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Prophecy – Get ready – God is pouring out his love

Jul 25th, 2016 by Heavenly Father | 0

torch loveTranscribed by Beverly Clous

I’m seeing a torch.  Sort of cone shape; it looks bronze and at the top of that torch is written L-O-V-E.  That torch has a huge flame, flaming much higher than a torch normally would.

The Lord says, My children, My children, listen up My children.  For indeed I send My children forth, as a torch, to take My love, that burning desiring love that only I can infuse you with.  I say, My children, this is what I desire to do in this time frame.  To send forth My love, My holy agape love. The love that is unconditional.  The same love that I had for you when I sent My only begotten Son to the earth.  This was so that he could do all of the things that needed to be done and so that My precious people could be reconnected with Me, the Heavenly Father.  I am the one that is high and lifted up, the Holy One, the Almighty One, the All Powerful One.  I tell you I rejoice.  I rejoice over what My Son did so that I can be reconnected with My humanity that was lost in the Garden of Eden so long ago.

But now rejoice with Me because this is the season of this dispensation of what you call the church age, is quickly coming to a close.  As that curtain begins to close, immediately, I open up with a new dispensation that is going to be filled with that power and might.  I have called you to be upon the earth for this specific end time.  I say unto you My precious ones, yes this will be an army, yes this will be powerful.  Yes this will have authority, yes this will be those things that I have said in My Word it would be.  I say unto you My precious children, this is a season like none other.  This is a season where you will see miracles happen, far beyond what you could think or imagine.  This is a season where you will see multitudes become hungry and thirsty.  This is because they have not found anything in the world that would satisfy them.

That little God inspired piece that I have breathed into each and every person.  I say unto you, the truth will rule and reign.  There’s been so much untruth taught in the world, so much untruth taught in the church and so much untruth taught on the internet.  Much untruth has gone out to people, but My Word is the truth.  My way is the way of salvation through My son Jesus.  And that brings you into My Holy Presence.  I say unto you My precious ones, this is a glorious time for you.  This is a time where even though there will be bumps in your road.  Look at them as stepping stones to grow higher in My kingdom.

I say this will be a time where you’ll see mighty testimonies of Me doing things that people only kind of thought might happen.  Well I say think as big as you can think and they will happen.  This is that season.  I will use those people that I have been honing into the vessel that you are.  I have been shaping and molding the vessel that you are so that you could be containers of 100% of Me.  100% of My presence, you will not have it diluted nor polluted.  You will have it, so that My holy presence, called My holy love will be flowing into you.

That’s what will flow out.  That pure holy love will calm those things that I have said in My Word would transpire.  This is a harvest season indeed, indeed, indeed.  This is a season where people will come to know My son Jesus.  They will get filled with the Holy Spirit.  They will get baptized.  They will get the word so quickly that it will make whatever happened in your life, look like it sure took a long time (and it did).  But this is a new dispensation.  I’ve cautioned My people – do not look at what I’m doing through these lens – that it took you years in the dispensation that you were upon the earth.  In this dispensation, they will have things happening so quickly, because it is My desire.  Sometimes people have labored in the field for many years.  Then these new ones are coming in but they will all receive the same portion, the same amount.  I say unto you, encourage those people, encourage those new ones.  Just push them out there and say go, go, go and be disciples.
Go and take the good news of Jesus Christ.  Go and take the truth of the Word of God.  I say unto you My precious ones, yes, I haven’t neglected the fact that I have called you My son’s bride.  But My son’s bride will be so full of his holy love.  She will be so one with him, even now in this dispensation.  She doesn’t have to wait until the rapture, because she is to be one with Him now.  She shall walk like He walks.  She shall talk like He talks.  She shall listen to the word that I send forth and she will have that pure and holy love.  Love is a powerful thing, I tell you.  Love will have that authority.  You will not dominate – you will not be forcing people.  That love will draw people into a place in the heart of My son Jesus.  They will find the safety, the peace, the joy, the gentleness, the goodness, the mercy and the grace.  Everything they need is in My son Jesus’ heart.  Full of love, and My bride for My son will have the same love flowing out of her heart to others like a mighty crystal clear river.  I say unto you, yes My bride will be powerful and she will be mighty, because I have ordained it to be so.  Yet she will be so gentle and so kind that she will be moving in the power and the might of My Holy Spirit.  I say unto you, I breathe upon each one of you in this room.  Each one of you listening to this recording, each one of you that may be reading this message, I breathe upon you.

That holy agape love, I breathe it upon each of you.  That holy agape love, embrace it, embrace it, hold it tight to you.  Hold it tight to you .  When you open your arms it will flow out to those that you come in contact with.  I say unto you, rejoice often.  Rejoice often, because indeed, this is the amazing time in the history of My whole history.  Of all the things that I did, even from creation, up until the very everlasting, everlasting, without ending, says the Lord to you.


Because I love, I love, I love, I loved you so much that I gave My only begotten Son.  We were here in complete harmony, complete unity.  He lived in My glory and He walked in it.  But I chose to send him to the earth so that He could become man.  So that He could pay the price that needed to be paid.  So that I could have a relationship with you, like I do now.

And I say unto you, look up, look up, because soon, you will be so involved with sharing with all these people.  You’re not going to be sitting there pining and wishing that the rapture would happen.  No, you will be out busy – you’ll be doing My work.  You will find out one day you’ll just be caught up in the air to meet My son, your bridegroom in the air.  Then we shall go to the wedding banquet of the Lamb and I say unto you, it’s ready.  It’s all prepared.  It’s ready and waiting for My time to say to My Son: go get your bride because everything has been made ready.  She has made herself ready so that you can be one with her, united with her.  United with her so that she will see you face to face.  So that she will be with you forever and ever.  I say unto you My precious saints, that this is a glorious time, this is a time of jubilation.  This is a time to rejoice and be glad.

I say unto you, that pure holy, agape love – that unconditional love, is what I’m breathing upon each one of you, anew and afresh now.  You will find that you will go out and make a difference.  I say unto you, share the testimony of the lover of your soul who has taken you from being wayward citizens of the world.  He has transformed you into citizens of My heavenly kingdom.  I say unto you, My precious ones, My precious ones, I delight so much in what you are allowing Me to do in your life.  Rejoice often, share the good news, share the good news.


I put My right hand of blessing, upon each one of you.  I say I bless you as My sons and My daughters.  I bless you as My sons and My daughters and I say soon, very soon the trumpet shall sound and you will see My glorious Son.  In the coming on a cloud, like I said He would.  In a twinkling in an eye, you will be there to be with Him throughout eternity forever and ever.  I bless you My precious children.  I bless you My precious children.  Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah.

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