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Monthly Prophecy January 2012 – The Powerful Year

Feb 6th, 2012 by Heavenly Father | 0

Monthly Prophecy – January 2012 – 2012 the Powerful Year !!

Transcribed by Beverly Clous

I see lots of white birds flying in the blue sky.  They are white doves.  So brilliant-they are reflecting like lights shining brilliantly. I watched them just flying almost in some sort of a majestic dance.  Then they all seem to come forward and into one huge brilliant white Dove.  The wonderful Spirit of Jesus!!  This Dove is touching many people who seem to be looking up expecting.

In the Holy Ghost, they will begin to be saturated with the Presence and the Power of the Almighty God. For I say, this is a season and this is a time when I desire to do great and mighty and awesome exploits. Exploits My children. I have done wonderful things in the past. I have sent healing ministries. I have sent out the call for salvation for millions of people. And I say, this is a season where My Ecclesia, those ones who have desired to serve me with their heart, all their soul, all their mind, and all of their strength, that those ones have become saturated with the Holy Spirit, that My Presence will permeate where they go. My Presence will permeate even touching others. My Presence will even touch the wild life. My Presence will be felt by multitudes and multitudes because this is the season where I desire to pour out. Pour out my spirit as I’ve told you in the Book that you call Joel. I would pour out My Spirit upon all flesh and I say unto you, My precious ones, that you are the containers that I will use to go forth into all the world and be My Disciples. I say unto you that this is a season where you will see TRANSFORMATION POWER happening because the season is short. I do not have a season of another long period of time that I say My people will be touched in a powerful, mighty way.

I will invade the prisons. I will invade the jails, I will invade the hospitals. I will invade those places along the highways and the byways where people have no one to care for them. I say, I will invade those places with My Presence and My Power. And those ones who have nothing, they will suddenly realize they have everything because they will bow and accept My Son, Jesus, as their personal Savior. And as they do that, they will cry out. Cry out. Cry out and as they cry out, I will release the Holy Spirit in them in a powerful, mighty way. Do not look for Me necessarily to pour out, only in what My people call their churches. Do not look for Me to pour out only in whatever their gatherings are because I say, this is a season where I desire to pour out and I know whose heart is ready to accept Me and when My Power touches a person, they will be changed instantly They won’t have time to go through a twelve step program. They won’t have time to go through years of counseling. They won’t have time to do anything except be very excited about the transformation that I will make in these people’s lives. And then, yes, I will need to use my Ecclesia to bring them in so that they know they will need to be lined up with My Word so that they don’t get off in some sort of a drawing from the unholy one.

I say this is a season and a time that power will be manifested in mighty, mighty ways. There will be things happening in the Earth that no body will be able to explain. There will be great sorrow and I’m seeing that Tsunami that happened in Japan. That was a time of great sorrow because many people’s lives were just snuffed out in one short time. And I say, I desire to have a Tsunami of the Holy Spirit where it will just engulf people.  They will be lifted into My Presence in a powerful, mighty way. This is a season where those ones of My people that have been hungering and thirsting after more, they’ve been crying out for more –  I say, I hear their cries, I hear their cries. And I say, I will have many of My Ecclesia that will be going out, going in, going out, going in, going out because this is a season where the walls of the church will no longer keep my Holy Spirit bound up.

It’s a season where no matter what kind of great lessons that you have learned, it’s going to boil down to the Presence, to the Power, to the Holiness, to the Perfection. I say, this is a highway. A Highway of Holiness is up Mt.Zion. And I say, this is a season where some of My precious Ecclesia have allowed Me to mold them and shape them so that they can be those powerful vessels that I will use in this time frame in which you are upon the Earth. Yes, the things of this Earth will be very dark and they’re not going to get a whole lot better. And I say, but I will even invade that darkness because I am that Light. I am that Light. I say unto My people for years, do not put your Light under a bushel and so many put the Light of My Son, Jesus, under some of their transgressions. They put the Light of My Son, Jesus, hidden by sinfulness. The Light of My Son, Jesus, has been taken out by the pursuit of worldliness. My Son, Jesus, has the Light of His Light has been dimmed by people pursuing the world’s money system. But I say, I will provide for My Ecclesia everything that they need because I know what your needs are long before you even know what your needs are.

And I say unto you, My precious, precious children this is a season where you will rejoice and be glad because you will see the Manifest Presence of the Almighty God. This is a season of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost will be manifesting upon the Earth in Power and Might. This is a season where you will see as I told you in My Word you would do the works that My Son, Jesus, did. But even greater works and this is that season My precious ones. This is that season this year. This year that you call 2012 is going to be a year of dynamic manifestations. Of dynamic, powerful exploits that I will do and you will see awesome things begin happening. You will be so concerned and so awed by the awesome things that I am doing. Those things that have troubled you last year will not even take place in your life because you will only be so in tune with My Power and My Might and My Presence. It’s My Presence, it’s not something that people have to labor hard for, all I ask my people to do is to come before Me with clean hands and a pure heart.

All I ask My people to do is to LOVE Me with all their heart, all their mind, all  their soul, and all their strength. The only thing I ask you to do is love one another  [All over — Just great explosions. Some are just smaller but some are great, big explosions!!!]  Those are what I am doing in the Earth. I am releasing My Power and My Might and it will be explosive. I told you that the dynamos power is where you get the word dynamite from. I will be setting off explosions with My Power and My Might and you will see those things that you have prayed about come to pass!!  Those things that even some of your people that are already resting in Heaven with Me. Some of them have prayed things that have never come to pass. You will see things coming to pass very quickly.

This is the season of not sitting back in your rocking chair. This is the season of much activity and some of you, some of you of My Ecclesia will be coming up here in My Kingdom realm and then you will be going back to the Earthly realm because that is what I desire to do. I have extended Jacob’s ladder to all My people. I have extended it, same as the Highway up Mt. Zion, is a Highway of Holiness. And that, My precious ones, is what you need to do if you stumble, if you do things that you know are displeasing to Me. Repent quickly. Repent quickly and wash it with the Blood of My Son, Jesus. Because I desire to have My people, My temples filled with the Holy Ghost so that they can go to and fro to bear witness, to be a container, to flow, overflow upon other people. I say, this is a season where My Ecclesia will be used in Power and Might and it is a season where I will not allow any of those people that I have brought out of the traditions of man to be used mightily.

This is a season where I have brought people out of some of those structures that the Religious System put upon people. This is a season where you will stand before Me. Hallelujah! You will stand before Me as Adam did in the Garden. You will not need anything except My Word, My Presence, My Holiness, My Purity and I say, you will be in communication with Me as Adam was because that has all been restored by what My Son, Jesus did. You have the Holy Spirit but I say you will hear My Voice, the Voice of the Almighty God. And I say unto you My precious Ecclesia,  those ones that you have paid a price to be called My Ecclesia, but I say, this is a season that you will be so thrilled that you allowed Me to mold you and shape you so that I can use you as vessels fit for the Master’s use. And I will use your vessels in a powerful, mighty way.

Remember, this year, this year is a year of POWER. It is a year when I am releasing My Almighty Power and I say unto you My precious children most of all I want you to know I love you. That’s the most important thing. Know I love you. I loved you even when I was allowing circumstances in your life that were extremely difficult but I loved you. I loved you. I never stopped loving you no matter what. No matter if you’re the most holy saint or the worst sinner. I always loved every person. I always, always love and I want you to know that because I want you to carry My Love where you go.. My Love where you go. And I bless you My precious Ecclesia. I bless you My precious children. I bless you. I bless you. I bless you. Hallelujah!


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