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Oracle #5 from the Father

Feb 5th, 2011 by Heavenly Father | 1

Oracle # 5

Transcribed by: Beverly Clous

This is a message from the Father to 3 ladies who had been praying together but it is applicable to all of us !!

My daughters, I come unto you this day among expecting hearts.  I can see your hearts ever so expecting this day as you come to fellowship with Me once again.  And yea, I say My people shall never be disappointed if they come unto Me expecting.  The problem is, that many people do not expect Me to do anything and that puts limitations on what I can do in their life because I need an open willing heart before I can come in and fill those areas.  But you have a desire to hear from My holy hill, you have a desire to hear what I want to speak to you this day.

I know you would be completely contented to sit here and worship Me, if I choose not to speak; just My Presence is enough.  Indeed My Presence is in this place.  Indeed the Spirit is welcome and a guest here.  And indeed, Jesus has come to fill that empty space.  And yea, I say I will do great and mighty things as My people come expectantly.  And yea, they must come up expecting Me to do great and mighty works because I am a God who does not lie (It’s like I can see Him shaking a great big finger).  I am not a God who is rude or mean, but I am a God of order.  I have ordained that people come with a willing heart.

I have never forced anyone to even come into My Kingdom when I know the blessedness of My Kingdom and the horrors of the other kingdom.  And yea, I say you must come with a heart into the fruit of the Holy Spirit.  You must come with a willing heart into the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  In order to hear Me speak, I must have a willing and expectant heart ready to listen to what I have to say.

Yea, My daughters, think it no small thing that I have spoken.  Yea I say where two or three are gathered in My Name I am in their midst and truly I am in your midst.  I say unto you, that I have great truths to teach you.

Today I want to begin to teach you about peace.  Yea I say, as you come into My Presence there is fullness of joy.  And yea I say, as you come into My Presence there is peace which passes all understanding.  And yea I say, it is because I put My Holy Wings around you.  I say in My Scriptures, I cover you in My Wings.  Yea I say,  that peace which you feel right now is My Presence.

My peace is something that cannot be described.  My peace is something that just is.  It exists and it is real.  I say as you look to Me truly there is peace.  As you look to Me in all circumstances there is peace, My children.  I desire peace to be flowing like a river upon My earth.  I desire My people to walk in a river of peace.  And yea I say, that the peace which passes all understanding is available to all who will come up to My Holy Mountain to put their eyes upon Me and to seek that peace that is flowing like a river.

And yea I say, it is flowing out of My Throne Room even to the farthest corners of the earth.  But I say to you My children, that many people are not looking for peace.  They are not looking for harmony but disharmony.  They are not looking for unity but disunity.  And I say, that is divisive and there is no peace in that.  I tell you that there must be peace among My people.  I tell you My children, I call you to be peaceable people.  I call you to live in harmony with one another.

Yea I say, if you deny yourself and follow Me you shall have that perfect peace.  Because it is only when flesh gets involved; your hurts and your wounds that have been upon you over the many years that when they get upset and stirred up there is no peace in that.  It is not of Me, My children.  I would that everyone be made every bit whole.  Yea I say, the inner peace must come from an inner healing.  I say those old wounds get opened up and they fester and it’s ugly.  It’s ugly to Me because I tell you, My children, you are made in My likeness and image.  I tell you those things are not from Me, they are from sin, from wickedness.  They are truly from the evil one.

I say My children, that it breaks My Father’s heart when I hear My people say I make them suffer.  I say no my sons and daughters.  No My children.  I do not desire My people to suffer.  I did not create you to suffer.  I did not create you to bear sicknesses and diseases.  I created you to be a holy people and a beautiful people.  There is nothing beautiful, holy or good about sickness.  It is only death and destruction to your human body.  I created My people to be in My likeness and in My purity and in My holiness.

And yea, I have provided you the weapons.  I have provided My born again, Spirit filled people with all the weapons that they need to take authority over the sickness; to take the authority that is given them at the cross.  My perfect and holy Son shed His blood.  And yea I say, Satan took his life and Satan made Him shed innocent blood upon the earth.  And yea, I say that broke every legal right that Satan had to your bodies.  It is only when in your humanness and in your flesh that you allow Him to put anything upon you.  My children, it is not good that My people should be suffering.  It is a ploy from the wicked one.

I say there is complete healing in My Son, Jesus.  There is complete healing in the precious blood of My Son, Jesus.  Remind the devil of the blood of Jesus.  The blood My children, is what has caused that curse to be broken upon the earth.  And I tell you, as you come into repentance, as you ask Me to pour in the Oil and the Wine, I tell you the Holy Spirit is a Holy Spirit.  Not an unclean spirit but a Holy Spirit.  I tell you, that you can only have sickness or diseases as you allow the darkness of sin and the darkness of curses to be placed upon you.

My people are such a lazy people that they won’t even learn My weapons.  I said in My Word that I gave you full authority upon this earth.  Satan has no authority unless you allow him to come in.  And yea, I say if Satan tries to put a sickness or disease upon you, fight it My children.  Fight it because it is not My will for My people to be sick.

I tell you in My Word that My people perish for lack of teaching.  They have not had the teaching because they have not sought to learn.  I must have an eager heart before I can teach.  And yea, I say the Holy Spirit within you is the teacher.  I tell you, My people should look in My Word.  There they will find all the answers.  There are all the prescriptions for perfect health, perfect peace, perfect  tranquility.  And I say your weapons are not carnal but they are great and mighty in the Spirit.

And I say put away all kinds of sin.  I say put away all bitterness.  I say put away all defilement.  And I tell you My people, you must be pure and holy.  Satan cannot defile you unless you allow it to happen.  Because I cannot trespass your will – if you will to be a stubborn and a rebellious child of mine, those are the consequences My children.

I say as you be obedient, as you walk before me, as you talk with Me and as you come close to Me My Wings are covered even closer to you.  There can no evil befall you, because I have already won the victory.  The victory is won.  The only thing that is necessary for My people to appropriate that victory in their life.

And I say I will cast out the evil one.  I say seek the blood that heals, cleanses and purifies.  I say cleanse your mind so you have no filth in your mind.  Cleanse even from the time of your conception even to today.  The things that were in you, they shall be healed.  They shall be put down.  I tell you to cast down your imaginations.  Do not imagine that you might have cancer one day.  Do not think that you might not feel well in the morning.  Those are false imaginations, My children.  They are not of the Mind of Christ.  Christ is pure and Christ is holy.  He desires you to be every whit whole.  Christ Jesus and I are one.

The Holy Spirit is operating within you.  How can you say that it is My will for My people to suffer.  I say NO, My children it is not My will.  It breaks My heart to even hear one of My children say that I am allowing them to suffer.  That is not My way.  It is because they have not fought the good fight.  They have not taken the authority that I vested in them.  My Son, Jesus gave the authority to the church.  You are the church and you must fight the battle.  Yea, I will send angels to help.  Yea, I will send the blood of Jesus.  Yea, I will well up the Holy Spirit to teach you in all truth.  And yea, I say you shall cleanse your mind.  Cleanse your mind and your heart, My children.  Cleanse your mind and your heart, My children.  I say many of the victories will be quickly won as you do not allow false imaginations to come.  Do not allow your heart to have bad feelings toward other people.  Allow your emotions to be calm and peaceable –  Pay any cost that you have to make peace, My children.  Because where there is tranquility, there is happiness and true joy.

I tell you My daughters, this is a day when I am raising up a great and a mighty people.  I tell you My daughters, that they cannot be a sick and feeble army.  They must be strong.  They must know their weapons.  They must know the strategy that I have.  They must understand in the Holy Spirit what I am doing in the earth.  I do not leave things covered and hidden because I am God, a holy God.  I shed My Light on all things.  I tell you the only things that are dark and are hidden are the ones from the evil one.  They are not from Me, My daughters.

It is important in this day My sons and daughters, that you prepare.  It is important, that you prepare because the battle is on.  I say that your weapons must be ever ready.  Have I not given you a complete set of armor (I can see the helmet of salvation and the breastplate of righteousness).  Gird your loins with truth.  That is a place where My people fall down because they are not walking in truth.  They are walking in lies.  I say the only way to walk in truth is to know what I have said in My Word.  Therein lays all truth.  And yea I say all false teachings lie in this area.  They are not truth, they are false.  I say some of My people have their loins gird with a lot of false doctrines and a lot of false teachings, My children.  That is why you must train yourself up.  I say that you should train a child in the way he should go.  Some have been trained up in the way they should not be going.  So guard your loins with the truth, My sons and daughters.  If it does not witness in the Spirit that it is truth, do not walk in it.  Because I desire My people to have a complete set of armor.

And I tell you to put on the preparation of gospel peace.  Sow peace wherever you go.  Not discord, not disharmony but sow peace My children.  Be peacemakers that are walking this earth that have the right idea but they serve a different god.  They are not serving Me.  But they are trying to propagate peace.  I tell you the only peace is My Son Jesus.  The only peace is in the Triune God.  The only peace is when you walk before Me holy and pure.

And I tell you to take up your shield of faith.  Many of My people have learned and learned about faith but they don’t use the shield.  They put their weapon down and the fiery darts from the enemy can come soaring in (I see a whole bunch of darts – not just one big one).  But I tell you if you have your shield of faith up they don’t even hit you.  They must bounce off My children.

I say the two edged sword, is that not one of the weapons that I have given My people?  As I say, the two edged sword is My Word.  Know My Word – because then you cannot be deceived.  You will take that two edged sword because My Word discerns between soul and Spirit.  It is a discerner to separate that which is right and that which is wrong.  I tell you My children use your weapons.

I tell you I have given you the keys over hell and death.  I tell you, My sons and daughters that I am raising up an Army that will know how to use these weapons.  And I tell you that My Glory is your rear guard.  I tell you that the blood of Jesus is a protective covering for My people.  I tell you about the blood of Jesus because Satan knows the legal right that He has lost because Jesus was the perfect sacrifice.  There needs to be no more blood shedding, My children because He did it all.  He was perfectly innocent and a man who truly knew no sin.  And yea I say, that the deceiver has led many to believe that they must shed blood – it is not so.  That is an abomination to Me.

I tell you My children, that I desire to call many into My Kingdom.  I have a desire for them just to see the Glory of Jesus upon your face.  I desire a people who are at peace and harmony.  And yea I say My sons and daughters, that I shall be a mighty God.  I shall be a holy God (Its like when I was saying, I could see people being a copy – cat of Him.  Because He Is, He is not going to be).

I see a great big heart – most of it is beautiful looking, the way it should look.  But it has got all kinds of scratches on it and they are full of puss looking stuff.  It’s a mess.  And He said that is why people’s hearts are hurting and that is why so much defilement comes out of their mouth because those hearts are hurting.  I so desire to heal your hearts, My children.  I desire to heal all of those things (Now I see lots of strings hanging on this heart and He says …).

I desire to have My people sever those cords that have beckoned them to generations of garbage.  I tell you they are cords of complete darkness, My children.  I desire that you sever those cords with the blood of Jesus and the name of Jesus.  I tell you that as you call out the Name of Jesus that every knee must bow and those unclean things that have come down the generations must be severed if you are willing to break with them.  Did I not say that you must leave you Mother and Father and brother and sister?  And yea that is what I mean.  You must break those ties to the family that come down from generation to generation and from brother and sister.  And I say as you sever those ties you are free to serve Me the high and holy God.  But I say that you must be willing to sever those ties.  Do not be tied to uncleanness.  Do not be tied to sins that have come down through the third and fourth generations.  Do not be tied to the sins of the bastard which can come down ten generations.

And yea I say, My sons and daughters, that it is not pleasing to Me that My people be hindered in their walk with Me.  But as I say My children, as they are learning to cut those cords; as they are learning to allow the blood of Jesus to flow in and heal those wounds and as they allow Jesus to access to every area of your heart do not hold back any area, but allow Him to shed this holy and this pure light.

(Now I see this heart is a beautiful white looking thing.  It no longer looks like a natural heart, but is completely glorified.  Hallelujah!!  Hallelujah!!  Now He is showing me a brain type thing.)

I tell you that My people do not allow their mind to be completely free.  Their minds have been polluted, My children.  Your mind can be so polluted so easily.  When was the last time you were sitting in a restaurant and you heard people using profanities?  You were innocently sitting there, no participation, but that is still a pollution in your mind.  I say clean your mind with the blood of Jesus.  I say clean your mind by thinking of things that are pure and holy (I see like the back section of a brain).

I tell you My sons and daughters, the blood of Jesus is what can cleanse your mind.  And I tell you that your mind must be pure and must be holy.  I tell you that My Word is cleansing to your mind.  The blood of Jesus and My Holy Word, those two are very powerful tools in keeping yourself clean, My children.

And yea I say, how many of you can look in a magazine and see terrible advertising.  You are not trying to find them but they are just there.  How many of My people go to their video things and they take out a membership in all that filth because if you buy two movies you can get a free membership?  My sons and daughters, be careful what you are a membership of.  Those are not of Me.  They are of utter darkness.  And yea, I say they have a little bit of light but I say the majority of it is an abomination to Me.  Yea I say, do not take membership in anything like that, My daughters.  Be very careful what you join up with because there is so much deception and so much filth.  I just caution you this day, do not join up with anything unless you have really checked it out.  Unless I have given you witness in My Spirit I say that it is not of Me.  Unless I allow you to have it confirmed with My Holy Word that this is what I desire for you to do.

My sons and daughters, this is a day of utter darkness and I say, unless you walk in the Light, that darkness will overtake many.  I say I desire My people to be a holy people.  If My people are concentrating on being pure and holy, they will not concern themselves with how they are going to feed themselves or how they are going to clothe themselves.  For I am the Mighty God, the Heavenly Father, the High and the Holy One, the Lord God of Israel, Jehovah – Jirah, Jehovah Shalom.  I, the High and Mighty God, the All Powerful One and the I AM.

I will provide My children everything that you need.  And I tell you, My sons and daughters keep your mind stayed on My Son Jesus, at all times.  Keep rejoicing in your heart by singing songs, hymns and spiritual songs.  I tell you that this walk can be a very glorious walk if My people will listen to My utterances and come before Me with great rejoicing, because the rejoicing and the praises you give to Me, I just give to you back.  I tell you it truly is a measure that is pressed down, shaken together and running over.  Hallelujah!!  I see a great big, huge golden cup that is bubbling over like a fountain.  Hallelujah!!  Hallelujah!!

One Comment on “Oracle #5 from the Father”

  1. Mary Jane Fox said:

    I just wanted to thank so much for this website. It has truly
    been a blessing.
    I had just spoke with my Dad today, who had just
    told me that I was a huge disappointment and have never been
    a good daughter to him.
    I’m 49 years old, but the pain of a parent not loving you
    is hard to get over. Even at my age.
    I came across your website when I was looking for answers
    on how to deal with my feelings.
    God is so good. I know he guided me here and spoke right
    to my heart. I know that all I really need for healing is God
    He truly is my Father, above all fathers!