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Monthly Prophecy – God’s Power is Flowing to Earth

Apr 6th, 2014 by Heavenly Father | 3

river flowing from heavenTranscribed by Beverly Clous:

What I see is a great river coming down from Heaven that is so wide that I cannot see anything but the water, the Living Water of God coming down, cascading, cascading, cascading…  For I say onto you My people that this is the day where My power and My might is going to be flowing from My very Throne onto the earth.  These people that I have called forth for this particular dispensation will be so overpowered by the Holy Ghost!!  They shall go forth with that Power and that Might and will transform even the darkest things of this world.  Because I have chosen to reveal Myself as the all Powerful, the all Mighty and most of all the all Loving God.  I say, yes, there is a great separation between the things of darkness and the things of Light.  I say onto you, in this time and in this frame I will show forth My Power in such a Manifestation of the Holy Ghost and in such a manifestation of the workings of the all Mighty God that people will know that there is indeed an all mighty God!!!  They will not share the anointing, and wonder if it was some other false spirit god.  NO!! they will know that the all Mighty God has been manifesting Himself.  I say you shall see the people of the all Mighty God who have been walking with Him, who have been talking with Him who have been allowing Him to move in their vessels.   [Hallelujah!]

They will know that I am that One True God!!!  I will not have false gods before Me.  Those people that I have been raising up will not succumb to seducing spirits, they will not succumb to Jezebel spirits, they will not succumb to false worship, and they will not succumb to those ones that are trying to attract them.  The devil has always done things to make everything look very attractive until he gets you into his snare.  All he does is make things worse and worse and worse.  But, I say onto you My precious saints, I am the Almighty God.  When I invade your life I begin to make things better and better and better.  Yes, there are some things that l will allow you to walk through because I am molding and shaping you into that Image that I have for you of My Son Jesus.  Remember I am the potter and you are the clay.  I say onto you that sometimes My people have grown weary.  I tell you in My Word do not grow weary.  I say onto you that you will find and bring My people into an elevated place in the Holy Ghost.  They will be empowered with a Power from on High.  They will walk this earth such that people will know that they are operating very differently than the secular world.  They will be operating very differently than satan in his black kingdom.  I say onto you truly that My Kingdom has come upon earth as it is in Heaven.  I say unto you that I have a company of people that will walk in the Powerful Presence of the Lord and I will empower them every day, every day, every day!!! I will empower them every single hour of the day, every minute of the day and even every second of the day!!!  That is where I have been bringing those people, My “Ecclesia”.  Those ones that will walk with Me in the cool of the day. Those ones that will have such a Presence upon them that people will know indeed that this person is serving the Almighty God!!!  They won’t need to know what God you are serving, they will know because of the Manifest Presence flowing through your life.  And I say onto you my precious ones that the road has been tough for some people, that the road has been rugged for some people but I say those are the things that I use to bring your vessel to be cleaned out and purified so I can fill every single bit of you with My Holy Presence. This is a time of holiness, this is a time of purity, this is a time when those called out ones will walk with Me as My son Adam walked with Me.  He didn’t wonder what I was going to be doing, he knew Me well enough to know what I was doing.  That’s where this company of people that I have been raising up will walk.   Those ones will be what everybody will call the Ecclesia.  Those ones will be what everybody will call the Bride of Christ.  The bride of Christ will walk liked Adam walked and talk like he talked.  They will see like Adam saw and their hands will touch like he touched.  Their feet will take them like Adam’s feet took him everyplace I led him to go.  I say unto you, My precious saints that this season is like none other.  This is the season where I will empower you with the Almighty Power of God Himself.  The Power of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of My Son Jesus will also be manifesting through you. 

The people will know that they’ve been in the Presence of the Lord and that My precious One will give them hunger to know My Son Jesus; that will give them a thirst for more of these Living Waters.  That will give them more of a desire.  I say that desire I am stirring in many, many people right now.  I say in My Word that unless the Holy Spirit draws them they shall not be drawn and I say the Holy Spirit is imparting and stirring in the lives of multitudes and multitudes of people.  They will have a hunger and thirst for something besides what they know now. They will have a hunger and a thirst for something beyond what they have already learned.  Some of them have not even heard of My Son Jesus, but I will give them a hunger and a thirst and I will reveal myself because this is the day of salvation.  This is the day that I tell you to choose to whom you’ll serve.  This is the day that when I will use many to go to make disciples.  This is the day where I will send you to different places.  Sometimes I will use people and transport them from one place to another just on Supernatural Holy Ghost Power.  Yes, your world has looked at nuclear power; yes, your world has looked at electric power; yes, your world has looked at all different kinds of powers.  But I tell you that the ultimate power is the power of the Holy Ghost igniting people to go forth and do the Ministry that I have ordained for them to do.  I say onto you that this is the season that people will become very joy filled because it is a season where they know that they are doing what the Almighty Father has ordained for them to do. I have laid out the blue prints of your life from long, long ago.  Remember there is no beginning and no end in My realm and I say that I have laid forth the plans.  Those plans have been worked out.  Sometimes in a laid out plan even if you were to make a blue print of a building sometimes there will be things that need to be adjusted.  There will be things that need to be tweaked a little bit here and there.  That is what I have been doing with you My precious saints.  That’s what I’ve been doing with you My precious children.  It is not because I am a mean old God, oh my goodness no! It’s because I love you, it’s because I know the plans I have for you.  It’s because you have Divine purposes to fulfill upon the earth.  It is the season where the Manifest Presence of God will be very much manifesting through My precious saints — My precious sons and daughters.  This is the season where things will be dramatically different than what they have been.  I say onto you My saints this is the season where you will definitely pour forth the Light of My Son Jesus.  Yes, I tell you in My Word not to put your light under a bushel.  I say in my word that I will turn the switch on so strongly that even the bushel couldn’t keep the light from shinning forth from your vessels because I am that great.  I am the Almighty God.  I am the One who orchestrates things that happen in every one’s life.  I say this is a time when the Manifest Presence of God will be revealed.  People will know that when they come into that Presence they’ve been in the Presence of the all Mighty, all Powerful God.  My Son walked in that even when He was upon the earth.  So too, My children, those sons and daughters that I’m sealing with the Manifest Presence of Mine to be manifested through their vessels.  I say onto My precious saints that this is the season that delights the Father’s heart because I know I have many, many vessels that I can fill to overflowing with the Glory, with Anointing and with the Manifest Presence in power of God.  I say onto my precious ones [ it’s almost like I can hear him shouting, shouting such Hallelujahs.  Such great exclamations of delight and joy.  This is the season My precious ones when it delights My Father’s heart and I pour out my LOVE!!!  I pour out My LOVE and I say onto you, those ones that have allowed Me to mold them and shape them – blessings unto you.  MY Father blessings to you, for the Father blesses you.  Hallelujah, Hallelujah!

3 Comments on “Monthly Prophecy – God’s Power is Flowing to Earth”

  1. Udo said:

    Thank God for these messages, I always visit this site nearly everyday.

  2. Pieter Kirstein said:

    Simply awesome and such wonderful confirmation.
    May His grace and glory increase in upon and through your life.

  3. Jim Clous said:

    We are glad to be able to share these messages and hope you continue to return for more.