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New anointings for coming increased spiritual activity

Oct 27th, 2017 by Heavenly Father | 0

Audio version of message: Audio of prophecy

Scroll with life's plansHallelujah. I am seeing a scroll. The top of the scroll is rolled under. The bottom of the scroll is rolled up. Each line at the top of the scroll is very well lit. I see three lines that are very well lit. The fourth one has black through it. Then it goes on to some more lines but they are not lit….

The Father has been showing me that every single person has a divine plan that He has orchestrated for us.  There are ones that are golden and lit up – they are the plan and each person’s agenda that has been carried out.  The next one that is black that’s one that was a plan that the person thought up themselves. But it was not what God had called them to do. The one’s lower that are not lit up yet are one’s that God has on his divine plan for the people to go ahead and complete His plan.

The father says, yes, yes, yes My special children I have called you to walk in My holiness.  In the divinity of the Holy Spirit.  I have called you to walk close to Me that you can carry out the divine plan that I have.  Each and every one of you has My divine plan and I say unto you that I knew you before you were in your mother’s womb.  I say unto you, that your plans are not always lining up with My plans – but My plans are what I have ordained for you.  I say I will enable you to carry them out. I will encourage you, I will set them forth. I will give you eyes to see, I will give you ears to hear.

I will give you a voice to speak forth those things that I have for you to speak forth.  I say unto you My precious children that these plans I have been orchestrating – My children to come into agreement with them.  I say as you have been maturing, you will find that the plans that I lay before you are the plans that you will chose quickly.  You won’t debate them, you won’t doubt them.  But you will go forth knowing that I will lead you in the way that I want you to go.  Knowing that I would empower you by the Holy Spirit to give you the unction to do my bidding.  I say unto you that this is a season and this is a time where I have been raising up my people – especially those ones with a prophetic voice.  Especially those ones with an apostolic calling. Especially those with a pastoral anointing.  Especially those that are the educator’s and the teachers.  I say the five-fold ministry is coming into fulfillment.  It is what the gifting center needed so that this church, this ecclesia, this remnant, these called out ones will fulfill.

No, you won’t stand up and say I’m a prophet and then begin to prophesy. But people will know by the unction that is upon you, which of the five-fold ministry gifts are in operation.  I say too long the balance has been very much not any balance at all.  There’s only been very much the pastoral and there’s been some teaching, there’s been some Apostolic and some prophetic.  But I say this is the season where I want all of these gifts to be flowing with power and might.  Power and might, these are deep powered gifts.  I chose that my people walk according to the edicts of the Holy Spirit, that they walk according to the your motivation in the pursuing the Holy Spirit.  I say that I call my people to come away and spend time with me.  How do you know My plan if are doing all of the worldly kind of things?  But if you come away and spend time with Me so I can, if you will, download the things into your spirit that I want for this season, for this day, for this hour.

I say I know the plans that I have for you.  I know what I desire and have laid out for you.  I have given you the giftings to do.  If you try to do something that I have not called you to, there will be a struggle because the gifting is not there. The anointing is not there. But I say, this is a season where I’m unfolding My divine plan for each and every person.  You can’t look at one person and say, that’s the same plan as mine, because I have given each and every person their own plan.  Your own divine plan that I have called them to do.  I say this is a season where you will see many things transpiring.  Some of them will not look very good to your natural eyes, but I say I have a plan.  I Am there, I will never leave you I will never forsake you.  All you need to do is look up and I will show what I have for you.  Many of you have come to a maturing where you can walk out the plan knowing My guidance and My direction. There are those that need to still seek My face for fresh anointing.  For indeed those fresh anointings come.  I say you need to keep filled up with the Holy Spirit so that it is spilling over. Spilling over because that’s what will touch people. The Holy Spirit is what will draw people to My son Jesus.  My son Jesus is the one that will be your best friend.  He will walk with you. He will teach you the way. He will be the one that guides and directs you.

I have called him the good shepherd and indeed He is that My precious saints. The good shepherd  will leave the 99 and go after the 1 person.  He desires that none be lost. He knows where you are in and the gifts and the callings that I have for you and that that is where the flock will be.  Sometimes the flock is in the supernatural realm.  They will gather together even though maybe their bodies are not physically in the same place.  But their hearts will be there. Their spirits will be united.

I say this is a season where I’m teaching My people much about how to open up the books of the Bible, so that they will reveal.  Yes we called John the revelator.  I call each and every one of you to be revelators – to look in the word and study it.  I will open up by the power the Holy Spirit so that I will shed My holy light upon it.  You will see things in My word that you didn’t see before.  I say, those are the things that I want for you.  I want you to stay true.  I don’t want you to be some understanding of the scripture said it’s not according to My Holy Spirit.  That is not according to My plan.  Because that’s how a cult can be raised up.  I say I also will confirm for you.  If I’m giving you a new revelation I will confirm for you that that is what I am showing you.  I never speak a word to one person only.  I speak the same word to many people.  That is how you can know that you are hearing clearly by the Holy Spirit.

I say that many on this day are going to be raised up that have been in the background.  They have just been going about their Christian duties.  They have been working with Me.  I’m going to raise up many of those people.  They will be used as dynamos in this dispensation of what you call the church age.  And I say, this is a season where people will be used in a mighty, powerful way. They will be used, some of them, in very unique ways.  They will not be just the way that you’ve always had.  You go to church and you learn from a pastor.  No I will send you to My church.  My church, My children is different than what the program church is.  I say many of the people will be used in a powerful mighty way.  I say do not look In a negative way if I send you to one.  Remember I said My son Jesus would leave the 99 to go to the 1.  Sometimes I will send you to the one.  Sometimes I will send you to a larger group.  I say most of all, stay with your ear toward the word of God.  Stay with your ear focused on here am I Lord.  Here am I Lord and I desire to send My people.  Sometimes you will go and do just prayer.  Prayer is wonderful.  Sometimes you’ll go and prophesy over a situation.  Sometimes you will go and issue a decree.  Sometimes you will go and meet up with others.  Sometimes I will put other Holy Ghosts people in your pathway so that you can come together. And a corporate anointing will begin to flow in a powerful, mighty way. My children, this is the most exciting time.  This is an exciting time.  Yes I see all of the darkness that is in the world, that is of the enemies camp.  But I see the brilliance of My camp.  I see the Glory of My Son shining forth – a great light.  I see people taking that great light and they do not put it into a bushel basket.  They let the light shine before man so that all will know that you have been with the presence of the Holy, the anointed, the all-powerful, the Trinity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

My precious children, take great joy in that I have called you to be upon the Earth for such a time as this because I am working miracles. I am the miracle working God.  And I say unto you My Precious, precious children.  This is a season of great unfolding of what I’m doing.  You’ll see it unfold and unfold and unfold until the fulfillment has been achieved.  I say rejoice My children.  And again, I say rejoice. I say the joy of the Lord is your strength.  I say I empower you with strength.  I empower you with My anointing.  I empower you with My word.  I empower you with a presence.  I empower you with a divine revelation out of My word.

I say unto you My children, I am so excited about this season that you are in.  And I called you to be upon the earth, for such a season that this is.  Yes this is a time of great spiritual act, great spiritual activity.  I say I am pouring out My spirit in fuller measure than you’ve ever known before.   I’m pouring out, I’m pouring out.  You shall see awesome things transpire.  Rejoice My children, do not let the enemy steal your joy.  For the joy of the Lord is your strength.  Encourage one another, encourage one another.  I am the Lord, I will give you people what will encourage you over some of the media that people use now a days.  It is a way that you could speak to people from one side of the earth to the other side of the earth.  I say, those are tools that I will use.  Yes the enemy has perverted it but I will use it for My good.  Because I desire the word of the living God to go forth.  I desire the anointing of the Almighty God to go forth. I desire My holy hand to be upon My people.  I say I will touch many, many people.  You will see great things transpiring .  Miracles, miracles, miracles are unfolding even as you’re listening to this message.

And I say unto you My precious ones, I want you to know I love you.  I want you to know I love you right where you’re at.  I say I love you no matter what you’re doing, no matter what you’ve done in the past, no matter what you’ll be doing, I love you!  Because I am love. I am that great I am. And I say, I am is breaking forth to do great and awesome things in this season in which you are living.  In which I have chosen for you to be upon the earth for such a wonderful, dynamic time as this.  I wrap My big arms of love around you.  Individually and corporately.  I say rejoice and be glad.  For indeed, this is a mighty, mighty day.  I bless each one of you My special, special children. Hallelujah.

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