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Prophecy: God is Delivering his Power soon – prepare !!

Jul 26th, 2015 by Jim Clous | 1

Hallelujah. I’m seeing a huge, huge wooden door, looks like it’s made out of some kind of a wood that I have never seen before. The pieces of wood that are stuck together maybe 8 inches, each wood panel is about 8 inches, and the door is very, very large. The door has a black wrought iron latch that you could just lift it up and then push open the doors. Hallelujah.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI say unto you My precious children that I am the door. I am the one that will show you the ancient past. I am the one that will take you beyond the ancient ways into what I have for this day. Oh yes, these are the days of Elijah, and these are the days of Moses, My servant. I say unto you that you shall see a convergence of many, many things that I have already spoke for in My realm. You will see a convergence of many of these things coming together to make the power that I am releasing in My people. Those ones that have chosen to follow after Me. That have chosen to not have one foot in the world system and one foot in My system. These people have chosen to follow after My son, Jesus. These ones have chosen to allow Him to continue to mold them and shape them and clean out all the debris. These are ones that have asked Me to fill them ever fuller with My Holy Spirit, so that they can have an abundance to take forth. I say unto My people that the time of Me thrusting open all that I have for this particular season, for My Ecclesia, for My remnant, for My called out ones, oh yes, and for My Son’s bride. You shall see glorious things transpiring.

Now I see those doors have been swung open. They open to the inside, but they’re swung way open. All I see is just this white presence of the Holy Spirit.

I say My bride will walk in that anointing. My bride will walk in that glory realm, My bride will walk in that presence that I have been pouring forth. At this season, I have found some people that have allowed Me to mature them. They have allowed Me to teach them, they have allowed Me to clean out all the cobwebs, to allow Me to fill them with My presence. They have allowed Me to pour My son’s love into their heart until it’s overflowing, so that they reach out to others with My holy perfect agape love. I say unto you My precious ones, My precious ones, these are dynamic times.
These are times where you shall see things transpiring that you’ve read about in My word and many times you’ve wondered how can that be. I say it can be because I have chosen for it to be so. I say unto you, My precious ones, these people are going to be overflowing with the fruit of the Holy Spirit. They will be overflowing most of all with the love of My son, Jesus, and they will be radiantly allowing that to come forth. Many people will come to recognize that these people have something about them that they had not seen in situations before. Some of these people, have been in churches for a long time but they haven’t seen that holy presence. They haven’t seen that perfect agape love. They haven’t seen the things that I am pouring forth in this dispensation.
Some of My saints of old have walked these paths. That’s why I call them ancient paths, and I say unto you that this is a culmination and many of the anointings that you even have studied about or read about. Many of the anointings of the ones that went before you much longer ago, that this is a culmination of this particular time frame. In that culmination you will find you will walk in that holy realm that I call My glory realm. You will find that you will walk in that realm, yes, your heart will always be beating toward my Son. People will notice that as the living word. Yes, you are living words going forth because My son, Jesus, you’ve asked Him to come into your life. You’ve asked Him to take your heart. You have asked Him to renew you and restore you but also He has brought you into His heart where He will show you and pour out His holiness upon you.
He will pour out His agape love upon you. You will find many things that have been just hidden in the Word. Did I not say that in the end days, many things, these truths would be unveiled, and that’s what I am doing right now in this season. I say unto you, many, many of My children that have allowed Me to really mold them and shape them into the destiny that I have for each and every one of them. I say you shall walk in that destiny. It is not going to be difficult because you’ll be moved by the power of My Spirit. Do you remember when you read about My son, Adam ?? Back in the garden days where he walked with Me. He talked with Me, and he knew My presence. That was My glory. That’s why he didn’t need to have any clothing on because it was My glory that covered him, and I say you will walk in that holy presence.
You will walk in that agape love. You will hear from My voice and you will respond to it because you’re so focused on My kingdom. I say unto you, My precious holy ones, this is a season that I rejoice. I rejoice because I have that remnant people, that Ecclesia, that will walk in the fullness of what I have for this season. In this time as you well know, that this is the end, the fulfillment of this particular dispensation that you have called Church. I say unto you, oh yes, My precious ones, this is a time where soon and very soon you shall be caught up, caught up in the glory cloud. I say unto you that My bride has been making herself ready for this day. My bride has no other lovers, only My son, Jesus. My bride that has been prepared for My son shall walk in His ways. She shall talk in His talk.
She shall do what He does. I say unto you My precious, precious bride, soon and very soon this will be the culmination of that time where you no longer see the ancient door. No, you will walk in My holy presence. You will walk in My divine nature. I say unto you, My precious holy ones, remember these are the days that I have called forth at this dispensation. You shall see it’ll be a time when My presence will be so vivid that people will know. Remember when I filled the earthly temple as they walked. The priests all had to fall down because of My presence? Do you remember when I had the arc of the covenant in the wilderness and as it came out of the wilderness, somebody reached out and touched it? That’s My glory that they touched. I said, no man can touch My glory. I say unto you that cloud of glory, you shall walk in it. You shall be inhabitants of it.
I say unto you My precious children, I rejoice. I rejoice because this is the day that I have been longing for. This is the day that the preparations for that banquet feast are already finished. This is that day where I will have My son come. My bride will be caught up in that glory cloud to be with her beloved one. Oh yes, this is a season that you should be rejoicing continually. It is a season like has never been before nor will ever be again. This is a season that the angels are rejoicing. This is a season where the great cloud of witnesses are having much activity. They’re clapping their hands, they’re shouting, they’re encouraging you on. They know this is a time where they all, even the saints of old would’ve longed to be upon the earth when I have called for each of you to be upon the earth.
I say unto you rejoice often. I rejoice. I, your Heavenly Father rejoice. I say unto you, My precious ones: this is a season where it will be so dynamic and so powerful with My power. Now people say, I wish Jesus would come back and get us out of this mess. You will be so walking in His presence that you will just want to linger long enough that everyone that I desire to bring into My holy kingdom, that they will be ushered in. Yes, I’ve sent angels to help with this end time harvest and so it shall be because I have said it in My word. Everything that I have said in My word shall be done according to My word until My son comes back for His bride. Then she, the bride and the groom shall come back to rule and reign after the 7 year wedding feast has been exhausted, has been finished, has been completely enjoyed.
I say unto My precious ones: some of you have gone through really difficult times, and I know that. Some of you I have had to keep tugging on to get your attention. But I say I have many who have allowed Me to change their life, so that I can fashion them in the same image as My Son, Jesus. They shall be filled with His same anointing and with His same power. The Holy Spirit will see that that happens because I have said that it would be so. I say unto you, recognize My realm, recognize My realm. Rejoice, My people. Rejoice, My people. Hallelujah. Hallelujah.

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