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Monthly Prophecy – June, 2013

Jun 30th, 2013 by Jesus | 0

June 2013 Monthly Prophecy

transcribed by: Beverly Clous

Hallelujah. Praise Your Holy Name. We bless You Lord.

jesus_lord  I see my Jesus. My beautiful, beautiful Beloved Savior.  I see Him standing in the air, but He’s surrounded by a cloud that’s  more brilliant and more white than any white could ever be. He has His arms outstretched with His palms up toward the earth. Then Jesus says, “My beloved people, this is indeed a season where I am moving in power and might because I am streaming toward you My very Presence, My Glory, My Anointing. And I say unto you My beloved ones, ’tis the time to rejoice and be glad. ‘Tis the time to stir the spirit man within you. It is time to allow Me to have My perfect way in you. It is time My beloved one to move in My Power and My Might. It is time, My beloved, to reach out with My Holy, Holy Love and touch those that you come in contact with. Know I love you beyond what you could think or ever measure. Know, My beloved one that I was the One who paid the price that you could be restored to a relationship with My Heavenly Father. And I say My beloved ones, rejoice often because of what the Master has done in your life. And yes, sometimes you will have stumbling blocks put in your pathway, but I say, you have overcome all those because of what I have done. And I say, I paid a price that you could not pay, but I paid a price that I was delighted to do because it was the fulfillment of what My Father had in store for those of you who have called upon My Name. Those of you that have accepted the sacrifice. The Blood bought people that you are. And I say unto you, My precious, precious ones, this is a season where I will move in a powerful and mighty way. And you will see…..I’m seeing, like a whirlwind cloud, but it’s the same whiteness that I saw at the beginning of this vision…. You will see times where My anointing will swirl like a whirlwind. And I say, be open to that. Be aware of that and move into that because when you move into that, that’s where My power will come upon you and you will see those glorious things transpire that you have read in My Word, that I said I would do. Recognize the times in the season.  Recognize the times in the season.  Recognize the times in the season. And I say, so few, so few are really looking. I tell you in these days to look up. Look up, for your redemption draweth nigh. I say look up and rejoice and be glad because this is a season like none other. This is a season where I am pouring out My power and My might.  And I say unto you, My precious ones put on the garments of praise for a spirit of heaviness. Break open with loud praise!!  Dance for joy as I have said in My Word you should. And I say to My people this is the time of great excitement.  This is a time of a great stirring of the Holy Spirit.  This is a time of greater anointing coming forth.  This is a time when I’m opening up – when you will have dreams and visions. This is a time like none other, My precious children. Begin to recognize that. Begin to get that in your spirit man so it can come flooding forth. So many of My Christians look more troubled than the world system. So many of My Christians are happy to go and have their ears itched.  So many of My Christians are happy just to go and let somebody else do the work of the ministry.  This is a time where more people are happy to sit there and let the ……. I’m seeing like a stage with all of the entertainment….  This is a season where they like to be entertained. And I say, NO that season is over with. This is a season of great activity in the Spirit realm. This is a season where I call My people to COME OUT of her.  To come OUT of the church system. Not necessarily out of all church buildings because some of them aren’t trying to flow in what I have, but this is a season for you to leave the pews and go out into the highways and the byways.  This is the season where I will pour great anointing for you because I am sending My people OUT AMONG THEM – OUT AMONG THEM. Yes, this is a season like none other because I’m pouring out My spirit.  I said I would pour out My spirit upon all flesh.  And when I’m pouring out My Spirit upon all flesh, that is the time of ripeness for you to go in and harvest.  For your spirit that dwells within you to stir up strong and connect with that little spirit that I’m pouring out on the outside of people because as you know it is a matter of your heart.  It is a matter of your heart. That’s why I tell you to invite Me into your heart. To invite Me into your heart that connects the spirit that I have poured on the outside to draw people to Me.  Because I say, unless the spirit draws you, no man will be drawn, But I say this is the season where that connection can be made so people will recognize that they DESIRE to come to know Me. That they DESIRE to walk in My presence. That they Desire to see Me do the Powerful and the Mighty things.  This is the season you are living in.  So few of My people understand that.  So few of My people are willing to put aside all their other things and walk in what I have for at this particular day.  This is a particular day, says the Lord Jesus to you.  This is a particular season, says the Lord Jesus to you.  This is a season where I desire My people to go into all the world to make disciples.  And I say so few really catch that.  But I have, imagine if all the people of the town that you live in, if all those people that have asked Me to come into their heart, to ask Me to fill them in the abundance of My Spirit that are Blood bought.  Those people, imagine if they all broke out of the four walls of their churches and went out and even told one or two people about Me.  They even told one or two people to get ready, to be prepared for My soon coming return.  And I say, think of what would happen in each and every community, if the people that have been sitting in the pews would go out and do the work of the ministry which is what I desire for people to do.  When I walked the earth I called those ones from just ordinary backgrounds.  I called fishermen. I called some people who were tax collectors.  I called people who were carpenters.  I called people who were just ordinary, everyday citizens.  And I say unto you, the same as I’m moving today in just ordinary people.  I will use these people to do extraordinary things. Can you begin to grasp that I desire to use YOU to heal the sick?  Can you grasp the fact that I desire to use YOU to preach the Word?  Can you begin to grasp that I have called YOU as an individual to go ye therefore?  And I say, I have gifted you people.  I have poured out My Spirit in your life.  And I say, if each and every one of you would begin sharing Love with people, that Holy Agape Love.  I am pouring out My Spirit so that gifts of the Spirit and the fruit of the Spirit will operate out of My Agape Holy Love. Oh, My precious, precious, people if you could begin to grasp that what I am speaking forth in this day, in this day it isn’t for somewhere down the road or some other dispensation or some other time frame.  NO this is the time where I desire to use every one of you.  And I say unto you as you just pour out love, if you would just let people know that I love them and that is the main message of the gospel to LOVE one another. And I say unto you, My precious ones that this is indeed a season like no other. This is indeed a season like no other. This is a season where My Heavenly Father is beckoning Me to come and send the Spirit in Power and Might. I say in My Word to be filled, to be baptized in the Holy Spirit AND WITH FIRE. This is the fire season My precious ones. This is the season where I will begin to stir as a Mighty, Mighty, Mighty rushing Wind. This is a time when I will move in the Power gifts. This is a season where I will move with My fire burning. It will burn in you so that you can take it and give it unto others. And I say that this is the season in the world situation where people are hungering and thirsting for something. There really isn’t much truth anywhere except My Word is true and I am the WAY, TRUTH, and the LIGHT. And I say unto you, My precious ones My Father is ….and I just see the Heavenly Father. I see Him standing with His hands folded on top of a white wall with teardrops falling on His Holy hands….  My Father is weeping over His people because they are not motivated to GO. They are not motivated to use the gifts that I have blessed them with. They are not motivated to GO and use the fruit of the Spirit that will draw people unto Me. And I say unto you My precious, precious people, be prepared. Be prepared. Be ready. Share your testimony.  Nobody can discuss or say your testimony is not true.  How did you come to accept Me as your personal Savior?  You didn’t just stumble across it. No.  It was a commitment that YOU made as the Holy Spirit, My precious Spirit was drawing you.  Share your testimony with people so that they will want to have that same hunger and thirst that you have.  And I say unto you, My precious one that this is a season like none other.  This is a season where I’m pouring forth My very Glory. This is a season where I’m pouring forth of the greater anointing.  I said that there would be a beginning rain and a latter rain.  You are walking in the latter rain.  The latter rain is always more powerful than the early rain.  Because the early rain would destroy all of the little plants that are coming up.  But the end times latter rain is ready to bring those little plants to maturity. That is what I’m doing in this age in which you are living.  And I say unto you, rejoice in the Lord often. Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice and be glad often. For surely the joy of the Lord IS your strength. Rejoice in the Lord and be glad often. Because, who wants to, when the world is already full of sorrow, who wants to come across one of My children that is also sad with sorrow. Oh, yes sometimes, somethings will bring you into a little bit of sadness or a little bit of sorrow, but only let it last for one day. Sometimes, some of you have not allowed Me to mold and shape you on the inside so you may feel anger rise up. And I say, do not let the sun go down on your anger. Seek Me so I can heal those places in your life that cause you to feel that spirit of anger. Some of you have the spirit of fear because of what happened to you as you were growing up, but I say I have overcome all that. I have My blood to heal all that. And I say unto you, My precious children. This is a season like none other. This is a season where each one of you are writing another chapter of My Word in your life. This is your chapter. This is your legacy. This is your testimony of what I have done. And I say many of you should sit down and write. Write what I have done because that will bring it from the back of your memory bank to the front of your memory. And I say many of you need to write that and you could have that testimony. I’m just seeing going into a public restroom and leaving a copy of your testimony there. Someone would stop and pick it up and it would stir a desire in them to get to know “Who is this Jesus? Who is this gentle One? Who is this loving One? Who is this kind one? Who is this One that did everything that needed to be done with perfect obedience to the Father? Who is that One? And that is the question that many, many people are wondering this day. Who is that One? And so many of them are turning to false religions. So many are turning to those religions that sound like a good thing, but there is no power in them because I am the only One. I AM the One that opens the door. I AM the One that paid the price. I AM the One who walked this earth sinless. Who suffered. Who shed His blood on a cross. A despicable way to die. And I am the One who was buried in that tomb. And then I am the One who rose. I am the One who rose. And then I came back and walked the earth for 40 days, that people could see that I HAVE COME. I AM THE RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE. And I say unto you My precious, precious ones, rejoice with Me. For this is a season of great, great outpouring. You will see miracles. You will see healing. You will see people coming to be reborn. Some of the people who already knew Me, they need a New birth because their old birth gets kind of dimmed out and waned. But I say, I will revive them. I will restore them. And I say unto you, there’s much, much to be done for the kingdom of the Almighty God. Who else is worthy to be praised? Who else is worthy to be thanked? And I say rejoice often. And of course I’ll always say give all the Glory, all the Honor, all the praise to My heavenly Father. For indeed, He is the King. For I say, He is the One who loves you with that perfect Holy Agape’ love. He is the One that knew that He was setting aside My glory so that I could walk the earth. So that I could pay the price for your relationship with the Heavenly Father could be restored. As He walked with Adam in the cool of the Garden, so too My precious one, You too can walk with My Heavenly Father in the cool of the day the same as Adam did. The same as I did. And I say unto you, rejoice often. Rejoice often. Praise often. Even when you come into difficulties, praise Me. I say to praise Me in all situations. And I say “I love you. I love you. I have loved you from even before you were upon the earth and I will always love you because My Agape’ love has no end, it has no beginning, it has no end. I AM the same Today as I was yesterday and as I will be tomorrow. Walk in My love. Walk in My anointing. Walk in My glory cloud. I bless you My precious one. I bless you My precious one. Hallelujah.

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