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This season God shares his power and might with us !!

Apr 17th, 2012 by Jim Clous | 0

transcribed by Beverly Clous

I seem to be seeing a man off to my right.  He seems to be on a very high hill.  He has a Jewish prayer shawl on.  He has a very long shofar and He’s blowing that.  He is putting it back up to His mouth and  blowing it again, many times.  Hallelujah.

I do say unto My people that I am sending forth My sound,  I am sending forth My sound to cause My people to hear what the Word of the Lord is speaking forth in this time and in this season.  I say unto my children that I am going to be moving in Power and Might. I’m going to move in My children in mightier ways than they have ever known before.

I have been lifting up My sound, My sound and it is coming from My Holy Mountain.  I say unto My people that I will cause them to move in miraculous ways.  I will cause you to move and the Unction will be much, much stronger than any of you have ever experienced because this is the Mighty Day of the Lord. This shofar sounding forth is this season.  Every time I will cause My shofars to be blown they would be blown. One of their reasons for blowing was to bring forth, to usher in, to call together, to have people recognize I distracted them.

I say that this is a season where I will send forth My power, I will send forth My might, and it will be much different than any of you have been thinking that it would be.  It’s going to be much different than any of you have experienced because I, I am going back to the time when I was in the Upper Room and My wind of the Holy One came in so strongly that it even shook the walls. And I say this is the time when I am raising up and it will be to go forth where I send you. Some of you will go forth in just little gatherings. Some of you will go forth from city to city.  Some of you will go from state to state. Some of you will go forth to foreign lands, but I shall take that voice that this is a new season.   That this is a time for us to come and sit at the Lord’s feet.   This is a season and a time where My people will put aside all these other things that have to do and please the Almighty God.  Do I not tell you in the Psalms that My voice even breaks that Cedars of Lebanon?  I say My voice is Powerful.  My voice is Mighty.  My sound is coming forth as a pure sound.  My Psalms are coming forth and it will invade, invade many things.  Its a season where you will recognize that this is the Voice of the Almighty God.

I say unto you that some of you will experience some of the things that My son Moses did.   Where they said to him, “You go up to the mountain of the Lord because I have come down.  Because the mountain smoked and the mountain trembled and My people were concerned about being in the Almighty Presence.  But I say I am sending forth that same sound again. I am sending forth that same Presence again and some of them will stand in awe.  Some of the people shall run the other way. But it will also be a sound of purity and it will be a sound of holiness.  It will go forth and it will cause My people to have that cleansing power of the Blood of My Son doing the complete work for which He was sent to the earth to do. Then He suffered and He died. But oh, oh, oh! He was raised up on that third day and I say that power, that same power, that same resurrection power is going to be visiting My people. Those ones, some of them have had great challenges in the last several years.  But I say those challenges are those that I have used to perfect My saints so that they shall have the Anointing of My Heavenly realm. They shall have the Power and the Might that My Son Jesus walked in.  They shall have the Anointing that will attract much angelic activity. And I say, “Yes this is a season different than any of you have experienced because I have been causing this season that you have lived in to come into the culmination in this particular age on My Divine calendar.  And I say to you My precious saint, this is going to be a season where you will step into My Almighty Presence.  You will step into My Kingdom.  I say once again to you that My Kingdom shall come upon the earth as it is in Heaven. I say,  My people, those precious saints of Mine, those children of Mine that have allowed Me to mold them and shape them, that they will be containers to take the Almighty Presence where they go.  And I say some of you will be lifted up, like in Isaiah when My Train filled the temple, so too your soul shall be full of My Glory Presence.   And I say unto you My precious one, that in that presence, in that presence, people will find that they will be dramatically transformed, that they will be dramatically restored, that they will be dramatically delivered, but most of all they will be dramatically filled by being in the Anointing in the Presence of the Almighty One.  I say unto you My precious one, that this is a season that some of My old time saints have seen. They have seen into My Realm.  And they could see what was to come, but they also knew that they would not be upon the earth when I release this wonderful, powerful, Anointing.  But they will rejoice and be glad because they know that this is the time, this is the season, on My Divine calendar that I have chosen to do those things.  And it will be among those ones that have allowed me to clean their vessels. And I say unto you as gold is refined by fire, many of my choice saints have gone through a lot of fire – but it was for My glory. It was so that they could carry the Manifest Presence of the Almighty God.

I say unto you My children: this is a time and a season like none other that has been upon the earth because this is the season of culmination in this particular age.  This is a time when you will see such awesome things transpire that your little finite minds cannot even  think or imagine what awesome things will be transpiring in your presence.  Through you and in you and coming out of you, says the Lord because this is the season when I will raise up an Almighty people that I call my Ecclesia.  The Almighty remnant of the Almighty God.  And I say you, you shall be like minded.  Many times you will find those ones that have a calling like yours and you will be drawn together.  You will know one another in the Holy Spirit.   And I say this is an awesome season for My children, for My saints.  Because the Heavenly Father is raising up – The Heavenly Father is shouting forth. The Heavenly Father is releasing. The Heavenly Father is sounding – The Heavenly Father is revealing.  The Heavenly Father is calling all these people of Mine who have been stuck in some places where they have not been able to mature but I will do a quick, an awesome and a mighty work in those ones that have had a heart to know more of Me and wanting more of My Presence. Those ones that have been speaking that Jesus walked in healing.  He walked in great miracles, He raised the dead, and those ones that have been pondering,   “Where is that power?”  I say that their desire shall be fulfilled because I have said in My Word if you would knock I would open and I would allow you to come in.  I say many people will come through that Heavenly door and they shall find the awesomeness and the things that I have for them.  They will go back with a special Anointing that comes from My Realm to your realm.

I say unto you, My precious ones, My precious ones  that I desire the people that have really been seeking Me – the people that have been walking through a lot of difficult times because they will say “It’s all worth it because I have allowed their vessels to become vessels of honor for My glory”.  They have become vessels that I have refined that are ready to go forth and be containers of My  precious Holy……My glory, My glory, My glory!!!  I say unto you, My precious ones that this is a season and this is an hour that you are just beginning to walk in. And it shall escalate.  It shall only increase because this is My desire. This is My desire.  Many of My children have been wondering why they haven’t found fulfillment in the different places that they have been seeking Me.  And some of them have just decided that they would just stay in their own homes and wait on Me.  But I say I have given THOSE ones a great hunger. I have given THOSE ones a great thirst and their hunger and thirst will be fulfilled.  Because this is a time and season where I am going to be moving in Power and Might. It will be a very rapid season. It won’t be a season that you will just sit back and ponder, “What’s going to be happening?”  But you will be moving in the Power and the Mighty Power and the Holy Presence.  As you’re moving in that Power and that Might you will not have the time to sit back and ponder it. But you will rejoice!!!! You will rejoice, because My children rejoice when others come to know My Son Jesus as Savior.  My children rejoice when others get baptized with the Holy Ghost.  My children rejoice when they see sickness fall away from people, when they see the blessings that have been upon them, and when they see bodies straighten up from being bound over, when they see arms and legs and hands begin to move like they had not.  It will be a season when you will see even limbs grow out that they were not there. It’s going to be a dynamic season. I say My children this is going be a whirlwind of a ride, but it will be a glorious ride because I have given you, I have given you.  Those ones of you that have allowed Me to mold you and shape you. To really make your vessels so that you can be containers of My Glory.  My glory will be manifesting itself upon the earth.

I say unto you stay with the ones that I have connected you with. Stay with these people because I will add to, but stay connected to those that you can flow in the Spirit in a mighty awesome way.   And I say unto you, My precious saints, it delights the Father’s heart to see what is beginning upon the earth, even right now.   And I say It blesses My Father heart to watch My children do My bidding.  To watch My children be containers of My very Presence.  To watch My children do what I have called them to do.  And they shall have My Power. They shall have My Might.  Most of all they are containers of LOVE.  Everything you do will be surrounded with LOVE.  My Agape LOVE, because that is how I operate.  My children operate in the same thing because they are My Seed and they are coming forth into a maturity that excites My Father heart. My precious ones, I bless you. I bless you. I bless those called out ones. I bless those I call My Ecclesia.   I bless those ones I call My sons and My daughters. I bless those ones I that I know will do My bidding. They will not respond to another voice because they hear the voice of the Almighty God.   This is the time when I have sounded the Shofar.  It shall go forth with a fresh sound.  It shall send forth with an embarking of My wonderful Presence, says the Lord to you.  I love you and I bless you. Hallelujah.

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