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Teaching from the Father about Agape Love

Aug 6th, 2017 by Jim Clous | 0

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Praise your holy name, praise your holy name.  I worship you.  I adore you.  You are the King of Kings, the Lord of gold cloud love heartLords.  I see a cloud.  It’s a completely brilliant golden cloud.  It’s moving, always moving.  But out of that cloud is coming forth a heart shape that is almost engulfing the cloud. 

I say unto you My precious, precious children, this day, this day I want to teach you about My love.  My holy perfect agape love.  Yes, you have studied about it and you have learned about it.  But I want to take you into a more clarified understanding of what My love really is.  So many of My precious saints have taken My holy agape love and they have said that they understand it or they are walking in it.  Yes, some are walking in it to some degree but none are walking in it to the degree that I desire to take My precious children into at this season.

For I AM LOVE.  That’s it.  Pure and simple.  I also have said that with love you can move in power and might.  My ministry gifts were meant to be only moving out of a heart of love.  The Holy Spirit is love, too.  Jesus is love, too.  And I say unto you, I want to explain to you a deeper level of My HOLY AGAPE LOVE.  You see, when I created in the Book of Genesis, I created all things out of nothing.  It was My heart of love that I caused the things to come into being.  I looked at it and I said it is good.  Then I took some dust from the earth and I formed man into My very own likeness and into My very own image.  I looked at man and I said I love this man.  He is created in My likeness and in My image.  My desire was for him to always be the same as Me – full of love for everything that I created – full of love for one another.  I say unto you My precious ones, that’s where I want to take you, back to that time.  Where I made man with My love, when I breathed life into man, into his very nostrils.  My breath, I say, yes, it is the breath of the Holy Spirit and it is love.  Love is patient, love is kind, love is gentle, love is good.  I say My precious things – that’s what I desire this generation of My holy church to be moving in, to be walking in and to be living in.  I say unto you, My children, it is a place where you can go because I would not speak it forth if it was not so.  I say unto you, My precious ones, that this is a season where my heart full of love is pouring out.

Yes My son Jesus came to earth because I loved My children.  I wanted them to have that relationship restored with Me so that they could experience My fullness of love.  So they could experience My love and kindness.  So they could experience all the things that I have as I send forth – My love to you.  My son Jesus walk this earth to show you how I wanted you to live.  He didn’t have a great, huge throng of people.  But He had those ones that were willing to set aside all else and come to follow him.  I say that same thing today – come and follow him.  Follow His ways, follow His messages, follow how He loved people.  Out of love, He healed the sick.  Out of love, We saw the limbs grow out.  Out of love, We saw the woman with issue of blood, have that stop.  Out of love, He saw blind eyes open.  Out of love, He fed the loaves and the fishes to the multitudes.

My precious ones, you are in a time where those kind of things will be transpiring.  But they only operate because of Love.  That Perfect, Holy, Agape Love.  Love looks at people with compassion.  Love looks at people with much understanding.  Love looks at people with prayer.  Love looks at people much differently than even the ones of you that have studied out My holy Love.  I say I have a people, who are going to be walking in that pure, holy, unadulterated love.  It will be as you completely surrender to the will of My holiness as you completely surrender, to the presence of power of the Holy Spirit.  Yes, My children, there is great love in obedience.  There is great love in taking My word and believing it for truth.  Truth, My precious children.  Not what someone’s man doctrine has made it to be.  Some of that has so adulterated the word of God that it is not have the meaning that I sent it forth to have.  But I say the people that have this pure and holy agape love – they won’t look at people with eyes that see anything but good because every single person that I have ever created, that has ever walked this earth world, has had the breath of God in it.  That Breath of God is LOVE.  I want you, My precious children, to look at people with the eyes of love.  You will see in every single person, no matter how despicable they may be, you will be able to find that little place of love that is Me in them.  And you will begin to minister to them because you love them.  Not because you feel sorry for them.  Not because you know that My word says they shall be healed.  Not because of anything other than because you love them.  If you love them, you want the best for them.  I sent the best I had here in Heaven when I sent My only beloved son to earth.  So too I send you out with LOVE.  Filled with My Precious Holy Agape Love.  I want you to begin to allow the Holy Spirit to well up in your heart, well up in your heart until it overflows with Love, that pure and holy Love.  There is great power in love.  There is great power in love and as you have walked this earth, you have seen what the people called love, really wasn’t love at all.  The kind that I’m talking about the pure, and Holy Agape Love.  It was a form of love.

Sometimes it was a very distorted form of love, but I am calling My people to walk so close to Me.  To allow the Holy Spirit to be so in control of their life that they will see love in each and every situation.  Somehow I will take even the most difficult situations and I will turn them around for good because I am love, I am love.  I want you to know as you begin to pray, pray in love.  Yes, love for My son Jesus.  Yes, for the love the Holy Spirit.  Yes, for the love of Me, your Heavenly Father.  But I also want you to see things with love.  I give you this day a pair of new lenses, new lenses for your spiritual eyes to be open to love.  To reach out to others with love.  To pray and intercede with love because many of My intercessors have been crying out to Me, many have been praying relentlessly.  And I bless that and I want you to continue.  But most of all, I want you to do it with a heart filled with love.  With love, My precious children.  How I desire to see you walk in the kind of love that you are abundantly given by the power of the Holy Spirit.  Flowing through your hearts so that you will have your mouth controlled by love.  You’ll have your mind controlled by love.  You will have your being controlled by love.  I say unto you, it sounds like a very difficult thing to many people because many people have been wounded by what was called some form of love.  What a distorted form many times.  Because love, yes, sometimes perfect love, casts out all fear.  So I want you to allow Me to take My precious, that LOVE that can just permeate your heart.  That can just mold and shape your heart so that all those old wounds will be covered and completely obliterated with My holy agape love.  And I say unto you, My precious ones, there is that kind of healing that is available for every single one of you.  And I say reach out with love.  There’s great power in love.  Power to change.  Power to change your own self as you release all those things to My Holy Spirit and He will move with His holiness upon those loves that were wounded and scarred.  I say My precious, precious children, this day, this day I call you to LOVE.  Love one another, I say love one another.  I say they shall know that you are My followers by the love that you have for one another.  I say to love yourself and then you can reach out and love others.  I say I’m talking about My Holy, Perfect Agape Love.  Great power, great power.  I reach out to you and I wrap My arms of love around you.  I say all My precious, precious children, how I love you, how I love you.

Allow My Holy Agape Love to permeate everything in you, so that you too can walk in love.  I have given you great examples of love.  I have called and been calling forth My Son’s Bride, My Son’s Bride will be a lover.  No, they will not hurt you because My pure and holy love will keep all those things that have been hurtful to you away from you because it is purity and it is holiness.  Unholy things cannot touch My Holiness because I am the Lord God Almighty.  I bless you each and every one of you.  I put My arms of LOVE around each and every one of you.  I say, My precious children, I created you with LOVE even though some of you know when your earthly parents conceived you, that was not an all the time love.  But I say I conceived you in love.  Because you are My creation.  I Am the One that created you.  You are My seed, you have my DNA flowing through your very being.  And I say I AM LOVE.  I want people to begin to see My pure and holy children and they will say that man or that woman or that child, they love.  They love with that pure and holy love that comes from My heart to your heart.

And I say unto you, My precious ones, always rejoice and be glad for truly these are times that there’s such a contrast between hate and love.  But I say, My children, My holy children will walk in a perfect love that the world has not seen before.  And because they love, I will do great and awesome miracles.  They will see that the things that Jesus did, they also will be doing.  This is a great time of harvest.  Love, My children, love the people into My kingdom.  Love the people into My kingdom and I’ll say into each and every one of you, I Am the Lover of your soul, I Am the Lover of your very being.  I bless you, My precious ones.  I bless you, My precious ones, hallelujah.

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