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Validating Prophetic Words

Mar 15th, 2013 by Other | Comments Off on Validating Prophetic Words

Prophetic wordsGetting a prophetic message can be quite exciting but how can you tell if it is valid ??  Although you may not be able to fully answer all of these factors – they are factors that should be considered when testing a prophecy.

  • Does the word line up with scripture ? (this must be the case to be a valid prophecy)
  • Does the prophetic word “witness” or sit well with your spirit ?
  • Does the prophecy build up and encourage (or does it feel manipulating and condemning) ? continue reading » »

God is releasing his power – the bride is nearly ready – Prophecy

Jan 30th, 2013 by Heavenly Father | Comments Off on God is releasing his power – the bride is nearly ready – Prophecy

transcribed by Beverly Clousstock-photo-yellow-lightning-flash-on-black-sky-6077548


Hallelujah. What I’m seeing is a real beautiful pale blue sky. Out of that pale blue sky comes a  huge, huge lightning bolt. The lightning bolt is very, very yellow. It is very jagged like you would see in a picture.  It starts out at the top really big and then it zig zags down to hit the earth.

I say unto you My precious children that this is the season where I’m going to break out. I’m going to break out. I’m going to break out. And this is the season where I will send forth power and might. I will send forth that Mighty lightning bolt.  That lightning bolt will break and shutter many things. Many things that have been dormant for a long time will suddenly be energized. Those things that have been hard clay ground will suddenly be turned up like it’s been prepared for it to be planted with great crops. And I say unto you that this is the time where continue reading » »

Prayer requests

Jan 22nd, 2013 by Jim Clous | Comments Off on Prayer requests

We are considering offering the ability for you to be able to make private requests for prayer.  You would be able to send a private email for prayer requests.  Is this something that you think is a good idea, do you think people would use this service – why ??

The End Time Army is being assembled – December Prophecy

Jan 1st, 2013 by Heavenly Father | 3

December Monthly Prophecy transcribed by Beverly Clous

army 2

Hallelujah.  I’m seeing a great and mighty…..I call it the Army.  These people have a red uniform on with gold brads, gold buttons and lots of little gold fringes on the shoulders.  These people are all walking completely in unison.  Just like one, going forth.  And the Lord says, “Indeed, I am calling forth My Army . My great and Mighty awesome end-time Army. This is, indeed, a season where you shall find people will be coming together to do great and awesome exploits. And they have been well trained.  My Army has been well trained.”

They know that I am the Commander and Chief of this Army.  They know how to hear My Voice.  They know how to see what My Father wants them to do. They have been proven to be obedient servants of the Almighty God. They shall go forth and they shall have a sound of praise.  The enemy hates praise because that’s what he wanted everybody to do was to worship him.  He hates the sound of praise because praise tears apart his plan. Praise tears apart the things that he has designed to be happening upon the earth.    I say it shall be a sound of praise that the great and mighty warriors shall go forth with a great and mighty shout and it shall also be the sound of the trumpets. continue reading » »

October prophecy – releasing God’s Power and Might

Oct 18th, 2012 by Heavenly Father | Comments Off on October prophecy – releasing God’s Power and Might

October Prophecy

Hallelujah. We bless you Lord.   I’m seeing a very pure white high mountain. Suddenly out of the midst of that mountain – it erupted like a volcano.  The coals were red hot fire and spread throughout the whole earth. The coals were here, the coals were there.  Then Father said, “This is the season where I’m releasing, I’m releasing, I’m releasing My power and My might and it SHALL come down in the form of hot coals, those coals will soon catch on. Those people who have allowed Me to prepare their vessels will find that they will be on Fire for the Lord.  The Holy Spirit will come up big within them and they will do great and mighty exploits.   continue reading » »

Oracle #7

Oct 9th, 2012 by Heavenly Father | Comments Off on Oracle #7

Oracles # 7

Yea I say unto you My daughters, that the old ways will never suffice for the way that we have today.  Yea I say, the old man dried up and fell off.  So to the old ways must fall off and be gone, because today I am doing something more exciting than I did yesterday.  I am not a stagnant God.  I never stay in the same place, I am always moving.  I am always creating.  I am a living God.

Therefore everything that I must do must be nurtured and continue to grow and continue to mature.  And so too the ministry for My people.  They must have a new beginning each and every day as they begin anew and afresh with the day.

And yea I say, I desire My people to come up to a higher realm.  That I desire My people to not look at what I called you to do ten years ago or five years ago.  But look at what I have called you to do this day and tomorrow because I am a moving God.  I always move forward, I never move backwards. continue reading » »

Teaching about Angels

Jul 2nd, 2012 by Bev Clous | Comments Off on Teaching about Angels


Angel Teaching  by Beverly Clous

This is an account of some experiences that I’ve had with angels over the years that I want to share with you.  The first time I remember seeing an angel was when I was five years old.  I was living downstate at the time and my daddy was very sick.  As a little girl, all I knew is that he was in bed all the time and the doctor kept coming to the house. But at that season every night as I’d go off to bed at the foot of my bed would come an angel.  It would seem to tell me that things would be alright. That angel looked pure white.  It always seemed to stand in a really white spotlight.  I remember that it would be there only just a short amount of time, and then I’d lay down and go right to sleep.  When I got up in the morning it would not be there until that next evening.  One night the angel told me that my daddy would not die but my daddy would get all better.  That made me very happy because I was extremely troubled.  That next morning I told mama that she didn’t have to worry about daddy anymore because the angel had said that he wasn’t going to die, but that he would alright. And my mom seemed to be quite shocked that I was seeing angels and she said, “Bevy, you can’t see angels.  That’s not for you to do.  And so that night the angel came again. I said to the angel that I told my mama that my daddy was going to be alright and he would get well but my mama said that I shouldn’t be seeing angels. With that the angel left and it never did come back.

continue reading » »

Heavens gate is opening for us – Monthly Prophecy

May 11th, 2012 by Heavenly Father | Comments Off on Heavens gate is opening for us – Monthly Prophecy

transcribed by Beverly Clous

I’m seeing a huge gate. It’s maybe 20ft tall and brilliantly white –  very, very brilliant white. I feel the Lord said that I’m looking at marble. It is fancy – like a wrought iron gate might be. But it’s just reflecting so brilliantly, that I can hardly look at it. Then I see this gate begin to slowly opening away from me. For, indeed, my people, I say that I am opening up a special Gate for My people. Yes, I say this Gate is not one quite like you would see upon the earth because this is a Heavenly Gate. This is a Gate that is specifically made by the finest craftsman. This is a Gate that has been made from the finest materials. This is a Gate that has been made to open on this particular season that you are upon the earth.

I say this is, indeed, a time when My people will press in. continue reading » »

This season God shares his power and might with us !!

Apr 17th, 2012 by Jim Clous | Comments Off on This season God shares his power and might with us !!

transcribed by Beverly Clous

I seem to be seeing a man off to my right.  He seems to be on a very high hill.  He has a Jewish prayer shawl on.  He has a very long shofar and He’s blowing that.  He is putting it back up to His mouth and  blowing it again, many times.  Hallelujah.

I do say unto My people that I am sending forth My sound,  I am sending forth My sound to cause My people to hear what the Word of the Lord is speaking forth in this time and in this season.  I say unto my children that I am going to be moving in Power and Might. I’m going to move in My children in mightier ways than they have ever known before.

continue reading » »

Jesus is Coming Soon !! – monthly prophecy Feb. 2012

Feb 20th, 2012 by Heavenly Father | 1

transcribed by Beverly Clous

Hallelujah. I’m seeing my precious Jesus again. I saw Him maybe a month ago. And I called Him the King of Glory, and I’m seeing Him once again. He’s in a brilliant white light and His garments are just completely covered in gold. They are just absolutely stunningly beautiful.  The garments that He has on seem to come over His hands a little bit and it’s just very, very beautiful. He is just Glorious to see. He has no crown on His head. I only see His hair. This gold color is just like eminating, eminating, eminating. It’s almost like on a certain frequency. And the Lord has this Holy Presence and I just know that He is the King of Glory and He wants to reveal Himself as the King of Glory to His people.  I see Him stepping out of that white Light, almost like a white oval that was all around Him. He stepped out of that White Oval still arrayed in the Glorious Golden Garments and He said,” I extend My hand to My people. continue reading » »