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Through the Window of My Heart

Oct 16th, 2008 by Other | 0
Through the Window of My Heart
I can see, there is so much to see

Limited only by my soul

For, if I open wide my heart


I can see the more

I can see beyond to all I keep

The wonder, mine to view

I can feel it deep within you

The eternal now, inside of me

I see from peace I know

There is a life of everlasting joy

To have, to really own

I comprehend, I sit in heaven

From now, until forever

Reflected in the breezes soft

Each pretty, whatsoever

I can see, I hear

In the singing of the birds

The opening of each bloom

In God’s eternal word

I can see, I revel

In the beauty of His earth

The safety of His love

The blessings of re-birth

I can see, His love within your soul

The loveliness you are

My friend, now until forever-

Dear unto my heart


Soft whispers from Derry’s Heart Poems Ó 2008
Poetry from the heart heartwhispers@linet.net.au



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