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Oracle #7

Oct 9th, 2012 by Heavenly Father | 0

Oracles # 7

Yea I say unto you My daughters, that the old ways will never suffice for the way that we have today.  Yea I say, the old man dried up and fell off.  So to the old ways must fall off and be gone, because today I am doing something more exciting than I did yesterday.  I am not a stagnant God.  I never stay in the same place, I am always moving.  I am always creating.  I am a living God.

Therefore everything that I must do must be nurtured and continue to grow and continue to mature.  And so too the ministry for My people.  They must have a new beginning each and every day as they begin anew and afresh with the day.

And yea I say, I desire My people to come up to a higher realm.  That I desire My people to not look at what I called you to do ten years ago or five years ago.  But look at what I have called you to do this day and tomorrow because I am a moving God.  I always move forward, I never move backwards.

And I say I will give her a new ministry.  I will give her a new beginning this day because you have loved her enough to bring her before Me.  You have loved her  and cared for her enough.  I call you My daughters, to love that way.  I call you My daughters, to pray that way.  You shall see mighty things transpiring as you come before Me for these people that I put on your heart.  I tell you My daughters, it is pleasing to Me to see your love has not waxed cold; not only for Me but for one of My children.  One of My special vessels that I do desire to fill with My glory and with My fire so that it can be manifested in the areas where I have planted her feet.  I tell you My daughters, that you shall hear of the rewards of your petitions of this day because I will open the doors My daughters.  I will open the doors.

I tell you My children, that you must come up and look at what I am doing today.  I am not doing what I did yesterday or the day before.  I am doing more.  I am doing mightier things.  I tell you look forward to each new day with great excitement, My daughters, because I am a high and a holy God.  And I am a mighty and a powerful God.  I shall reign upon the earth as I have never reigned before.  (It is not a dripping rain, it is a ruling reign).

And I call you My children, I call you My children, to be My Bride.  I call you My daughters, to be My Bride.  I tell you My daughters, that I am the King of kings and the Lord of lords.  Therefore I call you My children, to be the Queen of queens.  Hallelujah!!

I see all these real bright lights.  They used to show them in front of a marquee when a big movie was on when it shined all over the sky.  Big spotlights just wafting all over.  Hallelujah!!

I tell you My children, that I call you to rule and reign with Me.  I tell you don’t need to die to come to Heaven, and to have that day transpire upon the earth.  But I tell you as you die to self you can rule and reign with My Son Jesus.

I tell you that you are the queen.  You are My body.  You shall rule and reign with Me.  I tell you that the King rules and reigns over all things under his dominion.  I have told you the earth is My dominion.  All things above the earth, in the earth and below the earth, they are in My dominion.  I am the King My children.  I am the King My children.  I have destined that you be the queen, My children.  You are My Bride, therefore you are My queen.  I tell you the time to rule and reign is now.

I already died on the cross.  I already paid the price that needs to be paid.  I already am the King.  Therefore come close to Me and rule and reign upon this earth.  Yes, it is the Holy Spirit within you.  It is the dispensation of the Holy Spirit.  I tell you it is the time when the Holy Spirit in My people are ruling and reigning upon this earth.

Yea I say, I shall teach you many new things in the days ahead because My church shall rule and reign before I come for her.  Because she is My Bride and My Bride shall rule and reign with Me.  Yea it shall be in the millennium.  Yea that shall be the completion of what I desire to do with My people.

But even today I have given you the authority.  Do I not say in My Word that I have given My authority to the church?  Yea I say to you that you are the church, you are My queen, you are My beloved and you are My Bride.  You are the one I love with a perfect love.  I died on the cross.  I was perfect blood for My perfect church, My perfect queen, My perfect Bride.

I call My church to perfection.  Yea I say you will struggle with it.  And yea I say that you must fight with it.  But I tell you that you shall rule and you shall reign.  I tell you the victory is already won.  You are more than conquerors.  I say My church must rise up and be a mighty church.  I have called you a mighty army.  An army that is not something that has been deflated.  An army wins the battles.  I tell you that My church’s battles already are won.  It is just a matter of My church realizing that I have given them the power and the might and the authority over the enemy.  That I have put the enemy under My feet.

I tell you in My Word that the earth is My footstool.  I tell you is it not under My feet if I tell you it is in My Word?  It would be under My feet.

So I tell you My daughters, that the enemy is already under My feet.  Therefore if you are ruling and reigning with Me, it is under your feet.  It cannot bother you when it is under your feet because you trample down with your feet.  I tell you in the Spirit you trample down over the powers and the principalities and the rulers of darkness in this world.

I tell you My daughters, that the church is rising up.  The church is going to be powerful and mighty in My Son Jesus’ Name.  My Son Jesus shall allow you to use His name to win the victory and the battle.  It shall be a great and a mighty army full of praise because they will have seen what victory I win.

Yea I say, did not the devil even tremble at the Name of Jesus?  They know My Name better than a lot of Christians know My name.  I tell you My daughters, that I am gathering together a church.  I am gathering together a people who shall be mighty in My name.  They shall do mighty exploits in My name.  I tell you in My Word that greater things you shall do than I ever did.

Yea I say that puzzles your mind.  You say how can that be?  But I tell you as you come together the force of a great army going across the earth will do much more exploits than I could.  One person with twelve disciples and My followers meant much of the earth we did not trod.  It was a time we had to walk it out.  We had to walk out the land step by step.

Today I have allowed minds to create airplanes that can transport people from one place to another.  Today you have mighty tools to use to preach the Gospel to all the ends of the earth.

I say My daughters, that this army shall go across the earth in a great and a powerful and in a mighty way.  I tell you (I see just hordes of people marching and everything that isn’t right is just like plowed down.  Just by them walking over it.  Hallelujah!  This bunch of people are sure powerful.  They aren’t even looking to the right or to the left.  They have their eyes just on Jesus.  Just marching to the tune of the Lord Jesus Christ).

We’ll be lifting up many of our brothers and sisters during our prayer sessions.  Many that are in ministries so they can know the holiness of the Lord.  Many are preaching but they are not living in the holiness that they should be.  We will be lifting many up.  People that are near and dear to us, we will be lifting up.  (I see that golden shower head with all those streams of that pure light that is right in the middle of us.)  Sharon

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