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Slow Down

Oct 16th, 2008 by Other | 0
Slow Down
Have you ever noticed
How we rush through our day

Pushing and shoving

Any and all who get in our way

Never taking a moment

To simply speak when you pass

Or to let someone else go first

As if it would hurt to be last

What’s wrong with the world


We can’t slow our pace

As if it’s a never-ending line

If we move we’d lose our space

Slow down my people

Enjoy the moment of each day

Inhale – exhale

Take a few moments out for play

Stop and smell the roses

Go for a walk in the park

Watch an overwhelming sunset

As the day turns to dark

Then look above

As the moon slowly rises

To mingle with the stars

That illuminates the skies

Embrace the beauty

God made all these things just for you

Is this how you thank him

By rushing – ignoring the view

Well, I shall embrace each moment

Watch the clouds as they float by

Picturesque are the shapes

That outlines the sky

Watch the trees as the limbs sway

Their leaves dance in the breeze

I shall truly absorb all of this magnificence

That my mind can possibly capture and seize

Hold and embrace the moment

If you didn’t – when it’s gone it’s truly lost

For that moment of contemplation

Absolutely nothing would have been your cost

Mrs. Roberta Heck Ó 2008
Roberta Heck Ministries



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