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Prophecy – This is a NOW time !!

Sep 8th, 2013 by Heavenly Father | 0

Monthly Prophecy – transcribed by Beverly Clous

fire in the airHallelujah. What I’m seeing are flames of fire.  The fire seems to be not upon
the earth and yet it’s not in Heaven. It just seems to be in the atmosphere.  Hallelujah. Hallelujah.

And the Lord says it’s about time! It’s about time! It’s about time because I am about to raise up a group of people that have the fire of the Lord emanating from them.  When they go about they will speak forth My Word.  They will speak forth what I am desiring to do with such a strong anointing that the enemy will recognize that this group of people has the fire of the Lord burning in their hearts.  The fire of the Lord is coming forth with the words that they speak. The enemy knows that it can not stand against the fire of the Almighty God. And the Lord says, My precious people I have been waiting for this day.  I have been waiting for this time. I have been waiting for this season.  This is the Season and this is the time that I have chosen to send the fire of My Spirit that will invade the inner being of My people.  They will go forth as flames of Holy Ghost’s fire. I say unto you, this is the season where those ones that have allowed Me to prepare them, that I will use them in a mighty powerful way.  I say, did I not go in the wilderness as a pillar of fire? So My people will be endued with that same Holy fire and they will do My bidding.  This company of believers will not do anything except they know that I have called them to do it.  This company of believers will not be full of arrogance and pride.  Some other moves of My Holy Spirit as some of them have been.  No, this group of people has been prepared to be containers of My fire.  They shall go forth and where they go you will find a trail that they will blaze in the enemy’s camp.  They will blaze a trail upon the earth where the enemy knows that it cannot withstand these people.  That is why in this season, the anointing will be so strong.  The anointing will be so strong, that the enemy will recognize it cannot stand up against it.  Other times the enemy knew that the people were not 100% operating in the Holy Ghost. Sometimes they were operating out of their own pride or their own arrogance. But no, not this group of people, they shall go forth in My power and in My Might. 

You shall see those things that I have spoken of… that many times people have prayed for different anointing of healing or salvation.  People don’t pay too much attention to that because the enemy is right there to try to rob and destroy.  But I say, NO. This group of people will have such a strong, powerful anointing that when they go and speak forth they will know that is the Word of the Almighty God.  The enemy will flee from this group of people because it hates fire. Because the enemy knows that its final days are in the flames of hades. And I say unto you, My precious children that this is a time where you will rejoice and be glad. And some of My people I have had them off in their prayer closet.  I have had them off in a place where I have been their only Presence.  I have been their only One to have fellowship with. But those ones have learned.  Those ones have learned to hear the voice of the Almighty God.  Those ones have learned when it is the Mighty God or when it is themselves and certainly when it is the enemy. And I say unto you, my precious children, this is a season when I will do a quick work. This is a season that it will be fast and it will be intense.  But I say I have those ones in My company of believers of those that will be out front. But yet I have other ones that will be to their right or to their left.  And those ones will be My intercessors that will be interceding on behalf of those that are out front. And I say unto you that I will be your rear guard.  I tell you in My Word that My glory is your rear guard and I will be that unto this company of believers. 

I say unto you that great and mighty things will be accomplished.  People will wonder who this group of people is because they seem to be much different than the Christians that were before this particular season. I say yes, I have those forerunner ministries that you have read about in the past, My John G. Lake, Kathryn Kuhlman and people like that that, have the fire of the Lord upon their ministry. But at this season I’m raising up a company of people with that same Holy Ghost fire anointing. And I say unto you, rejoice and be glad.  Rejoice and be glad.  And I say, do not spend time looking at what great and mighty exploits I did through this group of people because I need you to be out there again and again and again.  And I say, oh yes there will be times to share testimonies and oh yes, there will be times when you need to draw back into your quiet place so that I can re-anoint you to re-fire you And I say this is certainly a time where you not only will be filled with the Holy Ghost, but you will be filled with fire.  Yes, that fire of the Almighty God.  And I say unto you this company of believers is ready to be imparted with My Holy Ghost fire so that they can go about and do the things that need to be done – to be a great witness for an Almighty God.  They will be a great witness for the Almighty God. And they shall not veer to the right or to the left. They shall always go forward.  And I say unto you that this group of people, this company of believers, knows My voice and some of them, they maybe don’t hear as clearly as some other people but they know who to respect that does hear from the Lord.  My prophets that have been tested and tried, those are the ones that hear and know.  They are faithful servants of Mine that will not draw back; they will not veer off where they should not veer off. 

I say unto you, My precious children rejoice and be glad.  Rejoice and be glad.  Many of you I have had off, between you and Me in your prayer closet.  Many of you have not been in active ministries like you were in seasons past.  But I say, I kept you for this time and I say unto you, this is a mighty time.  This is also a time where….I see just a whole bunch of angels and they’re in blue and pink pastel colored robes and they keep fanning these flames, fanning these flames. … You will learn to cooperate with the angelic hosts that I am sending to help with this particular harvest.  I say this is a time of great witness of what a Mighty God you serve. 

I say rejoice and be glad. Rejoice and be glad.  I say you shall see that this time frame is a NOW time. It’s not going to happen way down the road somewhere.  And some of you have seen Me do great and miraculous healing.  Some of you have seen where multitudes want to know, who is this Presence that emanates from these different people?  And I say, My precious ones, this is a season of great rejoicing in Heaven. This is a season of great rejoicing in the angelic realm. This is a season of great rejoicing in My people. And I say unto you, it is because it is a time when I have chosen for it to be so. I have chosen for it to be so.  So rejoice often, praise and worship often.  And I say this is a time of great joy.  Great joy, because I love you, My precious people and you are called according to My Holy purposes. I have set the time frame.  I have set the time frame.  I say to you, rejoice because you will see great and mighty things transpire as I have this company of fire filled people going across the earth.

Rejoice.  Know I love you, My precious ones, especially those ones that I have had off with Me, they know I love them.  They know that I love all people.  They know that every single person that comes across their path is a person that I have ordained for them to be precious.  How precious these people are.  I say I want you to count them. Count them as part of My treasure that I’ve put in your pathway so that you can touch them – sometimes with just a word, sometimes knowing that the Presence of the Lord is upon you.  But I say rejoice, rejoice, rejoice and know that I love you. I love you, My precious saints. 


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