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Teaching about Angels

Jul 2nd, 2012 by Bev Clous | 0


Angel Teaching  by Beverly Clous

This is an account of some experiences that I’ve had with angels over the years that I want to share with you.  The first time I remember seeing an angel was when I was five years old.  I was living downstate at the time and my daddy was very sick.  As a little girl, all I knew is that he was in bed all the time and the doctor kept coming to the house. But at that season every night as I’d go off to bed at the foot of my bed would come an angel.  It would seem to tell me that things would be alright. That angel looked pure white.  It always seemed to stand in a really white spotlight.  I remember that it would be there only just a short amount of time, and then I’d lay down and go right to sleep.  When I got up in the morning it would not be there until that next evening.  One night the angel told me that my daddy would not die but my daddy would get all better.  That made me very happy because I was extremely troubled.  That next morning I told mama that she didn’t have to worry about daddy anymore because the angel had said that he wasn’t going to die, but that he would alright. And my mom seemed to be quite shocked that I was seeing angels and she said, “Bevy, you can’t see angels.  That’s not for you to do.  And so that night the angel came again. I said to the angel that I told my mama that my daddy was going to be alright and he would get well but my mama said that I shouldn’t be seeing angels. With that the angel left and it never did come back.

But daddy did get better so it had accomplished the purpose for my life.  From my mom’s perspective, she was raised in a very strict catholic home and the people that had visitations of angels and things like that were the saints – not regular people.  I didn’t see an angel for many years.  I could always sense I had an angel with me. I believe each one of us has a guardian angel.  It does help us and watch over us.

Many years went by and I got in the charismatic renewal.  I got baptized with the Holy Spirit and that was the time when I began to see angels again. There was a book out at that time called “Angels on Assignment” by Roland Buck.  He was a pastor that had messenger angels come to him in his study.  They would give him messages and spend time with him.  I really enjoyed that book.  In fact, I read the book three times (which I don’t normally do).  It was a controversial book in those days because people were not supposed to see angels.  You only saw angels when you died and went to heaven.  So, that book really did seem to make me curious about the angelic realm once again.  At that time I was involved in Women’s Aglow and many times during the praise and worship time I would see angels in the room.  Those angels seemed to be really petite (they weren’t as big as my guardian angel was).  What always amazed me was to watch them dance because they didn’t have the encumbrance of a natural physical body like we do.  They would be able to float around like they were on an air cushion.   They usually had pastel colored robes on.  They always seemed to come when we were at a really good worship time.  One time I was watching them dance and somebody had a prophetic word.  Just before they opened their mouth to let the utterance from the Lord come out the angels all stopped.  The angels went down on one knee, folded their hands in front of them and bowed. They didn’t get back up to dance again until that person had finished the message from the Lord.  It always impressed me so much because they recognized the utterance was coming forth before we even heard it. But they honored the Word of the Lord very much.   When someone is speaking a prophetic word or sharing a vision or sharing some of the Lord gifts – many times people will be whispering to one another or looking for something in their purse or not paying attention.  But the angels really recognized a Word from the Lord and showed Him honor.  I think we as human beings should do that more than we do because so many times we hear a message from the Lord and quickly just go on about our own business. The angels really recognized the worship and some of the utterance and visions that people would share.


A while ago, there was a season of about six months, where I saw lots of angel activity.  I saw that there were angels at each corner of my house.  They seemed to be on the roof and they were watching over us. They were bigger than the praise and worship angels. They always had light, cream colored gowns on and a rope tie around their waist. They kept circulating around the corners of the roof.  I remember thinking during my prayer time, asking the Lord “They must be very lonely because they just seemed to be stationed at the corners of the house. And He said “Oh no, they communicate with each other and they have great senses of humor between each other.  He opened my spirit eyes so that I could see them laughing and they were actually having a good time up there – even though their purpose was protecting our house.  Also at that season I saw what I call a warring angel.  Those were not on the house but out near the corners of our property. They had beautiful silver armor on (like you would have seen in the middle ages).  They had head gear and glistening swords.  They were very big – bigger than the guardian angels.  I believe they were there to do a lot of warfare for things that had happened around our property long before we were there.  I found out later that across the lake from us there was a river that used to have a large encampment of Indians many decades ago. There were a lot of skirmishes between the white folks and the American Indians long ago.


Another time that I saw a lot of angels (I believe they were guardian angels) was when we took one of our sons to Mayo Clinic to have brain surgery.  This was a very difficult time for me because if they did something a little wrong it could really cause serious problems.  I was quite concerned and prayed very diligently while we were at the apartment out there. The night before surgery, he was sleeping on the davenport.  The whole couch was completely surrounded even in front of it with these angels.  They were in white robes but they had no tie or belt – just loose fitting (like choir robes).  I felt so comforted that those angels were watching over him. He would come through the surgery without major problems and his secures were cured for several years.


There are warring angels that I believe that the Lord has assigned to the different gates of the city.  I would pray with groups of people in many different places around the city.  I’ve probably prayed around the city with four or five different prayer groups. But each city does have a gate and I believe there are warring angels protecting the gate. Sometimes if God’s people would follow God’s word closely the angels would begin recognizing that.  I believe that these warring angels would have assignments from God that they would protect the city gates.  One time we were praying around Traverse City.  We had gone to a place on Union Street.  We prayed a route where we felt the KKK came through the city.  They had lit many burning crosses behind some of the stores along the river.  We sat there to worship for a while. I saw an angel which the Lord said that was the angel assigned to the Church of Traverse City. That angel was about seven feet tall and had a light blue robe on.  It had very blond hair that was cut short (like a bob hair cut).  It looked very different from other angels I had seen.  The Lord said that angel had been assigned to the Traverse City church early in time – when the city was coming together.  At times the Christian community had prospered in this community and at other times it had waned. But that angel was always assigned to the Church of Traverse City.  I believe that type of an angel is a messenger angel. The Lord said that the angel was very excited that somebody was praying around the city.  I pondered on that because I had not heard the term of a messenger angel before.   A couple months after that when I drove down the same street I noticed there were a couple of mail boxes that you could deposit your mail into that were not there before.  The Lord said that he wanted to confirm that that was a messenger angel saying that people could send a message in a mailbox and that was a messenger angel.  Each city has an angel in charge over religious community in that particular city.  I saw that same angel another time when I was going to my home.  I looked off to my right and there was an angel just like this messenger angel sort of floating right along where I was driving my car and the Lord said, “That is your messenger angel and you will see it time and again.  I said, “Lord, wouldn’t that angel like to like to sit on the fender and have a ride?”  He said, “Angels have no trouble moving around – they don’t have human bodies.  I have indeed seen that angel many times.


My husband and I were sitting in the waiting area of the hospital for the second time the same day with health issues of my children.  This man walked through the door and then in front of us.  He had on bib overhauls and a red plaid flannel shirt.  Something caught my eye as he walked in front of us.  He went in the elevator.  The doors shut and the doors opened back up immediately but nobody was there.  I felt the Lord gave me a scripture that said that you entertain angels unaware.   I think He sent that kind of an angel just to let us know that the Lord really does have His hand on some of these difficult circumstances that we walk through.  I looked around at these two other women that were also looking at us.  At the same time we all said, “That must have been an angel” because that elevator didn’t go anywhere – the doors shut and opened back up but the man wasn’t in the elevator.   Sometimes the Lord allows angels to appear in regular dress like we would wear.  He uses different angels for different things.


I do think sometimes people hear angels.  I was at a prayer meeting with two other ladies – we got together every week.  One lady liked to sing so she would lead us in singing.  One day we really, really sounded pretty.  After we got done singing our songs, we looked at one another and said, “We had to have had angels singing with us because the three of us really didn’t sing that pretty.  The tape player picked up the sound of those angels singing.  It was summer time so we had the windows open and the neighbor came over the next day and asked who was at my house.  I said, “Well, the two ladies that I pray with.”  He said, “No, it was more than just you three ladies.  I heard you sing before and that was the most beautiful singing I’ve ever heard coming out of your windows.”  So, angels do sing.  They’re a great choir of angels they tell us.


The first time that I went to Heaven, on my way back from Heaven Jesus said, “Turn around and look”.  As I turned around I could see rows of angels that were 4 or 5 deep for as far as I could see.  They all had different light colored garments on.  Jesus said, “Those are the angels I’m going to send to help with the end time harvest.”   In the scriptures you can find the verse that says in the end days the Lord will have angels.  I believe the Lord would rather have human beings do the evangelizing that needs to be done.  The angels don’t get the rewards like human beings do.  The Father would love to honor each one of us with many blessings because of the work that we have done to bring in this end time harvest. It was very comforting to me to know that the scripture says that the harvest is right, but the laborers are few.  So, if the human beings don’t get busy and take the good news, the Lord will send angels to usher in the harvest.


Another thing that I want to share – three or four of us got together for prayer time and worship.  Often in our quiet time of worshiping the Lord, the angel to the Church of Traverse City would come.  That angel would always stand in a corner and it always had a large stack of accordion folded paper.  The angel would read what was on the first page and then would turn it over and read what was on the next page.  Those were always messages from the Father.   The angel always would say “The Father says He is well pleased with you. The Father says that He hears your prayers and will answer them.”  Each time a page was turned the angel always said “The Father says….”.  When the angel comes in the room you always feel a presence that is absolutely peaceful, you feel comforted.  You’ll find that the Lord uses angels as instruments for His purposes.  They’re very much assigned to things from the Lord and they have messages that will come from Him.


I moved to another city where I would see an angel that was closer to the size of a praise and worship angel.  The Lord told me that angel was the angel to the Church of Boyne City.  This one looked younger than the one from the Church of Traverse City.  That angel had light brown shoulder length hair.  It always had a pink garment on and always carried a little silver bucket in his left hand.  In the bucket seemed to be silver dust. It would take its hand and it would drop the silver dust over me or in the room where I was.   That angel never said anything.  At that time I had situations going on in my personal life and when it would come – the troubles just sort of went away. I still had some things to walk through but they weren’t so difficult after the angel came.  I felt that the anointing from the Lord was released with the silver dust.  One day I asked this angel why it never said anything.   Instantly the angel to the Church of Traverse City was there and said “This angel is a ministering angel – not a messenger angel. This angel is not called by God to say anything – it is called to DO what the Lord calls it to do”.  And I asked the Lord to forgive me because I was not trying to make fun of any angel but I was just trying to understand.  So, some of them are ministering spirits and they’re sent by God to do His purposes. When I was teaching a bible study in St. Ignace, the angel to the Church of St. Ignace appeared.  This angel had more of an Indian colored skin and jet black hair.  I’ve seen the angel from the Church of Charlevoix – that one is a very plain looking angel with brownish blonde hair.  I’ve never seen this angel to be active.  I currently have an angel that will come and sit on my bed – especially if I’m disturbed about something. It always sits on the other side of my bed from where I sleep and always has its back to me. This one has a blue garment on and a gold rope around its waist.  But that one never talks – it never even looks at me.   So, I don’t know why that is, but every time it comes it just seems to be so full of peace and I become very peaceful.


About a year ago I was in Traverse City on the National Day of Prayer at the court house.  People were there singing.  A young man started to sing (he really had an anointing on his voice).  The minute he started to sing, I could see up over the courthouse the Angel of the Church of Traverse City.  That angel assured me that the church in Traverse City would be used mightily by the Lord. I had recently moved back to the city so this angel was very happy to have a prophetic voice return to this city.  This same man was singing and then this angel just went up and up until I couldn’t see it.  A bridal dress came down from the Heavenly realm – Gorgeous and Radiant.  It was full of the Lord’s light. It just kept coming down but there was nobody wearing it at that time. As it came down, the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart and said this IS My Brides dress and it IS a radiant dress for a radiant Bride.  I AM going to be finding people who will fit into this bridal gown and they will be the Bride that I am calling forth for My Son Jesus.  The young man finished singing and another fellow began to sing. The minute he started to sing all of the visionary stuff lifted. I saw nothing further.  So, from that I believe that the Lord honors anointing. When the activity began, I believe that young man had a great anointing on his voice.  The second man that I heard singing, he probably was a Christian but there just wasn’t the anointing upon it.  I believe some of the angelic activity seems to respond to the anointing of the Lord which makes sense because the Lord is the One who activates these things.


The last meeting we had at our ministry center – the Lord showed me that there were angels assigned to each one of us that work within the ministry.  We had an angel on our right and an angel on our left.  There were other angels in the prayer room as well as in the ministry room.  They were sooo happy that we were meeting.  I find that really, really fascinating.


I wish I could tell somebody how I have all these things happen.  I wish there was a formula but all I know is that the Lord seems to have different gifts and callings for each of us.  I do believe that He operates in purity and holiness.   I do believe that if we enter into His presence and desire these things (especially in this current season on earth) He really wants us to begin to see in His Holy supernatural realm.  Having our eyes are so focused on the world system distracts us from the supernatural.  I think we’re living in an awesome time.  He’s shown me many visions that the angels in heaven are really, really excited.  They don’t seem to know exactly what’s transpiring upon the earth, but they do know that it feels in heaven the same as when Jesus was birthed upon the earth.  The angelic activity was similar and very much a part of that.  I believe the angels are excited because He is going to come to earth again.  He’s coming back for His Bride as He promised He would.  My prayer is that the Lord will open your spiritual eyes to see these things.

I have some notes prepared that provide a lot of things to study.  Whatever I see in the spiritual realm I must be able to find in God’s Word.  We must be grounded in His Word so we don’t get off into a cult-like thing.  There are a couple cautions I want to put out there.  Some people see colors that are wispy colors others see a cloud of color.  I’ve come to believe that CAN be angels that people are seeing.  I went to a conference where a man said, “I see purple off to your left.  A lady felt around and said, “Oh, yes – It’s right here.”  She could feel the presence of an angel.  I don’t see colors – they look like angels to me.  They don’t have wings like in pictures.  In pictures they have to show angels somehow so you don’t think they’re a person standing there. I sure do bare witness in my spirit when there is angel activity. Sometimes I don’t see it I can just sense there are angels near.  Sometimes I’ll say “There’s an angel standing behind a person” if I’m ministering to them.  Sometimes you don’t see them but there’s a knowing in your spirit man.  I believe that God honors the ministry and blesses people with an angel.


Angels are not to be prayed to.  We pray in Jesus’ name or to the Heavenly Father.  Angels when they bowed down to in the scripture said “don’t bow before me, only worship the Lord”.  I don’t believe we pray to angels.  We can ask the Lord if He’d send angels, we can ask the Lord to open our eyes to see them, but we don’t actually command angels.  They do respond to the scriptures.  That’s one of the doors that opens because they are confirmation of that.  Angels are not human beings.  They are another group that the Lord has created.  Angels were in the beginning.  Angels are in the book of Revelations.  Angels are throughout the scriptures.  The Lord made two different distinct creations.  Sometimes people can get off into some of these things – human beings like to be in control.  I thank God that He really likes to be in control of things.  So, let’s let God be God and we’ll do His biddings for as long as we have left upon the earth.


So I hope this really helps you understand. Angels are scriptural and they have a divine purpose – the same as you and I have a divine purpose.  If we can cooperate with the angelic realm, I think we can find the ministry that God has called us to do is much more fulfilling.  That’s what we want to do is to please the Holy One so that we can hasten our beloved Bridegroom’s return.  Hallelujah.


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