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Jun 13th, 2011 by Other | 0


The Spirit and the Bride say “Come”
Enter All you thirsty ones.
The Gates He will open wide,
and Forever with Christ we shall abide!

O Holy One, Master and King,
You conquered death and removed its sting.
You will remove all our sorrows, wipe our tears,
Your children no more will live in fear.

Alpha and Omega, Beginning and End,
Our Precious Redeemer has become our “Friend.”
We will fall down and worship in our Heavenly abode,
Where all the streets are made of Pure Gold!

He will wipe our tears and erase our pain,
And on our Foreheads we will wear His Name!
The Ancient of Days, His Word is true,
He captured our Hearts and made us anew.

He will be Our God forevermore,
And walk with us along that Golden Shore.
He will feed His lambs with the Tree of Life,
No more will there be sin and strife.

The walls of Jasper, City of Gold,
All his saints are about to Behold!
With Heavenly Angels, we will rejoice,
and Praise our Saviour with One Voice.

Streets of Gold, clear as glass,
We enter His Gates with His Heavenly Pass,
We washed our Robes in the Blood of the Lamb,
Overcame our sin with the Help of His Hand.

The Gates of Pearls shine in His Light,
How blessed is man to see this sight!
Forever and Ever we shall reign,
And in His Image, we shall remain.

That Glorious City of Jersulaem,
There is No End for those who overcome!

In pure white robes, we will see His face,
Nothing on earth can such replace!



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