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Validating Prophetic Words

Mar 15th, 2013 by Other | 0

Prophetic wordsGetting a prophetic message can be quite exciting but how can you tell if it is valid ??  Although you may not be able to fully answer all of these factors – they are factors that should be considered when testing a prophecy.

  • Does the word line up with scripture ? (this must be the case to be a valid prophecy)
  • Does the prophetic word “witness” or sit well with your spirit ?
  • Does the prophecy build up and encourage (or does it feel manipulating and condemning) ?
  • Do you feel joy and peace in your spirit, even if the prophecy challenges you ?
  • If the word involves future events, does it come to pass ?
  • Is the word confirmed by 2 or 3 other witnesses ?
  • Does the spirit, attitude or tone of the person delivering the word represent Christ ?  Is he or she humble and accountable ?
  • From what you know of the prophet or prophetic person, does his/her life show evidence of long-term consistent fruit ?
  • As you wait on God, what further clarification does he give you ?

Once you feel the word is valid (based on the above) and you understand the interpretation of it then step out in faith or begin to pray and proclaim the prophecy until the manifestation comes.  Live with an attitude of expectancy and faith.

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