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The End Time Army is being assembled – December Prophecy

Jan 1st, 2013 by Heavenly Father | 3

December Monthly Prophecy transcribed by Beverly Clous

army 2

Hallelujah.  I’m seeing a great and mighty…..I call it the Army.  These people have a red uniform on with gold brads, gold buttons and lots of little gold fringes on the shoulders.  These people are all walking completely in unison.  Just like one, going forth.  And the Lord says, “Indeed, I am calling forth My Army . My great and Mighty awesome end-time Army. This is, indeed, a season where you shall find people will be coming together to do great and awesome exploits. And they have been well trained.  My Army has been well trained.”

They know that I am the Commander and Chief of this Army.  They know how to hear My Voice.  They know how to see what My Father wants them to do. They have been proven to be obedient servants of the Almighty God. They shall go forth and they shall have a sound of praise.  The enemy hates praise because that’s what he wanted everybody to do was to worship him.  He hates the sound of praise because praise tears apart his plan. Praise tears apart the things that he has designed to be happening upon the earth.    I say it shall be a sound of praise that the great and mighty warriors shall go forth with a great and mighty shout and it shall also be the sound of the trumpets.   The trumpets shall sound.  It shall be a sound of the shofars blowing. It shall be a sound of the drummers drumming.  It shall be a sound of My mighty army going  forth upon the earth to do what I have called them to do in these particular seasons upon the earth.

I say this is an awesome, awesome season to be upon the earth because My army is coming together.  Where two or more of them are gathered in My name, I say I will be in the midst of these.  I say this mighty Army -this many people coming together, a season and they will walk shoulder to shoulder. They will walk in complete step with one another.  They will not look to the right nor to the left, but they shall look UP to the King.  As I say in My word, they shall look up as I say in My word look UP, for truly your redemption draws near.  I say unto you My precious saints that this is an awesome season, because in the Spiritual realm, everybody is going to be walking together. And I say, some people from all over the earth are people I’ve been training up for My end time Army. And some of them will just know one another in the Spirit, but they shall all be flowing together in what I have for My people at this particular season.

Every time My people have gotten out of sorts with one another they break the flow of unity and there’s power in the unity of the Holy Ghost.  I say that this is a season where there will be those people that will flow together. One’s not going to care if they’re in the front of the Army or in the back of the Army.   Everybody will have their rightful position. I say this is the time where the Spirit of the Living God will flow through these people.  It will flow through these people.  It shall be power.  It shall be might.  It shall be awesome.  These people will know that they are moving in the Presence of the Almighty God. These people will know that they are doing awesome exploits.  These people indeed will not just run upon the walls, but they will break the walls down!  These people will have a very keen awareness of where the enemy has tried to set up camp. And I say, “Nope”. The enemy has no power, nor might against these people.  They are Blood bought, they are Love bought, and they are anointed by the Holy Ghost.”  They have the presence of the Heavenly Father.  They will move in the awesome power and might and they will go far beyond what anyone could think or imagine. And I say that this is the season of the great Army where I talked about in Joel is coming together. And it is not going to be down the road somewhere.

It is NOW.  It is NOW.  It is NOW.  This is a NOW word. For indeed, the time that I have to bring in these people, to do what I desire to do upon the earth,that time is very quickly running out.  But I say it shall be a powerful mighty time for My people.  Sometimes people will recognize the Power and the Anointing among the people coming together in harmony, in one accord. I say in My Word, be in one accord!!!  My Ecclesia has not been doing that very well, but at this time they shall be blessing one another, they shall be praising Me.  They shall be doing the things that they fell short of; because it is by My Spirit says the Lord.  It is by My Spirit says the Lord.  And I say that this Army shall do many, many things that will bring

Me praise, that will bring Me honor, bring Me glory. Sometimes these people will wonder “Why?”…[and I’m seeing 2 people – a man and a lady and they’re in 2 different cities completely.  They’re each in their prayer closets.  They’re saying, “Why am I feeling so alone? Where are the rest of the people?”] But I say to you, “They’ll come out of their closets with the Supernatural Power of the Almighty God  will be in lock  step with the rest of the people; so that they will know and they will no longer be lonely. Because they’ll know that they’re a part of the supernatural Army of the Almighty God. That Blood bought group of people that are going forth in harmony and in unity.  I say this is the season where they’ll view awesome things because the enemy as I’ve told you – he’s already been defeated.   He has already been defeated.  My Son paid the price with His precious Blood and these people are washed in the Blood of My Son Jesus.  They shall go forth and they shall do my bidding.  You shall see many people will come in because I’ve told you time and again the harvest fields are ripe.  I will not allow them to go back down and rise up again.  No, the harvest is coming in and these people will know how to put a word there – how to put a word here – so that the people will know He is speaking truth and they will know that they are hearing from God.

It is the truth they are hearing from God!!!  I say it is the Holy Spirit that convicts people. The Holy Spirit draws people to me and I say these people in this awesome end time army that I have been bringing forth, shall do great and mighty works.  Some of them will go forth as My almighty army. Behind them shall be some of the five fold ministry people that will do My bidding,  My bidding I say.  Not because they thought they could do this or that but they will do My bidding, My bidding. There will be great anointing, Great anointing, Great Power, Great Power.  I say these are awesome days, these are awesome days that My prophets have spoken of.  Even some of My prophets are up here with Me but they spoke of those things that you people are experiencing now. This is a now word. This is a now time. This is a now season. And the “suddenlies”  are coming upon you and the “suddenlies” are upon you where I will overcome you. Suddenly you may be in your car, suddenly your car will be filled with My Holy Presence.  You will be taking your leisurely walk and you will suddenly notice that I have suddenly come upon you.  These are days when I will come upon people in a powerful and mighty way. You won’t have to be within the four walls of the church, like everybody thought that I had to move.  No, I say I have broken down the walls and it all depends on who’s been in My training program for My Army.  Some of you I’ve called forth as Generals. Some of you I have called forth as Lieutenants.  Some of you I have called forth as Colonels. Some of you I have called forth as Privates.  But everybody will be flowing together in what I have called them to be.  Not one will be lifted up higher than the other. The only One that will be lifted up higher is My Son Jesus.  He is, indeed, on His throne as the Head of this awesome Army. He, indeed, is being enthroned as the Head of My Ecclesia.  He, indeed, is the One that’s being enthroned as the One who paid the Price that you could not pay.

Yes, some of you have been in boot camp that has been rigorous and it has been difficult.  But I allowed that because I will come back for those who will be able to walk in the End-time Army. They will be able to wield the Sword of the Spirit as I have taught them to do.  They will be able to take My Word and proclaim it out into the atmosphere. They will be able to take My Son Jesus’ name and speak over.  This is a season My precious child where you will see different places that will become very….. [ I’m seeing a white mist and it is moving.]   It’s moving and it will actually show up in some of these places with Power and Might so people will come to know Me. They will come to know Me because they’ll recognize THIS IS THE ALMIGHTY GOD!!!  They won’t be wondering if this is the Almighty God.  They’ll KNOW this IS the Almighty God by My Presence and My Power. And I say, I have been opening up the Heavens. I have been opening up the Heavens. And I say, I pour forth upon the earth as it is up here in Heaven. And I count it a privilege to call you members of My Great and Mighty End-Time Army.  I count it a privilege to call many of My people that they will be walking not only as sons and daughters of Almighty God – they will be walking as the great and awesome Army that I have been bringing forth.  And this is a NOW day. It’s not yesterday, it is not in the future somewhere — THIS IS A NOW SEASON!! If you can look at the world and you can read the headlines in the newspapers; you should be able to see that this old world is really growing very dark and very wounded and very ungodly.  But I say I have over here, at my right hand, these people that will go forth and do MY bidding. It’s all about being obedient, doing MY bidding.  I say this is not a season where you think you might be hearing from God to do this or do that.  Oh no!!! This is a season where you will KNOW that I am calling you to do this or that.  I will give you clear direction.  “This is the way for you to go.  Walk ye in it.”  I say unto you, …. [I’m seeing now the same Army in their red uniforms with all the gold braids and everything] …  around this whole Army, as far as I can see are angels and angels and more angels, and around the back is the great cloud of witnesses.  The Great Cloud of Witnesses.  I say this is the culmination of this particular age that I have called My Ecclesia to mold and shape and be a part of – this is the culmination of that.  I say

I will have many people that will have Divine Revelation. I see that just like Lightning Bolts hitting different ones in this Army just like Lightning Bolts of Revelation.  I say this is a time that I will download many, many things in people who have already been walking in what I have called for them to do .  Some of them just been in an obedience training school by themselves.  Those people also will begin to get Revelation Knowledge.  As you begin to use your computer’s download, I will be doing that in people’s lives.  I say, this is an awesome time to be upon the earth.  And I say, Rejoice and be glad.  Rejoice and be glad for indeed, this is the season that I have chosen to be on My Divine Calendar.  I say I have been training up some of My people.  Some of them have had to be in a very difficult school.  But I have been training up My people in the way that they should go.  Now that they are grown mature, they will not depart from it.  You will not see any one of these people in My holy End Time Army break rank. They will not be slackers. Everybody will do exactly what I have ordained for them to do.   I say this is an awesome season if you have eyes to see.  If you will have ears to hear and that you’re obedient to what the Master is saying.  I say unto you, My precious saints that this is a season where you will find many, many things transpire that some of you have spoken of.  I have told you “My Word will not return to Me void. This is the season where many of the things that I have used you for –  you’ve walked before, you will see many of those things come to pass.  You shall give Me all the glory.  You shall give Me all the honor, you shall give Me all the praise because it was I who was moving you and using you and teaching you and allowing you to minister. These are all the things that I have done. And the more mature you have become in the Holy Ghost the more you recognize it isn’t yourself that’s doing this because it’s beyond what you could think or imagine.  I have said in My word, My ways are higher than your ways.  You are walking in those Higher ways, says the Lord to you.

I bless you My precious people. I bless those ones that have allowed Me to have you in My training school.  And you have learned obedience to My Word.  You have learned obedience to the Holy Spirit.  You have learned obedience to the Mighty, Mighty God.  I put My hand of blessing upon each and every one of you.  I put My right hand of blessing upon each and every one of you. And I say some of My servants have served Me very, very well. And these are the days that you will be excited – more than they ever thought they could be.  They will be more blessed than they ever thought they ever thought they could be because that is what I have chosen to do.  I say unto My precious Army, My precious Army. That fresh anointing, the end time anointing is upon you.  It IS upon you.  I say unto you I bless you.  And most of all, I love you. I love every single person that I have ever created. I say, I love you. Continue to take My love and go out.  Touch other people.  Touch other people with My Holy Agape Love.  I’ll pour it out from you.  Out from you, says the Lord.  Some of them don’t even have a clue, about what a Mighty God I am. Some of them don’t have a clue that MY Son Jesus paid a price for their salvation. Some of them don’t have a clue that I sent the Holy Ghost to empower them with the Gifts and the Fruit of the Holy Spirit.  Some of them don’t know those things, but I send you. I send you, says the Lord.

Father says I bless you.  Father says I bless you.  Father says I bless you, Hallelujah.

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  1. deborah patterson said:

    I would love to recieve your newsletter.

  2. i am ready to be use by God in this endtime because i know that i was born into this world in this season for a porpose. Please just be giving me all the message that i need now and prophecy said:

    i need more grace of God to be a able to stand the oposition that will come my way. I want be God endtime army. Please brother’s and sister’ pray for me. Thanks

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    The End Times Army is being Assembled.