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Monthly prophecy – The Bride of Christ is Ready

Apr 5th, 2015 by Heavenly Father | 0

701_0019 – 2015 2 Prophecy – audio

Bride of ChristHallelujah.  I see a vision of the bride of Christ – off to my left. She’s standing there in all of her glorious bridal gown – it’s absolutely brilliant white.  She has on her head a crown that is made out of gardenias and it’s very very fragnent, lots and lots of flowers on her crown. She also has a veil coming off, extending off of this crown.  The veil is extremely long and I see this veil coming down, almost like a cloud like material.  I always see that veiling and it wraps around her one way and then it goes back around the other way. It never gets wound around her, but it just keeps flowing.  First from left to right and then back again – it keeps going up and down.  All I see is I know it’s His bride with a crown upon her head what I mostly is this wonderful veil. I know the veil represents the anointing of the Lord Jesus that He has upon his bride. 


And I say unto you, My precious ones that indeed, indeed, this is My bride, My glorious, glorious bride.  And I say unto you, My precious children, that this is indeed a day where My beautiful, beautiful bride is being transformed into the holy presence that I have called her to be.
This is a time where she shall wear her garments, filled with a very anointing, the power, the exuberant, transforming power that I have invested in My bride.  Yes indeed, she has this veil that floats around like smoke but it is white.  It is very white.
Indeed, this is the anointing that I’ve poured forth upon My bride.  When the woman with the issue touched the hem of My son’s garment, she was completely made whole by this anointing.  This anointing that I am pouring forth in My bride’s veil will have that same anointing in it and as people touch it, you will see them be miraculously healed.  You will see these awesome things transpire, that I have spoken of.  Indeed, you shall see the lame walk.  Indeed, you shall see the blind eyes open.  Indeed, you shall see the deaf hear.  Indeed, you shall see arms and legs grow out.  Indeed, you shall see people who touch the hem of My bride’s veil.  They will be transformed and they will have a desire to know this one.  Who is this one?  And I say unto you My precious children, that I have been stirring in people’s hearts by My spirit, that they have been prepared, so that they can have a touch from My anointing of My beautiful, beautiful, holy bride and they shall be made whole.  And they will want to know My son, Jesus, because they will want to know what is it about these people?  Why are they so different?  But they will know that it is My holy presence.  And they will know that they want to have a part in this company that I have been raising up.
And I say unto you My precious children, that yes indeed My bride has been rising up.  It comes on the inside of My people, as they have a devoted love towards My son, Jesus.  His love is always rebounding back toward them, because that is the way My kingdom operates.  It is a kingdom of love.  It is a kingdom of love, and you will see, My precious children, that these ones that I have put upon the earth for such a time as this.  I have been preparing them.  I have been anointing them.  I have been soaking them.  I have been pouring forth upon them, and I say most of all, I’ve been drawing them, drawing them, drawing them with a love that abounds out of My loving heart.  These ones that are My bride, they love only Jesus.  They do not care about the circumstances going on around them.  They do not care what’s going on in the world, other than they want to bring forth the love of My son, Jesus.  And it shall be a great outpouring of My holy Agape perfect love.  It won’t be a sloppy love like some of you have seen upon the earth. That people say, oh, I love you and then they turn around and talk badly about you.  Oh no, no, no.  My holy Agape love just loves.  It doesn’t put judgments upon people.  It doesn’t criticize people.  All it does is loves My people.  Love draws to love, and I have been loving my children.
My son, Jesus, has been loving My children, and they have been responding with a love toward him.  Those are the ones, My precious children, that will be used in such a powerful mighty way.  And you won’t see it.  All you do is see the response these people have to My holy presence in the anointing of My bride’s veil.  It’s not stagnant.  It isn’t one that just stays put.  It’s always moving.  It’s always moving.  It’s always moving.  My spirit isn’t stagnant.  It doesn’t just go somewhere and then stop.  It hovers, remember it hovered upon the waters?  So, too, at this season, My glorious bride is going to be used in a mighty powerful way.  And I say unto you, My precious children, rejoice and be glad for the wedding feast is set for you.  Rejoice and be glad because the circumstances upon the Earth, I have been transpiring to, so that it won’t be long before I can tell My Son, go get your bride.  Go get your bride, My Son.  For, indeed, the banquet of My bride is already set.  Indeed, the wedding music has already been set in place and you shall hear that even wafting upon the Earth because it is a glorious melody that I will release in the Earth.  You will hear it with your earthly ears because I am prepared to bring Heaven upon the Earth as it is in Heaven.
So let it be upon the Earth.  People have prayed that for many, many years.  And I say this is the season where I will do that.  Many of you will be caught up into this bridal train.  You will be caught up.  You’ll go through the beautiful flowers on the crown of my bride, and you will be right in the presence in heaven, in My holy presence.  And I say unto you, this bride, there’s never been another group of people like this bride, that I have set for My son.  I’ve given you examples in My Word of people who sought their bride.  There was Queen Esther.  There was Rachel.  It was all these different women in My Word that can be patterns – the Song of Solomon is a beautiful example.
I have been preparing for this particular season where the bride of My son shall be used in a powerful, powerful way upon the Earth.  She is so loving of people upon the earth, that she will hardly notice.  Oh, it’s time for the bridegroom to come for His bride.  She will be ministering out of that precious presence, the anointing of the bridal veil.  I say unto you, My precious children, that this is a season that I am taking My holy signet ring and placed it upon the forehead of many of my people.  And it will be the ring to seal them for the kingdom.  For truly, this is a season where my kingdom will come upon Earth as it is in Heaven.  And I say, My bride is being sealed even now so that she will be ready to come up hither, to come up hither and meet with her bridegroom, My son, Jesus.
And I say unto you that this a glorious time.  There’s never been a time like this upon the Earth before, nor will there be again.  Rejoice in that I have called you to be upon the Earth, so I could use your vessels in such a powerful, mighty way.  Indeed, you are temples of the Holy Ghost.  Indeed,you are empowered by My Holy Spirit.  Indeed, you shall walk in My precepts.  Indeed, you shall walk in My gifts and My callings.  And I say unto you, My precious, precious children, I love you.  And I rejoice.  I rejoice because I know the timetable.  I’m seeing like a a clock, a regular clock, but it’s hands are almost both almost at the 12 o’clock hour.  There’s about three ticks of clock left before both hands will be at the 12 o’clock hour.


My precious, precious children, rejoice.  Rejoice.  This is a time that rejoices My heart.  This is a time that My Son is rejoicing.  This is a time where all the angels are rejoicing.  This is a time where the elders and the saints are rejoicing.  And I say unto you, rejoice, My precious ones.  For, indeed, this is a sovereign move of God.  This is a sovereign move of God in My bride, the one that has been preparing to make herself ready for my beloved Son.  You will see awesome things transpire.  Rejoice and be glad.  Love on my Son, Jesus, like you’ve never done before.  Always thank Him and praise Him.  He’s always moving on your behalf, and that will continue.  I say unto you, My precious, precious children, oh, how I love you.  Oh, how I love you.  Oh, my precious, precious children, the great and mighty things are, have begun to transpire.  And you will see awesome things happening because I have chosen for it to be so.  I bless you, my Son’s precious and holy bride, for indeed she has made herself ready.  She will not have spot nor wrinkle because I have been orchestrating that in her life.
I bless you, My precious bride, My precious Son’s bride.  Look up.  Look up.  Look up.  I love you, My precious ones.  Hallelujah.

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