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The Sword of the Spirit – monthly prophecy

Mar 25th, 2013 by Heavenly Father | 0

transcribed by Beverly Clous

What I’m seeing is a glistening sword, probably two feet long and it’s made out of finely polished silver.  It’s so finely polished Sword of the Spiritthat I think if you looked in it you could see yourself. It’s like looking in a mirror; this sword is just glistening.  The handle is made out of mother of pearl, it looks very pearlized.  The cross-guard is just gleaming with diamonds.  Embedded in the mother of pearl on the handle are all colors of beautiful, beautiful gemstones.  Some are so pastel that you can barely see them and others are so boldly colored that they seem to be vibrating.

And the Lord says unto you, My precious children I indeed , indeed, indeed! I am raising up that group of people who will know how to wield the Sword of the Spirit in a powerful Mighty way.  And that Sword of the Spirit is not like any other earthly sword that you would have seen or perhaps even used, but it is a Sword that will cut through the enemies’ darkness.  It will cut through those things that the enemy has been perpetrating upon My people.  Yes, My people – those ones that have already accepted My Son, Jesus as their personal Savior.  Those ones that have been filled with the Holy Spirit and yet they have allowed the enemy to take some of  those spirits that came upon them through circumstances in their life and it causes them to not be able to serve Me in the fullness that I desire for My children; especially in this day and this hour.  But, I say that sword I have been releasing into the hands of My people who know how to wield it so that they will not hurt anyone.  Oh, no, no, no!  but they will know how to cut the enemy asunder so that the enemy does not have his way in My people –  those ones that are called by My Name.  And I say unto you that this is a season where I will give My children, especially those ones where I’ve sealed the sons and the daughters of the Almighty God.  Those ones will know how to use this weapon so that many people will be set free, and  I say unto you that this is a season where I’m calling My people into a purity.

You can’t be in a purity when you are mixed with holiness along with unholiness.  Those two just do not mix together.  And I say to you that this is a season where unholiness will have to yield to holiness because of what I have chosen to do.  And I say unto you that that Mighty sword of the Spirit will go forth. And some of the people as My prayer warriors know how to use it.  Some of My children – those ones that are Blood bought.  Those ones that have accepted My Son Jesus and what He did on the cross.  Those ones will come into deliverance through the Sword of the Spirit. They don’t recognize that they have these issues.  They don’t recognize that those old wounds from their childhood have continued to fester and build up and they wonder, “Why can’t they serve the Lord with all their heart, all of their soul, all of their mind, and all of their strength?”  And I say some of those things that have been festering and hindering them will be cut away by this wonderful swoop of the Sword.

As My prayer warriors go forth in this particular season and in this particular time.  And I have said in My Word that I am raising up an Army as I talk about in the book of Joel, an End -Time Army. And they will not be an Army that will do warfare the way like they even did ten years ago because this is the season where by My Spirit, by My Spirit shall do great and awesome things. And I say those people who have been set free, those people who are no longer going to be hindered by those things that seem to so easily beset them now, they will rejoice and be glad and they will join the Mighty Army of God and their testimony will have such a STRONG anointing upon it, That will cause the harvest people, those ones in the fields that are ripe for the harvest– THAT will cause THOSE people to want this same Freedom, that these people have been learning.  They’ve walked many years, some of them with My Son Jesus they have been filled with the Holy Spirit, some of them.  But it’s so difficult for them because these things keep tripping them up.  Remember I said in My Word that those little sly foxes are things that trip up My people.  And I say unto you My precious saints that this is a mighty season where deliverance will come in a much more powerful and mighty way because I am going to have My prayer warriors.  Those ones that know how to do warfare, they will do it in the Spirit.  No longer the carnal way.  No longer because you read a book and this is what you’re supposed to do it.  No longer because you pull out a scripture verse here, or a scripture verse there – But NO.  It shall be by My Spirit says the Lord, and you will find the awesome, awesome things that will transpire because of what I am doing in the land where You live.

This very season it’s not a season that’s down the road, it’s not a soon that’s going to happen, it’s a TODAY thing.  It’s a TODAY thing.  And I say unto you, these ones that are My prayer warriors, that know how to wield the Sword of the Spirit, they’re the ones that will rejoice and be glad when they see people be set free.  When they see those chains get cut off of people, when they see those old wounds be cauterized by the Sword of My Spirit and I say unto you My precious saints that this is a season where the dynamics of the Holy Spirit will be moving in a powerful mighty way because I don’t have time for some of the ways that you have done prayer ministry.   And I don’t have the time for you to take years for people to get their old ouchies healed up.  It’s not a time where I’m putting band-aids on those things to cover them over and then they fester forth.  Some of My precious saints, they revert into an anger situation.  They have problems with their minds bringing their thoughts captive.

Oh My precious saints, this is a season where I’m moving in POWER and MIGHT.  This is a season where those ones that I am training up will never, never  take that Sword that I am showing you this night and use it unless I say, THIS is what I want you to do with it!!!  They will never do it to show off.  They will never do it to entertain.  They will never do it to bring glory to themselves.  They will never do it because they think of people in a judgmental way.  NO,NO, NO!!! they will do it because the Spirit of the Living God calls them to take the Sword, that awesome Sword of the Spirit and wield it across circumstances, to wield it across people.  And I say this is a season where I will have a mighty, mighty Army.  And My Army cannot be an army that’s so injured, so suffering from past abuses.   My Army will walk in purity and holiness and My Army will be unhindered by things because by the sword of my Spirit I will cut off those things that have so easily tripped up My people.  I will cauterize those old aches and pains that they will be NO more because I AM a Mighty God.

I am an Almighty God.  And I say unto you, My precious, precious saints you shall see awesome things transpire because even …… [I’m seeing a very large gathering – sort of an auditorium type setting and up on that platform five people are standing there.  They each have a title.  I think it’s the five fold ministry; the apostle, the teacher, the prophet, the pastor, and the evangelist. And the one in the middle seems to be the prophet and that prophet will take that Sword and just swing that huge Sword over this whole audience of people and they’re all set free.] ….. All these things that have been troubling these people are cut off of them.  The enemy shall have NO sway in My people.  The enemy will have nothing left.  And he can’t have a contact voice with any of My people.  And the devil can not just come along and deposit a lying spirit in My people. NO.  Somebody has to have been into telling lies and they have the after effects of that in their life yet and so they have to fight.  Some say everybody tells little white lies.  I say NO!NO!  You might as well tell a great big one. Because I say sin is sin in My book.  My Son paid the price for ALL sin.  And you will find these people will be able to move in the Army of God in purity and holiness in one accord. That’s why My precious saints, you can’t be in one accord with people because they have all these issues going on in their life and you cannot come into agreement with that part of their life.  But OOOOOH the Sword of the Spirit; but OH! the Sword of the Spirit is going to do an awesome, wonderful work.

And I say unto you My precious saints, that there’s great rejoicing.  There’s great rejoicing.  Because even as you’re speaking forth this message into the land and as it goes forth to put it forth for others to hear about it, or others to read about it.  As it goes out throughout the land, says the Lord My people shall be greatly rejoicing.  My people shall be greatly rejoicing.  My people shall be touched in an instant of time because this is the season. Some of the people that have gone before you, they have labored in prayer wondering where is that day?  Those things that you have read about in My Word and you believe them to be true, there are many faith people that have tried to appropriate these different scripture verses, and I say sometimes it’s hindered by the enemy and those little sly things that people that wouldn’t want you in a group to know are going on.  Sometimes they have thoughts going on in their head they wouldn’t want you to know about.  Sometimes they have bursts of anger and then they have the audacity to use the scripture verse where My Son went into the temple and said that “This is the house of prayer”.  Oh, no. Oh,no.  My saints don’t operate and blame their anger that comes out of an unholy spirit and say, “Jesus got angry too.”  Oh, no no.  He had a righteous anger.  Always remember My Son did not sin.  Anger is one of those things that are sin that happens in people’s lives.

But, this is the season, My precious dear saints that I want you to know that the Father, THE FATHER is raising up out of His habitation, the Father is raising up and He’s saying “Come unto Me all you who have heavy burdens and cast them upon Me.  The Father is saying, you are My sons and My daughters and I have been training you up to operate as Sons and Daughters of the Almighty God.  I AM the Heavenly Father.  I want you to know what a time of rejoicing this should be because of  what I am doing in the earth. Yes, you have had My Son Jesus and He paid the price that could reconnect you  ….. [I’m seeing a rectangular pipe but it’s golden – amazing to see ] ….. and that connection was broken.  My Glory was broken from the earth because of sin, but oh what My Son did to restore that so that I could pour My Glory back on My people and they could give Glory and Honor back to Me. and it goes both ways.   And I say unto you, My people.  This is the season where I rejoice.  This is the season where the angels rejoice.  This is the season where the great cloud of witnesses rejoice.  This is the season where even the birds and all the things in the Garden of Eden that were there, they’re all rejoicing because there is a spiritual vibration going forth.  It is the call of the Turtle Dove.  It is the call of the Turtle Dove.  And I say unto you My precious saints, Continue on!!  Continue on!!!

Be of good cheer. For indeed your Heavenly Father has been beckoning unto your prayers.  Your Heavenly Father is moving with the Mighty, Mighty Sword of the Spirit. And I say unto you, My precious saints let Me wrap My great big arms of Love around you. Let Me give you a great big Holy Ghost hug.  Let Me say unto you, You are My precious Sons and My Daughters. Come unto Me, come unto Me, come unto Me.  And I say unto you, this is an awesome time for you to be upon the earth and I chose each and every one of you.  I selected you Personally to be upon the earth for such a time as this.  Oh yes, you were conceived in your mothers’ womb, but I say, that choice was My choice.  And I say unto you My precious saints rejoice often.  Rejoice often.  For indeed,  the Father says, I put My right hand of blessing upon you.  And I say, you are My beloved Sons and Daughters.   And I say unto you, this is an awesome season.  Rejoice often.  Give Me praise.  Give Me Glory and give Me Honor.  Not because I need it, but because you need it.  Many people rejoice and be glad and they find those things that bother them so much are no longer an issue for them.  And I say rejoice and be glad.  For deliverance, deliverance by the Mighty Sword of the Spirit has come.  The Mighty deliverance Sword of the Spirit has come.  Use it wisely. Use it wisely, says the Father to you.  That’s why I’ve been telling so many of My children,  do not do anything unless you hear Me say it, or see Me do it.  Same as what My Son did.

And I say stay close to Me so you will have ears to hear, so you will have eyes to see.  I rejoice over what is happening in My people. I rejoice for indeed it will not be long before THIS  Heavenly Father will see you coming and I will run out to embrace you, and I will seal you with My Signet ring.  And indeed you will have a banquet like you could never think or imagine because I say, I saved the very best of the very best for the Bride of My Son Jesus.  Rejoice My children.  Rejoice My children.  Rejoice My children.  Hallelujah.  Hallelujah.

Your Heavenly Father

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