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Oracles Of God (their origin)

Feb 27th, 2008 by Bev Clous | 2

Oracles of God

I would like to share with you how God began to give us these messages.

I had read a book by Judson Cornwall named “Let Us Worship“.  After reading this book I wanted desperately to worship my Lord.  I went to several churches and meetings that were Spirit filled, but all I could find was praise.  I wanted to find some place to bow low and come to a place where all I could say was a whisper of “Oh God, Oh God”.

I had a dear friend to whom I would lament that I couldn’t find the worship that I so earnestly longed for.  One day she said, “I would be happy to come to your home and see if we could have the Lord teach us to worship”. She had some gifting for singing and playing her organ.

So she came to my home and we just sang quietly and waited.  After a while I began to prophetically speak of a great teaching about the Trinity.  I was so glad she was there as she had a great memory.  When we had finished we both looked at each other with tears running down  our faces and all we could say was “Oh God”!  We both new we had heard from the Lord by His Holy Spirit.  I asked her what I said as I didn’t remember much as the message seemed to come out of my spirit to my mouth and had bypassed my brain.

She said she was so amazed by what was happening all she could do was pray.  We agreed to each spend some time in prayer at our homes and write down what we could remember.  Much to our disappointment we had little to write down.  We agreed the message was how the Father, Son and Holy Spirit intertwined and flowed together.

I decided I would from that day on have a cassette recorder set up in case the Father ever chose to speak that way again.  Another lady joined us the next week.  We began each meeting with sharing about our life, made prayer requests and enjoyed our cup of coffee.  Then we would sing a while and worship quite often in tongues. The Holy Spirit would again speak these messages.

We would often wonder why He would give these great messages to us.  We were three ladies who had no pulpit or any platform to share these messages.  We asked one day what these were called and I saw written in script Oracles Of God.  Our wonderful meetings continued for many months and then we didn’t meet as one of the ladies was diagnosed with cancer and was very ill.  She went home to be with her beloved Savior.

It is amazing how these Oracles are as expedient today as they were years ago.  I have used many of these lessons as I have taught Bible studies, etc.  God is truly amazing.  I pray you will seek Him.  I, also, pray He will give you Oracles, too.  We were three ordinary ladies who were just servants of a very extraordinary God.

2 Comments on “Oracles Of God (their origin)”

  1. divorce survival guide said:

    Spectacular introduction on this subject. Bookedmarked your site for your next post.

  2. Jim Clous said:

    Thank you very much. A series of these Oracles will be coming soon.