that are chosen to serve – the awesome days lie ahead. There will be some, that are Christians, but they have hardened their hearts. There will be some, that are so involved with the world and it’s system. And I will not have a bride for my son that is has attached herself to the world system. No there is one way – that way is My son Jesus. He is the way, the truth and the life. He is that light that is shining forth. His bride will be walking in that oneness of spirit that is very much available because I’m pouring out in a measure that you’ve not walked in before. I am pouring out in a presence that you have not walked in before. These are awesome, mighty days for those ones that are following My son Jesus. Those ones that are one in Him as He is one in Me. And I say unto you, my precious children, rejoice and be glad. Rejoice and be glad as I put my right hand of blessing upon you. And I say well done my good and faithful servants continue on this journey and you shall be caught up. Caught up, yes caught up some of you shall be caught up. Then you will come back to Earth, but the ultimate catching away is when My son comes for His bride. And I say unto you my precious children, I love you, I love you. Rejoice because I love you with a perfect love, I bless you My precious ones. Bless you My previous ones. Hallejluah.

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