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Monthly Prophecy – He is coming soon !!

Feb 21st, 2017 by Heavenly Father | 0

Transcribed by: Beverly Clous

Praise your holy name.  Praise your holy name.  Praise your holy name.  Hallelujah, hallelujah.

God's glory cloudI’m seeing a white fluffy cloud, it’s one of those that looks like cotton candy –  it’s white & very fluffy.   As I was watching this white cloud it just seemed to hover, it didn’t move, it just stayed in place as I was watching it.  It suddenly turned to gold, like the Sun was shining upon it so brightly.  It was very hard to look at because it was so brilliant.

I say onto you My children that indeed, indeed, indeed, this is a season where I shall put My hand of glory over you.  My glory cloud shall come over you.  You shall walk in that glory cloud and that is where you will get revelation.

You’ll get that fresh anointing and you’ll get the power of My almightiness.  I say unto you, My children that this is a wonderful season in which to be a part of this Earth because those things that I have prophesied will come to pass.  Those things that the old saints have prayed they will come to pass.

This is a season where the great cloud of witnesses are cheering you on and they are recognizing what an awesome time it is to be upon the Earth.  They would like to have been here, but I have chosen for you to be and it will be a time of magnificence.

You will find times where I will show up in all my glory, in all My beauty, all My purity, all My holiness and most of all – all of My love.  I say unto you, that even though this is a season like none other, you have read about it in My word.

And I say unto you, these things that shall come to pass.  That’s why there’s great turmoil in just about every area of the secular world.  There’s great turmoil because the devil is controlling so much of that, and he’s not a spirit of order.  He’s a spirit of confusion, he’s a spirit of lying. I tell you that in My word, but in My kingdom, where you reside, you will find peace.  You will find joy, you will find goodness.  You will find gentleness, you will find that pure and holy love.  I say keep coming together, coming together often.  It is a season where I will put together differences of my saints.  There are different levels of, yes there are, there are different streams, yes there are.

You will find those people that you will be a blessing to and they will be a blessing to you.  This is a way that you will fellowship with one another.  I say unto you, My precious, precious saints this is a time of great joy up here in My realm.  Up here in heaven there is great joy.  Nobody seems to know, except me, exactly what is transpiring, but there is great joy.  So to I impart joy to My people that they can walk in the joy of the Lord because I tell you, the joy of the Lord is your strength and I say unto you rejoice often, read My word.  Rejoice often.  Worship Me.  Come into My presence I open wide the doors for you to come into My presence.  I say come up hither, come up hither, fellowship with us.  Fellowship with us.  And I say you shall see in that time of fellowship many things will begin to be revelatory truth will come to you.

And I say unto you My precious children this is a time where the time of dispensation of the church as you call it is soon running out.  The hourglass is almost completely empty.  But I say it is also a time where My kingdom is coming upon earth as it is in heaven.  That will last for a short season before the battle of Armageddon and all those things that you read in My word will happen.  I say I will snatch My people away.  You will be caught up with Me and you will come to the wedding banquet of the Lamb.  That wedding feast, My precious children, is all prepared the table is set, the table is set.  There’s only a bit more time before I will tell My son Jesus go and get your bride.  Walk with Him because He is betrothed to you.  Walk with Him, let the power of My Holy Spirit come upon you in a mighty way.  The Holy Spirit is the one who will fill you with love, joy, peace, goodness & gentleness.  All those things that I have wrapped up in the Holy Spirit will come upon you.  I say, even though the world is getting darker and darker, My kingdom is getting brighter and brighter.

I say you shall many times be manifesting some prophetic acts that a lot of people would understand but you will do what I show you to do and I say unto you My precious, precious saints.  My precious, precious children, My father’s heart desires to have you come closer and closer.  Even an earthly father doesn’t like their children to be way off somewhere.  He wants them to come closer and closer.  I say as you come closer and close to me you shall feel My holy love come into your vessel and it will abide there.  Come into My love area and I say you will see things very differently.  I tell you in My word that I am love.  I tell you in My word that all these things will pass away but love will remain.  Look up My children.  Look up and rejoice often.  Rejoice often, know I love you.  Know the season that you’re in is a dynamic season because I have arranged for it to be dynamic.

I bless you, My precious children.  I bless you, My precious children, hallelujah.

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